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The end of a staff taps a power box, spreading frost across the surface. For Jack this is not just a simple act, this is one of his landmarks in this city, this is what he uses to navigate somewhat successfully.

The ice crackles out from my staff giving my ears reassurance that I am going the right way. The wind blows almost imperceptibly marking out people and other moving objects, I attempt to freeze the water fountain that should be across the street. The crackling sound of ice tells me that I've hit dead on.

Unseen by Jack a kids tongue has now been frozen to that frozen land mark he uses.

I pause in the middle of the street using the wind to get my bearings. A man slips and falls on the ice that I unconsciously generate oops. But it is kind of funny, the way the wind describes it to me.

Unseen by everyone the hooded figure races up the side of the building leaving trails of frost in his wake. Every so often, if you could see him it would appear that he was looking in a window.

I pretend to look into every other window, in actuality I am counting them, another one of my ways to keep myself from getting lost.

An accidental stream of frost magic freezes the top of a fishbowl. Round the building when he comes to an open window, the papers blow out, much to the dismay of the person inside.

Round the corner and there is one, tw-whoa! It's open! I accidentally scatter the papers inside. I feel slightly guilty but the thrill of riding the wind and the new trick I want to try is enough to keep me laughing. The wind tosses me to another physical landmark a spire on one of Russia's palaces, I spin around it joyfully.

"Now that, that was fun."

I hold on with one hand bracing my feet against the spire.

"Hey wind!" I call I know its heard me because the bangs shift over my unseeing eyes ever so slightly. Then it picks up, undoubtedly knowing in advance what I am going to ask of it "Take me home!" I let go giving my complete trust to the wind, after all there is no reason for me not to, the wind has never let me down, only been a helping hand and a friend.

Jack shoots into the night sky, tossed high above the glowing lights of the city. He whoops for it is times like these when he feels truly free. He darts above the cloud line clearly at home, shouting in delight of his daredevil ride. He dives towards that path of the sun, heading to other parts of the world where it is day.

I get the moon to my back, ever since my vision blinked out on me somehow I've always been able to sense the moon, so in a strange sort of way it's a compass for me. It only took me a couple dozen months to figure out how to work with the fact that it moves across the sky.

The town of Burgess breaks into view from the haze of the clouds. This is the place that Jack calls home

"Snow day!"

He leans back and free falls head first towards main street. Swerving all over the street it appears he is up to his usual mischief.

I am always a little shaky coming out of dives, I know to others it looks like I am causing trouble as I dart across both ends of the street, but in reality it's a necessity. The wind bounces off as many surfaces as it can but it can only do so much, the bouncing helps me allow for turns in the road or moving trucks as in this case.

"It's freezing!"

My good mood is slightly dampened, I don't mean to make others cold but the chilly wind is my set of eyes without it I probably would have phased through that person and that would have hurt, a lot. I manage to pull out of main street, up high enough in the air I am able to try my new trick. Turning my staff with one hand I balance both feet on it, surfing.

"Yeah!" I am extremely happy with my success

The wind has brought him to what he considers home although it isn't much. It's where he was pulled from the ice all those years ago, why he hasn't left? He feels a connection to the place and quite frankly it's the place he knows almost inside out, he is able to 'see' the best here in this town.

I land perfectly coating the thick ice on the lake with another layer. The brisk wind I create, knocks a book out a child's hands, also warning me of his presence. I land on the ground next to him, pretending to look at the book that has fallen.

"Oh that looks interesting. Good book?" not that I could actually tell, but the kid I had knocked it from was always talking about the most interesting things, so it was probably, at the very least, interesting.

Jamie rushed over brushing off the book carefully. The twins ran up next to him

"all right!"

"Yeah!" they are obviously pleased by the snow.

"woo hoo!"

"Snow day!" Claude and Caleb continue punching Jamie lightly on the shoulder.

I can here that the kids are pleased at my hard work.

"You're welcome." It's only polite to respond to such a thank you.

