Epilogue 4:

The Big Four

(Okay. I have no idea how this'll work but the idea is that each time the perspective shifts, time relapses. So in theory, time rewinds and for each perspective it's like the previous one hadn't already completely happened. So hey, if you've got a favorite, go ahead and read theirs first.)

*Jack Frost*

Jack smirked at everyone when they landed in the Warren. "Alright. The main thing to avoid here is his egg golems. And those are pretty slow, so we should be just fine. And, hopefully, you all have refined your skills over these past seventy years so I shouldn't have to detail what kind of havoc you should wreak. Though to inspire creativity, he has giant lakes of rainbow dye."

He got a couple eyerolls for that, but shrugged and flew up into the sky, heading for the lakes of dye. When he arrived, he hovered just barely above the surface of the liquid. Even from there, his power reacted and the lake started freezing over, covering the dye with a shimmering layer of colors frozen in crazed swirls.

Once a suitable standing place had been created, he delicately landed and began his work in earnest. Soon enough, he was skidding around, thickening the ice until it was frozen as solid as his pond. He flew up and grinned at his handiwork, then hastened on to locate another lake. There couldn't be just one. He took one of the safer bets, flying along a colorful river and turning the cheerful liquid into a less cheerful slush. But hey, watching the colors slowly morph instead of all just running together into a rather sad pink color was totally worth it. At least this way some of the more aesthetic colors came through.

Once that was done and he had frozen several other smaller lakes, he started darting between pillars of rocks, layering them with elaborate whorls of frost that he shaped into rabbits and eggs. He grinned. "And Bunny said I wasn't an artist."

Struck by a sudden impulse, he flew up to harder to reach areas and, snickering madly, began shaping candy canes, presents, bells, and the like out of frost so thick that it was extremely noticeable and highly unlikely to melt for a good long time.

He then flew up and headed towards the river again. It had loosened up somewhat because of the fact that the water was moving, so he gave it a little more encouragement to remain in a slushy form before heading back to where they had all met up. He knew from experience that little acts like freezing a giant lake of dye took longer than they seemed to.

~Rapunzel Fitzherbert~

When she landed inside the Warren, it was if life around her stopped for a few moments. She looked around, taking in the beautiful scenery and the blessed spring warmth that was in stark contrast with the frigid Pole. Her reverie was broken by a cold breeze signaling that Jack had finished his speech and flown off.

Having a good idea what Jack had told them, she ran off in a different direction, pulling out her paintbrush and freshly restocked paints. When she came to a clearing, she darted into the shadows when she saw an egg golem thunder slowly past.

He wasn't kidding about those. She mused, vaguely remembering Jack commenting on the low speed of the things. When the coast was clear, she deftly slipped through a crevice until she was in a slightly rockier place. She then started painting as many bunny rabbits as she could, bringing them to life in waves whenever she ran out of room. When she had a veritable army, she grinned at them. "No eating." She commanded sternly. "Besides that, go for it so long as there isn't too much destruction."

She stepped out of the way in time for an approaching golem to be run down by wave after wave of cute, cuddly bunnies. While it was distracted, she ghosted past and flitted from one pillar of stone to another until she found a place where she could clamber up without much difficulty.

She gasped when she caught sight of a rather large, colorful lake that was now sporting a glittering layer of ice over it. "W-wow..." She muttered. "Bunny'll kill him for that."

She then remembered what her set task had been and started painting creeper vines. When she brought them to life, she rapidly scrambled down off the rock as they started creating a dense network of vines overhead. She stretched and realizing that if Jack had frozen such a large lake over while she was making small rabbits, time was probably pretty much up, she started heading back to their clearing.

+Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III+

Hiccup gaped as he looked around the Warren, but when Jack started his debrief he payed close attention. After Jack had flown off, Hiccup climbed up a boulder to inspect the area. He decided on a patch of rock likely to yield high concentration of ore and headed towards them, dodging a golem on the way. When he arrived at the rocks, he placed one hand lightly on one.

He grinned when he felt the ore inside, almost begging to be used for something. Well, he wasn't about to disappoint. He quickly started carefully extracting as much ore as he could without harming the integrity of the rock. He was here to create, not destroy, after all.

When he had gathered roughly enough raw ore, he began to shape it into structures, calling forth minerals that colored the metal. When he was done, he stepped back and grinned at his pretty accurate life-size model of North's sleigh suspended in the rocks. Bunny would be so furious.

He then set out, climbing up and moving around by jumping from rock to rock. It was by this method that he found one area completely covered in vines. "Seriously, Rapunzel?" He muttered, but shrugged. It made his life easier, after all. He began to pick up speed, running lightly along the top of the vines until he arrived back at the meeting place, where Rapunzel was and Jack was coming in for a landing. Hiccup regarded them both. "Dare I ask what Merida's doing?"

