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When Peter was a little boy, around Lucy's supposed age, he grew up on the tales of King Arthur and the great wizard Merlin. Most of the tales were told to children in England for example of chivalry and courage. While Peter knew that many, if not all, of the tales about Arthur was made up and embellished, he couldn't help but feel a sense of connection to Arthur after all of his adventures in Narnia. He knew it couldn't be easy to be a High King in either world. Privately, he wondered how Arthur got through it all without a brother or sisters to talk with and help run the country. This was why he was reading a book borrowed from the Professor, Peter knew there were a lot more facts than fiction in the book, as it came from the Professor's secret library.

Glancing up at his younger siblings, he saw that they were all settled in entertaining themselves reading books and – in Edmund's case- looking across the aisle to see a ticket collector talking to a youth about his own age. It appeared as if he was being asked for his ticket, though the young man seemed very confused. In a split second decision, ones that Peter was famous for, he stood up and grabbed his wallet from his bag.

Quickly walking across the aisle, he leaned into the next compartment and got the ticket collector's attention.

"Here, it's for him." Peter said, handing over some money.

"Thank you." The ticket collector said to Peter, then turned to the rather confused and intimidated boy and told him roughly "Next time have your money or ticket ready. I don't have time for this."

The ticket collector slipped by Peter and he turned to have a look at the boy. He was about fourteen years old, with blond hair and fair skin. He looked as if he was a little small in his surroundings. Peter noticed that he tensed up each time the train rocked a little as it moved. Idly, Peter wondered where the boy was going, as he wasn't wearing a school uniform, but was alone.

"Is this your first time on a train?" Peter asked curiously.

The youth hesitated then nodded. "Thank you for helping me. I can't… pay you back though. I haven't got any… currency."

"Oh, yes, it's not a problem." Peter muttered, unsure of what to say. Peter wondered if the boy was a runaway, or was a really sheltered boy. He definitely fit both parts "If you need anymore help." Peter jerked his head in the direction of his compartment.

"Thank you again." The boy said. He looked as if he wanted to say something else, but decided against it.

Peter walked back to his family, closing the door behind him. His three siblings looked at him. "The boy didn't have enough money." He explained as he put his wallet away. "The Professor gave me more than enough money, so don't worry about it."

"Wait, the professor gave you extra money!" Edmund exclaimed "What about us?"

"Oh, really Edmund," Susan said, looking annoyed at her younger brother. "Maybe because he knew Peter needed it the most, or maybe Peter wouldn't get jealous if he gave it to you instead. Or maybe he knew Peter wouldn't spend it on rugby equipment even if he wanted to!"

In truth, it was given to Peter in case of emergency, but Peter didn't want a scene so close to him, as it would bring unwanted attention to him and his family. Also, the boy looked as if he was in actual need of help, probably more help than Peter could give.

Edmund scowled and leaned back to glare at the window. Lucy moved over to Edmund and tried to cheer him up. Sighing, Peter picked up his book of King Arthur and sat down to read again.

Caspian spent the remainder of the trip alternately gazing out the window and watching people walk by his little room. He wasn't sure if he wanted someone to come and talk to him or not. He knew it would be just as awkward as it was with the ticket man and the boy who helped him. Many people, he saw, wore the same type of clothes he was now wearing, and they were all looking a lot more comfortable in it then he was. Whenever the train stopped to let people on or off he looked out the window in amazement. There were so many people, though all appeared to be human in this place. Caspian saw smaller trains that only fit four or six people in them. The roads were solid stone, as if the world was made like that. This world was so different! He wondered how they it all worked!

His thoughts turned back to the boy. Though the conversation was awkward, because he felt so out of place, he knew the boy was well educated, just by looking at him, and how he held himself. Though many of the Narnians were nice and pleasant people (and he much preferred them to the Telmarines), their education was obviously lacking.

His eyes drifted back to the boy, sitting with what looked to be his family across from him. All of them held themselves with pride and grace. He thought about asking the boy where he could food and shelter, though was uncertain about how his words would react to the kind boy. He briefly wondered who they were and where they were going… and where was he going?

Capsian recollected his thoughts and looked out the window. He knew he had to get off at some point, but where was he to go? Should he introduce himself to the king of this country? He felt as if that might not go over well, since the people here probably did not know where Narnia was. And thinking about it, neither did Caspian. How was he to get home and help the Narnians, his new people, get their country back?

Queen Susan's horn was meant to bring them help, but instead, the moment he blew it, he was here. Whatever went wrong with the plan to blow it has obviously failed, went wrong, and he knew Doctor Cornelius will be worried about him. Caspian thought that out of all his options, it would be best to continue down the path he was given and trust mighty Aslan knew what he was doing.

He knew he would have grand adventures in this world, perhaps some that might live to the legends of the Kings and Queens of Old. This was all he ever wanted. But somehow he thought it would be different. When High King Peter first came to Narnia the Animals were there to greet him and then guide him and his royal siblings to Aslan. Caspian did not have a guide, and even though he trusted Aslan to help him, he didn't know anything about this world. He suddenly felt as if the only friend he had at that moment was a boy with paper currency who probably hasn't thought of him twice.

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