"Guys, wait up! Are you guys coming to the egg hunt Sunday?" comes Jamie's call, as he races up next to the twins on they walk away from the lake. Jack jumps following them from above.

"Yeah! Free candy!"

"I hope we can find the eggs with all this snow!" respond the twins. Jamie re-buries his face back into his book

"It says here that they found Bigfoot hair samples and DNA in Michigan! That's like super-close"

'Ah so it's that book again' thinks Jack 'the one about all those different supposed theories' as he lands lightly on the wooden fence.

"Here we go again."

Clearly Claude is skeptical

"You saw the video too, Claude. He's out there." Jamie responds completely serious.

"That's what you said about aliens." Is Caleb's sarcastic response that's partnered with Claude incredulous

"And the Easter Bunny!"

'Did they just say the Easter Bunny?' I wonder turning back from my fence walking, this is a subject that I know about

"The Easter Bunny is real." Jamie responds seriously

I could have snorted of course he's real, and he's ticked at me "Oh, He's real all right. Real annoying, real grumpy and really full of himself." Make that we're ticked at each other.

"Come on! You guys will believe anything." Claude announces still rough housing with his twin.

"Easter Bunny, hop, hop, hop!" Sophie says in her own way announcing her favorite. She is tripped by their dog Abby and lands hard beginning the first steps of crying.

"Mom, Sophie fell again!" Jamie calls, it's not that he doesn't care, it's just that this has happened enough that he doesn't want to spend time over such a minor injury again.

"You ok Soph? Jamie hat! We don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose." Is his mother's reply as she is able to take care of both children in one go. Jamie turns around tiredly well use to his moms worrying

"Who's Jack Frost?" he asks as a hat is placed on his head

"No one, honey. It's just an expression."

"Who's Jack Frost?" rings in my ears along with "no one, honey. It's just an expression." It hurts, but I do what I always do when something hurts, pretend it doesn't

"Hey!" it's not like they know any better . I scrape some snow off the ground forming it into a perfect snowball from years of experience, who knows today could be the day

"Who's Jack Frost?" I breathe my special magic onto it having it glow with its own brilliance. I here the kids running out ahead, and turn in their general direction. I lob it hard knowing as always the wind will help make the necessary corrections.

A snowball smacks the back of Jamie's vest head on, causing him to stumble. "Wha-"already the magic is at work, letting him see the fun things of the day. He laughs "Okay, who threw that?"

"Well, it wasn't Bigfoot, kiddo." Is my response, let's get this snow ball fight started

Jamie forms a hasty snow ball lobbing it in the direction of Monty and Pippa, it strikes Monty knocking him over. A second one thrown hits Pippa.

"Jamie Bennett, no fair!" is the semi-angry response.

"You struck first!" Is Jamie's quick retort.

I throw two snowballs at the twins, of course hitting them dead on with the snow,

"Free-for-all!" I shout lobbing snowballs in the kids general directions, sent with a breeze to help the hit home. The snow ball fight is good and started now, "All right, who needs ammo?" I half run half fly around the kids traling my staff so that perfect snowballs are created for easy access.

Laughter rings out during this impromptu fight.

"Look at that!" I comment surprised at the number of dead on hits that I hear, usually their aim isn't so good.

A snow ball strikes Jamie, causing him to topple backwards over a snowman on to the ground. A final snowball strikes the back of someone's head. Cupcakes head. An angry growl issues forth from her as she slowly begins to turn.

"Crud! I hit Cupcake!" Is Pippa's nervous response.

"She hit Cupcake." Announces Monty pointing

"You hit Cupcake?" is Claude's incredulous response. Jamie peaks up from behind his sled at the angry Cupcake.

Oh no someone's upset, looks like we'll have to fix that. I toss one of my special snowballs hitting Cupcake right in the face.


"Did you throw that?"


"It wasn't me!" is the nervous chatter of the kids standing around my staff, which on top of I am currently perched. Wait for it…

Cupcake begins laughing much to the other kid's surprise. Soon they are playing a bizarre form of tag that includes a snowman's head running around the park, Jamie well in the lead.

