Chapter One

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup sighed as he slipped out of the village. Sure, he had saved everyone and gotten a girlfriend out of the deal, but did he have to lose his leg in the process? He made his way carefully through the brush until he reached Toothless.

"Hey, buddy." He called in greeting. He then laughed as the large black dragon tackled him and proceeded to sniff him all over, ears perking when the scent of fish was located. "Alright, alright, but I can't unless you get off me!"

Toothless backed off, tail flicking back and forth slightly. When Hiccup threw the fish, Toothless snapped it out of the air in the blink of an eye. He then looked at Hiccup hopefully.

Hiccup sighed and laughed again. "You want more, work for it!" He then wasted no more time getting the saddle set up on Toothless. Should he have told Stoic where he was going? Nah, he had seen a note there seeming to explain that he was going out and if he had actually approached his father, Stoic may not have let him go off on his own.

As Toothless took off with a mighty beat of his wings, Hiccup let out a happy shout. "Now this is more like it!" He announced happily as he guided Toothless towards the ocean. He frowned when he felt a rumble pass through the dragon's body. Was he growling at something? The next moment his stomach dropped as Toothless went into a steep dive, landing on a secluded rock. Hiccup peered at the cave that Toothless was snorting at. He moved to get off, but Toothless shifted, throwing Hiccup off balance so that he landed back in the saddle. "Keeping me where I can be protected, huh?" Hiccup asked. "So, ahhhhhhh, what's the story?"

His hesitant question was answered when the cave glowed brightly and then settled into a swirling vortex. Was that a smell "Is it just me, Toothless, or does it seem like going in there, while normally a very, very bad idea, seems to be the right thing to do?"

Toothless snorted uneasily, but the dragon seemed to share the sentiment as he leapt headfirst into the glow, Hiccup holding tightly to the saddle.

When Hiccup's vision cleared, the first thing he noticed was the cold. It was freezing outside. "Okay, something tells me this isn't Berk anymore." He muttered. A flash interrupted his thoughts, and he whipped his head around to see whatever had brought him here had vanished. "That's a problem." He muttered.

He then let out a very un-Viking like yelp when he heard a strangely accented voice say, "Oi, this lil' anklebittah really the one we're lookin' for?"

Hiccup turned his head to see the biggest rabbit he had ever laid eyes upon looking at him speculatively. "What did we get ourselves into, Toothless?" He asked the dragon. He then frowned as he noticed the smiling blonde next to the rabbit. "Astrid?"