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North Pole 300 years later

A block of ice is slammed down by a set of pincers. A chainsaw slices through wielded by two muscled arms, the right one adorned with the tattoo of Naughty, and the left of Nice.

"Still waiting for cookies!" Comes the call as North works efficiently in his office.

Three elves look up guiltily from their cookie feast.

Pushing off from one desk, North's swivel chair slides over to the desk where the final product rests. Elves scurrying with the plate of cookies quickly.

North brushes through a number of tools coming to rest on a small pick axe, tiny in his enormous hands. He half hums along with the music playing in the background as he chips away at the ice block in front of him.

With the final touches complete he blows off the excess ice, and kick starts the dry ice, simulating smoke. "Yes!" is the reaction as the traim chugs quickly down the icy track.


he grabs a cookie to munch. The music and the train coming to their climax as the toy begins it's flight.

It shatters as the door is slammed open violently a yeti speaking quickly. The ruined pieces scattered at his feet, he gestures while exclaiming in shock.

The Yeti and North take turns with their expressions of disbelief.

"How many times have I told you to knock?" North says tiredly steepling his fingers in front of his face almost ending in a shout. The Yeti speaks wildly gesturing violently to the hallway.

"what? The globe?" North stands up looking worried, grabbing his trusty saber just in case.

The "help" of the workshop, the elves are also crowded around worriedly along with the ever useful yetis. "shoo with you pointy heads." Is North's response as he hurries to the command station of the globe. "why are you always under boot?" he shoulders the two yetis aside walking right up to the station, taking charge. He stares at the globe thoughtful.

The globes lights are flickering and going out all over.

"What is this?"

South America, North America, everywhere all going out.

"Have you checked the axis? Is rotation balanced?" Is North's first rapid questions.

A wind starts in the closed workshop.

Slowly black sand slithers menacingly over the globe from the top and the bottom quenching out the lights of believers one by one. They can only stare in shock, as the elves run in panic to a safer hiding spot.

The globe becomes a writhing mass of spinning black sand before it rises upwards exploding. A mass of it rushes by forming a figure. A laughing figure that circles the globe before crumbling away.

"Can it be?" North stares at the mass. "Dingle!" several elves step forward eager to help "Make preparations. We are going to have company" with those parting words he turns and slams down a leaver, activating the Northern Lights, a signal to all guardians that the children are in danger.

The lights spread outwards across the globe, to get all Guardians the message.

The small fairies are at work collecting teeth and heading back to the tooth palace at remarkable speeds.

"Eighteen central incisors. Moscow, sector 9. 22 incisors, 18 premolars. Heavy rain advisory. Des Moines, we've got a cuspid at 23 Maple. Head out!"

Toothiana or Tooth hovered in the middle of all the hustle and bustle quickly giving out orders.

"Wait! It's her first tooth." And occasionally cooing over teeth. "Have you ever seen a more adorable lateral incisor in all your life? Look how she flossed!" a fairy directs her attention to outside the Tooth Palace. She can see the summons of the northern lights. Without missing a heartbeat she heads out followed by several fairies so that she can continue operations.

My fellow Guardians, it is our job to watch over the children of the world and keep them safe.

Sandman was serene, even with the large amount of work he had sending good dreams to children. He sat above them all on his cloud of dream sand, sending out a strand here and a strand there, like a conductor, reaching all children.

To bring wonder, hope, and dreams. And so I have called us all here for one reason and one reason only

The sun was just beginning to come up when he turned and saw the beckoning lights. He too wasted no time, but quickly crafted a biplane out of dream sand and adjusting his newly formed goggles flew towards them.

The children are in danger.

An enemy we have kept at bay for centuries...

E. Aster Bunnymund, had also seen the lights, and was in the process of running to the pole. His tunnels ran all over the world and were arguably one of the fastest ways to get around.

Has finally decided to strike back.

The earth flew under his paws as they striked the ground.

We alone can stop him.

He burst from the green of the tunnels to the cold white of the North Pole, always away from Santoff Clausen. "It's freezing!" undeterred he forges on ward, even if the cold makes him extremely uncomfortable. "I can't feel my feet! I can't feel my feet!"

"Cookies, eggnog anyone?" is North's first response once all the guardians have gathered.

"This better be good North" is Bunny's irritated reply, with good reason, Easter is only a few days away. North ignores this in favor of greeting Sandy.

"Sandy, thank you for coming." His biplane dissolves into streams of golden sand, he gestures, clearly stating that he was and is very busy. "I know, I know" is North's placating response. "But I obviously wouldn't have called you all here unless it was serious." North continues as they all head towards the large burning fireplace. It sends off enough heat to keep even Bunny warm in the arctic.

"The Boogeyman was here! At the Pole!" the others look at him in shock.

"Pitch?" is Tooth's hesitant reply "Pitch Black? Here?"

"yes." Is North's firm reply. "There was black sand covering the globe" North empathetically gestures in shape of the globe. Bunny's head whips up

"What do you mean, black sand?" North continued his animated retelling

"And then a shadow!"

Bunny holds up his hands, full of egg painting materials "Hold on, hold on. I thought you said you saw Pitch."

