The rose withers

Hello, for this is a little story, I just divided it into two parts because I'm just starting to talk in English so there are some things that I translated, like I said I am a beginner speaking English and forgive mistakes. I wish and enjoy the little story and can let me reviews with suggestions or something. Well the next part of the morning publishes.

I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman creator.

It's been one year since the accident, I can not yet overcome, it still hurts his departure, the knowledge that will no longer be with me.

I remember that day like it happened this morning, full of so much pain, suffering and sadness all united to end my being.

That day I lost the most precious thing in my life, hold on to it was the only thing that made sense, he gave me hope to keep going no matter how many problems I had with my parents, he had enough strength to get up if you fall, it was the more magnificent and beautiful than I could have passed. But as you say everything is in order and indeed this ending was not happy.

I well remember the good times you spent with him, always contagiándome of their joy and optimism leaving aside those negative things I sank more and more.

I'm still looking at his photographs, spending time locked in our room, I find a photo that we took three years ago in a restaurant, the day Danny gave me a spectacular surprise.


-Come on, I have another surprise for you, but this can not see it until we said a dark-haired boy held his hand when his girlfriend.

The boy his suit coat a small black scarf and carefully covered the eyes of his beloved.

After confirming that no one could see him, became his ghost form, her blue eyes before now were a neon green and black colored hair had gone to gray, took the violet-eyed girl in her arms and flew the night sky glimpsing a big city.

- Where are you taking me Danny? - Asked.

-I told you, it's a surprise he said whispering in his ear making snicker.

They came to a forest with a large and beautiful lake, it could reflect adorning the beautiful full moon night with his faithful companion: the stars.

The place was decorated with a few flakes of ice formed by the same powers of the young, which made the atmosphere more romantic, some fireflies also accompanied them around trees.

- It's beautiful - she exclaimed after his companion desvendara his eyes.

- Danny, Thanks! - Said again this time jumping into his arms and planting a tender kiss on the lips.

-This was not the real surprise Danny said with a smile so Sam was confused.

Sam, you're the most wonderful woman in the world, do not know how glad I am the meeting you, you are the joy that has filled my days no matter how much is my sadness, the person who left a large footprint in my heart, that person to which every time we kiss again I feel the same emotions as the first time, that person who was always my best friend and support me in everything, the girl that I fell in love, the woman I love most in this world, which made me realize that in life there are beautiful things worth fighting for, which is always aware of me because if something happens, I've always heard when others ignored me, I support and involucre for me no matter the risk or consequences and no matter what comes next I want you there to share it. -

-Sam ... I ... - Danny knelt before her, drawing from his pulled out a black velvet box - will you marry me? - Uttered those words that in less than two seconds made the Gothic mourn, opened the box and showed a beautiful small silver ring inlaid with amethyst stones.

-If, of course I want to be your wife sam said with tears in his eyes and a big smile.

Danny put on the ring finger ring sam would mean the union of two lovers. He stepped closer this kiss under the moonlight, a passionate kiss yet tender leaving only the moon as confident of his great love.

(End flashback)

Continued ...