Bella's POV

Let me introduce myself my name is Bella Swan and I live in Forks but my best friends Jacob, Quil and Embry live in la push. I woke up today is my 18th birthday I hit something with my foot and looked at the foot of my bed was a wooden box that had an angel carved on each side and on the lid it had my name carved on the top there was also a note on top

Dear Bella

I got called in to work wish I could be with you but with this note you will find out the truth you will always be my little girl

Love Dad

Along with his note was another it was addressed to my mom and dad

Dear Charlie and Renée

You don't know me but I know of you me and my husband have chosen you to raise our beloved Isabella she is to always remain in forks you see she is a very special girl the night of her 18th birthday she will go through some changes she will need you both there you see she is what you call an angel .under her carrier is a wooden box you need to give this to her the morning of her 18th birthday that day she will get her animal guide he will be a wolf he is an very important animal she will also meet her three brothers soon after her 18th birthday make sure she tells no one what she is. Her wolf will guide her to the people she can trust well I have got to go one last thing love and cherish her as your own

Love Arlin

My mom and dad are not my real parents but why not tell me before now and what changes I opened the box there were 2 small envelopes with my name and then there was a folder I set them aside there was a jewelry box I opened it and in it was a Necklace shaped in heart with angel wings holding a red crystal there was also a man's wedding band it was gold with angel wing engraved into it must been my dad's I put the necklace on and put the ring back in the box there also in the big box was a stuffed wolf that was solid white with blue eyes I set it aside and brought out the last thing in the box it was a leather collar that had the Name Kato on a tag and a silver wolf charm . I went back to the letters the first on was in the same writing as the note to Charlie

Dear Isabella

I wish I could be with you today but sadly I can't our kind is in trouble so we had to hide you to keep you safe. You are 18 now and maybe a little confused and hurt but I will tell you this giving you up was the hardest thing I had to do .In this box you will find another letter this one will be from your father he will explain things to you as I don't know anything about it as I am human as your father is the Angel you have 2 brothers Shang, and Shere- Kan. You are my only daughter you are named after my mother she was a strong this box is a folder we arranged it so you had a house on the border of la push and forks also in the folder is your information on your own bank account your brothers wanted you to have it all in the box you also have your fathers wedding band he will tell you all about it. I have to go my sweet Isabella but know this I will love you always and follow your heart I can tell you have a pure one.

Love your Mom Arlin

I picked up my dad's letter and read it

Dear Isabella

I will tell you what to expect tonight it at first you will feel a little uncomfortable and then you will be in pain but only for about an hour. Then your wings will come yours should be white don't worry they go back in they only come out when you want them to or are needed. This world we live in is not what everyone thinks there are our allies the shape shifters we always help them and they us because we share a common enemy the vampire. You get some gifts that come from being an angel first of corse you can fly, then there is our ability to calm shape shifters each have a certain gift your animal guide is the wolf Kato you will meet him as soon as you put his collar on the stuff animal his gift is good judgment he will never lead you wrong. Your group of shifters live in la push there Chief Billy knows when you will join them they will come to your house the day of your 18th birthday and will be there when you change now I will tell you about your brothers Shang is the oldest his animal is also a wolf, Shere- Kan is 2nd his animal is the Eagle .my animal is the Panther and he will stay with you to help your wolf guide you as you are my last kid he was closer to you his name is shadow you will know him when you meet him he will also have his collar that's another thing even if you take Kato's collar off he will still be alive he is only a stuffed animal because he had to wait for you. On his collar should be his tag but also a silver wolf charm this is one of two clues I can give you about your mate the other is you have met him but he acted like he hated you but he loves you he has had a rough childhood you will know him when you see him. You may be wondering how I know all of this well that brings me to the last gift all angels share the gift of foresight we see things before they happen you gift that you have that others don't is the ability to change vampires back to human if you feel that there intentions are pure you will meet 3 I will give you 2 of their names but you must let them prove there selves to you their names are Emmett and Rosalie. I love you my sweet Isabella I will miss you and I will love you forever

Love your dad Amendo