The Overpowered humans

I really dislike these fanfics also I don't own Mass Effect

2100- Human nations around the earth decide to become one government for some reason

2120- Humans invent AI and there are no debates on ethics, religion, or morals done by anyone,

A few days later- AI are accepted as full citizens and laws are created to treat them as equals everyone agrees

2130-Humanity discovers an alternate way of FTL drive, they use this to explore the solar system and surrounding stars. In a few years human have hundreds of colonies even though its seems like that's impossible due to the number of births required.

2140- Humans decide that they need to build a giant military fleet of warships the each like the size of Texas or something. These ships are basically like council ships but have shields 3 times more effective, 12 times more efficient, and 100 times more powerful. Also humans feel the need to have everyone take nanobots that increase strength, intelligence and overall performance. No one questions these decisions.

2147- First contact is made when the Turians meet humans investigating the mass relay near Shanxi. The Turians are complete jerks and act super arrogant and superior and start attacking. The humans get really pissed, so they proceed to call in their really huge fleet to crush the Turians to the ground. The battle lasts between 30 to 47 seconds and not one human dies.

Later- The humans manage to use their AI to decipher an alien language on an alien computer (that is just how advanced the AI are) to find out the location of every single planet the council has. The humans use this data to launch a massive offensive into council space.

3 minutes later- Every home planet of every species as well as the Citadel is taken hostage by the humans and their super advanced weaponry.

Within the council the councilors converse it goes as follows.

Turian councilor, "war"

Asari councilor, "peace"

Salarian councilor, "I don't know" (this goes on a loop for a solid 3 hours)

Suddenly teleporting in ( I forgot to mention they can teleport) the humans proclaim, "we desire peace but you have to back off"

The Turian responds, "Ok we will give you peace but first you have to share all your tech, cut down your fleets, get rid of AI, and basically do everything we say."

The humans respond, "We have all your home planets and defeated your army"

The councilors just remembering reply, " Oh yeah we totally forgot, alright go ahead we will stop bothering you."

Humanity would later do such noble and selfless acts such as befriending the Quarians and giving them technology so they don't need to wear their suits anymore, curing the genophage, make peace with the geth, save the Drells home planet, educate the Vorcha, and of course commit genocide on the Batarians because the only good Batarian is a dead one.

Also the council makes Shepard a specter(for interspecies relations or something) and let him do whatever he wants in council space even though he's not a member of the council races.