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WARNING: There will be some violence and swearing in this story. If you do not wish to read that, then this story is not for you. It won't be dropping the F-bomb every other sentence, but words like that will pop up. If you watch Supernatural and have read Harry Potter, however, I am assuming that violence and swearing will not be much of a problem. This story will NOT be slash, as much as I love it, because I cannot write that stuff for the life of me, and I feel that there is enough HP/SPN slash out there, already. This is for those who want a lot of plot.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to either Harry Potter or Supernatural, but I do thank the wonderful creators of each series for making such wonderful stories for us to enjoy and play with.

This takes place at the end of Harry's fifth year and at the beginning of Supernatural's fourth season.


"NO! Sirius!" screamed Harry, watching with wide, disbelieving eyes as his godfather, Sirius Black, fell back into the veil.

It wasn't okay, and it wasn't right. Harry had endured the Dursleys and their less-than-nurturing treatment of him, and Sirius had offered to let Harry live with him as soon as he got proven innocent. How could Harry have let Sirius fall? He should have been watching, paying attention; he had come here because of worry about Sirius, anyway, so why hadn't he been paying more attention to the man? Harry could vaguely register insane, high-pitched laughter coming from Bellatrix as she openly gloated over her defeat of Sirius. It didn't matter. Sirius was gone.

In that moment, Harry did something rash, something that, in his right mind, he would have considered first. However, for all that he would come to regret it later, he didn't consider what he was doing. He simply did the first thing that came into his mind.

He lunged into the veil after Sirius, through the cries of those around him, straight into the unknown.

Nothing. Harry could not feel, hear, see, or smell anything. Hell, he couldn't even taste anything, not that tasting things was high on his list of things he wanted at that moment, but still, the sense of… nothing… was unnerving, to say the least.

"Hello?" he said, not particularly because he expected an answer, but because the silence and absence of anything was bothering him. His voice echoed, he noted absently.

He was surprised, however, when a voice responded.

"Hello, Harry James Potter," said a voice which could not be determined as either male or female. This voice did not echo as Harry's voice had, which Harry found to be a bit disturbing.

"Um… hi?" he said tentatively. When the voice did not respond, he decided to say something else.

"Uh, where am I? What is this?"

"You are in the Dimensional Void. This is the Dimensional Void," it said emotionlessly.

Harry would have frowned if he could feel his face. What was this thing, a robot?

"Okay," Harry said, going for a different angle, "what is the Dimensional Void?"

"The Dimensional Void is the place where separate realities meet. You are in the Dimensional Void," it said again.

"Yes, I'd gathered that," said Harry with a hint of frustration, "but what does that mean?"

"It means that you are in the Dimensional Void."

Okay, this is just annoying, thought Harry.

"Well, why am I in this Dimensional Void?" he asked, trying to get an answer that would actually help him understand what the hell was going on.

"You passed through the Veil," the voice said. "Your fate will be decided, and you will be sent to a universe suited to your judgment."

"Wait, what? 'Your fate will be decided'? Who decides my fate?"

"The answer to your question cannot be given."

"Well, then, what happens now?"

"You will wait while your fate is decided, and then you will be sent to a universe suited to your judgment."

"So, what?" Harry asked, angry that the voice was continuing to give vague and confusing answers. It was worse than Dumbledore. All it did was repeat itself. "I'll just be dumped into to some other universe, with aliens or something?"

"You will be sent to Earth."

"But you just said that I would be sent to another universe!"

"You will be sent to an alternate universe, to an alternate Earth, like the others who passed through the veil."

Finally, some actually useful information.

"Will Sirius be there?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Sirius Black III passed through the veil and was judged. It cannot be confirmed whether he was sent to the same universe and reality to which you will be sent."

"Well, great. Fat load of help, you are," Harry mumbled.

Suddenly, the voice spoke again, though not in response to Harry's mumblings.

"Your fate has been determined," it said. "You will be sent to your assigned universe, to a location which has also been determined. Due to your age, you will be given a pack containing essentials and anything else determined to be useful and necessary to your circumstance."

Harry was about to protest, but before he could, he was waking up, and he opened his eyes to find himself someplace which certainly was not the Department of Mysteries.

First of all, he was in the forest. It was in the afternoon, Harry had to say, from the sun. A good thing, Harry noted, was that he could hear cars in the distance, even though he was surrounded by trees, so he couldn't be in any place too in the middle of nowhere. The first thing that Harry noticed, besides that, was that the air was… odd. He wasn't sure how it was odd, exactly, but it was different from what he was used to. He stayed laying there, on the ground, for a couple of minutes before he realized that what he was feeling was rather similar to the feeling he got whenever he cast a spell. So it wasn't the air that was odd; it was the magic. Harry couldn't quite describe what was different about it, though.

Setting the thought aside for later consideration, Harry stood up. There was a brown pack on his back, not very heavy at all, and the material was a bit worn. He took it off, wondering what was in it. The voice in the Dimensional Void had said that it would have 'essentials,' and he wanted to know what it considered essential.