Merida DunBroch

Merida rolled her eyes when she landed in the Warren. From Bunny's normal demeanour she hadn't been expecting something so...colorful. She half listened to Jack's little tirade about something or other, then ran off when everyone set out. If there was something to be dealt with, she was pretty confident she could handle herself.

That conviction lasted until she had to dart behind a grassy bank when she saw a giant stone egg walk slowly past, a tree trunk fixed on its head like it was nothing.

That's when she grinned, and once the egg had passed in front of her, she squirmed forwards, intent on getting a free ride. Which is also when she saw the angry face on the back of the egg.

She flattened back down. "Fine." She muttered crossly. "No fun."

She almost smacked herself for saying that, but then the egg rounded a corner and she was off again. As she ran, she mulled over the pranks she could pull since her powers were largely destructive, unlike her counterparts.

She had to stifle a yelp as a small rabbit darted past her feet. And had it been...green? She then saw it again and realized that Rapunzel had made them.

"So the wee lamb proves to be the most irksome." She commented, noticing that there was quite a bit of evidence that there were many, many more of the little creatures running around then the one she had just seen.

She then grinned as an idea struck her, actually caused by her remembering the end of Jack's "tirade". She ran over to a lake, only to skid when she saw it was frozen over. "Jack..." She growled. "I needed that lake!" She then dashed off in another direction, thankfully finding a liquid dye pool.

She held her hand out over it, and steam rose from it. She gingerly started focusing the heat on certain areas more than others, and was rewarded by rock hard clumps of dye that she carefully fished out of the lake.

She held those in one hand as she ran back to an outcropping of rocks, selected one, and started drawing.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but when she straightened she regarded her picture of a kangaroo with immense satisfaction. She wasn't sure the representation was completely accurate, but having Jack describe it and using Bunny as a reference she was pretty sure she'd captured the general idea.

She then dusted her hands off, using her power to make sure no dye was left to incriminate her, then started running back towards the meeting place.

She burst into the clearing right as Hiccup said "-ida's doing?"

"I believe I was winning the prank war." She replied.

Jack tilted his head. "Pray tell."

She grinned. "I superheated some of the dye from the lake into somethin' to draw with and I left Bunny a lovely image of a kangaroo in all it's glory."

Jack nearly fell over, laughing. "And I thought freezing half the lakes and rivers over while doodling with frost was bad!"

Rapunzel nodded. "Not to mention the army of tiny cuddly bunny wabbits and the slough of creeper vines."

Hiccup nodded. "But I win." At everyone's expectant look, he smiled and said, "Life-size and fully colored model of the sleigh."

Silence reigned, then Merida sighed. "Yu're right. Yu win."

Jack held up a snow globe and coughed lightly. "Anyways."

# The Big Four #

(In other words, third person omniscient.)

They all stepped out into an out of the way room, and Jack smirked. Then Phil walked in and pointed at him accusingly.

"Hey, we were just catching up!" Jack told him, sounding wounded. Phil nodded and walked away after telling Jack something.

"What did he say, and what happened to honesty?" Rapunzel asked.

"I was honest!" Jack insisted. "We were catching up on seventy years worth of pranks! And as for what Phil said, we should go find the Guardians."

They all filed into the globe room right as the Guardians, sans Bunny, entered. "Oh, hey guys." Hiccup greeted them. "Sorry, we kinda had seventy years of backlog to sort through."

North was about to accept that and move on when Bunny hopped in, steaming.

"Yeah, backlog that I was on the receiving end of!" He shouted.

Jack leaned over and whispered to Merida, "Think he found it all?"

A smirk twisted onto her face as she replied softly. "He certainly wasn't down there while we were, we woulda been caught. As such I don't think he had time."

They presented innocent faces to North when he looked their way. Rapunzel felt a thrill of victory, though, when she saw the barely suppressed mirth in North's eyes.

She discreetly poked Jack, muttering, "snowflake", to him.

Jack nodded, closed his hand for a moment, and suddenly a snowflake had rapidly floated over to land on North's nose before the large Russian could dodge.

Loud roars of laughter immediately burst forth. "A sleigh!" North gasped. "Oh, is perfect!"

Merida bit down a smug, "That's all?", knowing that Bunny knew full well that wasn't all that had transpired, and letting him in on the secret this soon would get rid of half the fun.

Returning to the more pertinent subject, Hiccup spoke up, "So, I heard mention of food? More specifically, lots of food present at a party?"

Bunny's ears flattened, "After what ya gumbies just did ta ma Warren?"

North patted Bunny's shoulder, still helplessly shaking with laughter. "Ah, is one prank, and has been seventy years. Give them break."

Jack's face lit up. "Sweet!"

North wagged his finger. "You're all on Naughty List."

Jack grinned, putting his hands behind his head jauntily. "Well, y'know, wouldn't want to break my streak or anything."

Okay! Finally done this time, I swear! Hope you guys enjoyed, and be on the lookout for my next story, but this one is OFFICIALLY and COMPLETELY done!