"Well, not exactly." Is North's response as he rubs the back of his head.

"'Not exactly'? Can you believe this guy?" Is Bunny's sarcastic response.

Sandy forms a stylistic question mark above his head, and shrugs.

"Yeah you said it, Sandy." Bunny continues agreeing to the unspoken word.

Undeterred North continues "Look, he's up to something very bad." He continues to attempt to convince them "I feel it" His eyes are open wide with him trying to make a point "in my belly"

Bunny is not convinced. "Hang on, hand on. You mean to say you summoned me here three days before Easter because of your belly? Mate, if I did this to you three days before Christmas…"

He is cut of.

"Please, Bunny. Easter is not Christmas" North speaks as if explaining this to a child

"here we go." Is Bunny's response "North, I don't have time for this! I've still got two million eggs to finish up!"

Sandy after rescuing his eggnog form an over enthusiastic elf, notices the moon trying to get their attention.

Meanwhile North's and Bunny's arguments continue.

"No matter how much you paint, is still egg."

"Look mate, I'm dealing with perishables!"

Sandy points at the moon in vain

"Right? You've got all year to prepare!"

"Why are rabbits always so nervous?"

"And why are you always such a blowhard?" the argument is going back into their usual banter not really arguing any longer.

Sandy attempts to get their attention by jump floating and waving a flag and his arms, this also goes unheeded.

Tooth has the misfortune of flying in between the two.

"Tooth! Can't you see we're trying to argue?" North asks as Tooth wanders between their argument

"Sorry. Not all of us get to work one night a year." Tooth snaps back but without any bite "Am I right, Sandy?"

Sandy happy at being acknowledged forms a sand arrow and points at the moon, unfortunately Tooth misinterprets it, then Bunny's elbow runs into it destroying it.

"Come on, mate. Pitch went out with the Dark Ages. We made sure of it."

"I know it was him. We have serious situation"

Sandy spots an elf, the same one that tried to steal his eggnog from earlier, this sparks an idea.

"Well, I've got a serious situation with some eggs" Bunny retorts. Tooth continues her frantic orders about teeth.

Feed up with the whole situation, Sandy grabs an elf by its extremely pointy hat and shakes it, hard. He finally gains all of their attention. He forms a moon from the dream sand and points, there is no way they will not get the message now. North looks.

"Ah! Man in Moon! Sandy, why didn't you say something?"

Frustrated that he had been trying quite hard to get their attention, Sandy smoke puffs out of his ears in frustration. Gesturing enthusiastically North greets MiM,

"It's been a long time, old friend. What is big news?"

Feelings rise as the moons glow shines brighter coming to rest on the ever important guardians symbol on the floor. An ominous shadow forms, taking the shape of the man found in the black sand earlier.

"It is Pitch." Acknowledges Bunny gravely, turning to look at North in a silent apology. North taps his belly twice in his way of saying 'I told you so'.

"Manny, what must we do?"

Again the moon light brightens and focuses landing on the G of the guardians symbol. The circle slides apart, a crystal emerging as if being tugged up by the moons power, glowing with the moons radiant light.

"Uh Guys, you know what this means?" Tooth speaks up, completely serious, for once not continuing to hand out destinations to her fairies. North looked up in wonder.

"He's choosing a new Guardian." But not everyone is so excited.

"what? Why?" comes Bunny's response.

"Must be big deal. Manny thinks we need help" is North's reply.

The crystal finish's rising, it is completely out of the floor, the blued light it casts is being refracted everywhere. Bunny unfortunately has taken offense.

"Since when do we need help?" is his snappy retort.

The moonlight is gathering inside the center of the crystal. Tooth on the other hand is now much more excited.

"I wonder who it's gonna be!"

Sandman immediately thinks of the leprechaun forming a four leaf clover over his head, Tooth voices his thought.

"Maybe the Leprechaun?"

Bunny begins his chant of not who he wants it to be, rather who he doesn't want it to be.

"Please not the Groundhog, please no the Groundhog."

Glowing particles rise upward out of the crystal starting their formation on who this new guardian will be, North looks positively ecstatic. The image finalizes. It's a boy, wearing hoodie, the fringe of his hair is long enough to blanket his eyes, with a curved staff clutched his left hand, a playful smile tugging at his lips. North's eyes grow wide as he announces who it is.

"Jack Frost." With almost a half shrug.

The mini-Tooth's in the audience immediately express their like, one going as fair as fainting at the news.

"Ah, I take it back. The Groundhog's fine" Bunny is on guard already, obviously disliking the choice that has been made. Tooth snaps out of her admiring.

"Well, as long as he helps to ah to protect the children. Right?"

Obviously this is too much for E. Aster Bunnymund.

"Jack Frost? He doesn't care about children!" He is obviously upset. "All right? All, all he does is freeze water pipes and mess with my egg hunts!" his attempts to convince the other guardians and the Man in the Moon that Jack Frost is a bad idea are not working "All right? He's an irresponsible, selfish..." here North cuts him off.

"Guardian." He says thoughtfully, still gazing at the hologram in front of him. Bunny is still upset.

"Jack Frost is many things, but he is not a Guardian" he finishes vehemently.

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