"It's a little slippery!" I announce landing and using my staff to ice the ground in front of him, we are going to have a little fun.

"Jamie, watch out!" calls Pippa as Jamie slips lands on his sled and begins to slide gaining momentum.


"That's the street!"

"Stop! There's traffic!"

Don't worry guys I've got this all under control, this is going to be a sledding experience of a life time.

"Ahhhh!" Jamie shouts as he launches out onto the road.

"Whoa! Don't worry, Jamie. I got you. Hold on! It's gonna be all right!" and it's true, the sled will follow the path of ice I'm creating and I am being guided by the wind, what could go wrong? Ok a lot could, but I trust the wind, it's never steered me wrong before.

The ice trail spins around the corner passing a moving tuck that spins out, depositing a couch and several boxes on to the road.

I fly next to him then zoom ahead to scout for obstacles

"keep up with me, kid!" I urge "take a left!" I manage to scoot the kid in between the dogs and their owner.

"Hey slow down!" is the angry response. Jeeze people these days, does it look like Jamie is controlling this because I am, there's no need to yell at the kid. I send Jamie up a dirt mountain using it like a ramp.

Jamie continues to sled around the streets a Breakneck speeds, dodging cars and other things.

"Hold up. No, no, no, no." Is his slightly nervous speech, Jack doesn't hear.

"Is that Jamie Bennett?" is some women asks incredulously.

I moved the kid on to the side walk since we are on mains street now, don't want to hit any cars.

"There you go." I say

"No, no!" he's probably just nervous, everyone else who's had the sled treatment says "no" but when it's over proclaim it the best thing ever. We are shooting along now, back on the road now that there are fewer cars.

Honk! Honk!

I can hear it, sounds like the street snow plow, I ask the wind for the best way out of the road, it tells me to take a left and make a ramp of the dirt pile over by the statue of the town founder.

Jamie closes his eyes, nervous about hitting the snow plow, and is launched off the ramp. His friends all watch in shock, having caught up, as he flies over them.

The lack of noise I here from his friends and the excited yells from Jamie must mean I did a pretty spectacular job on the ramp.

Jamie hits the snow bank in front of the statue hard.

"Oh, my gosh!" is Pippa's exclamation

"Yeah!" that was pretty awesome, there's no way they can't have some sort of belief in me now not after seeing that!

"Wow. That looks serious."

"Jamie, are you all right?" Jamie's concerned friends walk towards him.

"Whoa!" he says standing up a tad unsteadily "Did you guys see that? It was amazing!"

I nod, nothing like making kids happy

"I did a jump and I slid under a…" at that moment the couch that had been flung from the depths of the moving fan smacked straight into Jamie

I wince that must of hurt, didn't mean for that to happen "whoops"

Jamie's friends wince, imagining for themselves what it must have felt like, as they approach to help him up. Suddenly Jamie's hand shoots upward, triumphantly clutching a tooth.

"cool! A tooth!" sled ride momentarily forgotten.

"Dude, that means cash!"

"Tooth fairy cash!" is his friends enthusiastic replies they too have forgotten the sled ride already.

"Oh no." not this again, how could they forget all my work so quickly?

"You lucky bum!" his friends are still congratulating him over his good luck.

"I got to put this under my pillow!" Jamie responds excitedly as they walk off

"Oh, wait a minute."I call "Come on. Hold on, hold on." They can't have forgotten so quickly could they? "What about all the fun we just had? That wasn't the Tooth Fairy, that was me!" I say in frustration, why were they so enamored with the Tooth Fairy? Wasn't I much more fun? And less selective about when you got to have fun? I jump in front of the group hearing chatter and the words

"my ears are freezing" the fact that it was getting rather late registered in my mind.

"What's a guy got to do to get a little attention around here?" That sled ride had to have worked!

Jamie walks through Jack unseeing

I gasp slightly feeling the deep ache and tearing feeling that comes with everyone that passes through me. But this one helps especially because I had just given this kid the time of his life and he still could not see me. I take to the air defeated that once again no one can see me, just like the fact that I can't see them.

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