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Prologue Pleaseā€¦

Caspian knew he would never like fighting battles, even though he could definitely hold his own. He was tired. Tired of fighting, tired of being afraid, and tired of waiting to blow the horn. He knew that the Old Narnians couldn't wait much longer for him to summon the Old Kings and Queens or even Aslan, who could surely help more than them.

Dr. Cornelius said he didn't know how the horn worked, but if the horn was blown by someone in trouble, help will be brought to them in some form. From the time he was young, Caspian dreamed of the life he was now living, and even though he wasn't entirely sure he still wanted it, he wouldn't go back to his old life for anything. He sensed that when he blew the horn, his life would change forever. It was only a matter of time.

He knew he needed to blow the horn quickly. Pattertwig and Trumpkin were waiting for the Kings and Queens. As was the entire army, they just didn't know it.

Caspian sliced through a Telmarine's arm and dodged another's dagger. Finally finding breathing room, he picked up the horn from his hip and blew.

A sound that was richer than any sound came forth. It was such a majestic sound that those around him stopped fighting just to listen. But Caspian did not hear that. All he heard was a high pitch whistle, a kindof which he never heard before. What he did not know that the whistle came from a machine called a train.

A/N So first thing first ages: every one is the age they are in the book and not movie because this is book verse, not movie.

Peter and Caspian ~ 14 Peter is chronologically 29

Susan~ 13, chronologically 28

Edmund~ 11, chronologically 26

Lucy~ 9, chronologically 24

I put Trumpkin at 37, not that it matters, he won't be in here.

Though they will keep the appearance they have in the movie because we don't know much about them in the book. No Suspian too, sorry.

Anyway, I have wanted to write this for a year now and have it all finished just not typed up, and started about three months ago, while I was supposed to be learning history, but hey I pay 500 dollars a class, might as well make my time useful.

Thanks and I'll update soon, chapter 1, Silent Sounds and half of the second one is already done.