Hey! This is just random Bade one-shots that pop into my head. I also found this list of 130 writing prompts and decided to try a few of those too. :D:D

This one is from the list of prompts. It's #2: paper cut

Hope you enjoy. :D:D:D:D

~Beck's P.O.V.~

It was a rainy afternoon on Saturday. This was Jade's favorite weather. She had wanted to go outside but I finally convinced her it wasn't a good idea, it WAS a thunderstorm after all…with lightning…

So, since Jade was a little pissed at me for not letting her go outside, she decided to do something that really annoyed me, read.

I could never sit still for very long doing something boring like reading, but Jade could sit for hours at a time reading. And it bored me. Today, she wouldn't let me see what she was reading.

For a while I just sat around. Watching a little Full House, playing some darts, checking the slap. Things like that. But after a while, I noticed a sniffle coming from my bed, then another.

"Jade?" I called.

"What?" She snapped.

"Are you crying?"

"No." But she sniffled again.

What could she be reading that would make her cry?

"Let me see." I say walking behind her and trying to take her book. I took her by surprise and I almost had it, but she recovered quickly and snatched it back.

"Beck don't."

"I wanna know what you're reading that's making you cry."

"I'm not. Crying."

"Yeah you are." I say and gently turn her head so she'll look at me. "Your eyes are red."

"That's from anger." She says, taking the book back as I try to take it again.

"Just let me see." I say tugging on her book.

"No." She pulls it back towards her.

"Please?" I pull it back towards me.


Pretty soon we're having a tug of war. It went on for a while before I could tell she was losing her grip. And, with one final tug, the book was mine! But as I pulled it out of her hands, I heard her yelp. She looked down at her hand.

"Look what you did!" She said, showing me her thumb which had a small cut and a drop of blood starting to form. She must have cut it on one of the pages.

Before I could say anything, she jumped off my bed and walked into the bathroom I took that chance to look at what her book was called. Pretty soon, she walked back over to the bed with a band-aid on her thumb.

"Does it hurt?" I ask as I sit behind her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Yeah. It's your fault."

"I know. I'm sorry." I say and nuzzle my face in her neck.

After a moment of silence, I lift my head back up, take her hand with the injured finger, and press a kiss to her thumb through the band-aid.

"Better?" I ask.

"I guess." She says (I swear I see her smile for a second) then presses her lips against mine in a short but sweet kiss. After we both pull apart, she starts to play with the bracelets on my wrist and we sit in comfortable silence for a minute.

"So…Thirteen Reasons Why, huh?"

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