He unzipped the first pouch and looked in. However, he couldn't see anything. It wasn't that the bag was empty or anything, but he literally could not see inside the pouch. Confused and a bit hesitant, he reached a hand in. And he continued to reach. He couldn't feel a bottom, which was rather creepy, because he really wasn't sure where all the space was coming from, and he had just stuck his hand into it. As far as he could gather, it must have been like one of the wizarding tents that everyone had used at the World Cup in the summer before his fourth year which were much larger on the inside.

Just then, randomly, the thought hit Harry that he didn't have his wand, and he was sure that he had been holding it before he fell into the veil. As the thought crossed his mind, his hand finally landed on something. It was a familiar long, thin, piece of wood, and, as he took hold of it, a small surge of magic and a sense of rightness went through Harry.

'Huh,' thought Harry, 'It must only work when I am thinking of something in particular.' That was useful information. Harry wondered what the other zip pouch was for, since the pack had two of them. Putting his wand in his pocket where he usually kept it, Harry started off in the direction where he could hear the cars. Shortly, he found himself at a road.

Considering that he didn't even know where he was, Harry thought that it would be okay to hitchhike, even though everyone knew that hitchhiking could potentially lead to bad situations. So, he stood on the side of the road with a thumb up, waiting for a car to stop.

It didn't take very long. Only four cars had passed him without pause before a Blue Sedan pulled over and rolled down the windows. A woman who looked to be somewhere in her fifties with a round face, kind brown eyes, and curly blond hair was in the driver's seat, which was on the wrong side. Leaning over to better talk to him, the woman said with an American accent, "Hello there, sweetie. You need a ride?"

Harry nodded.

"Where to?" the woman asked.

Harry shrugged. "I'm not sure, Ma'am. The nearest cheap hotel, I guess."

The woman's eyes brightened. "Oh! You're English! How adorable! And so polite, too," she said with a smile. Harry blushed a bit and looked down. He wasn't often complimented for things like that. The Dursleys certainly never complemented him, and, at Hogwarts, it seemed the only compliments he got were from girls trying to get his attention, but it was only because he was Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, rather than because any of them took an actual interest in him.

"Well, here, sweetie," the woman said, nodding her head, "You just come on in, and I will drop you off after I run a quick errand."

Harry, hoping that he wasn't making a mistake, got into the car. Somehow, though, he had a feeling that this woman would not hurt him.

"I'm Josie Millerton," she said, pulling back onto the road. "We'll just be going down to Eastridge Animal Center, where I work. I need to drop off some paperwork." She glanced over at him. "What's your name, by the way?"

"Harry," he said. Then, after a pause, he added, "Potter."

"Well, Harry Potter, what are you doing hitchhiking off the side of South 5th Street?"

Harry frowned, not really sure what he was supposed to tell this woman. Following the same instinct to tell the woman his name, Harry decided to simply tell her a partial truth.

"Um, I'm not really sure. Where is here, anyway?"

Josie gave him a funny look, one of her eyebrows going up. "You don't even know where you are? Honey, you must be in some situation." Giving him another small smile, she said, "You are in Chariton, Iowa."

"That's in America, right?" Harry asked, not really sure.

"Uh-huh," Josie said, her eyes on the road. "Here," she said, pulling up to a building. "Come on," she said, motioning in. "I'm not going to leave a stranger, sweet as you are, in my car unsupervised." With that, she went into the building. Harry followed. After dropping off her folder of papers, they were back out and back into the car.

"Honey," Josie said, pulling back onto the road, "I'm going to take you back to my house first, okay? How old are you, anyway? You look to be only thirteen or fourteen."

Harry grimaced a bit. Everyone thought he was younger than he actually was, just because he was a bit short. "I'm fifteen," he said. He wasn't sure about going to this woman's house, but he didn't really know what else to do. It wasn't like he knew anyone else. With that thought in mind, he agreed.

Soon enough they were pulling into a house. Inside, there was a man who looked to be around the same age as Josie, with blue eyes and balding grey-white hair. He looked at Harry for a couple of seconds before he turned his eyes to Josie.

"Josie, darling," he said slowly, "Who is this?"

"This is Harry," Josie said triumphantly.

"Yes, well, hi, Harry," he said to Harry before turning back to Josie. "What is Harry doing here?"

Josie suddenly got a determined gleam in her eyes. "I've decided that he's going to be staying here with us for a little while."

Harry stared at her in surprise. He hadn't agreed to that.

The man's eye twitched a bit as he stared at Josie. "You've decided that, huh?"

"Yup," said Josie, confidently.

The man sighed. "Darling, you can't keep bringing home random people and letting them stay at our house."

Josie huffed a bit. "I've only done it three times."

"Yes, and that is far too many," the man continued.

"Come on, Frank," Josie pleaded. "It will only be for a couple of days. I know you miss Jason and Kyle, and you don't even need to worry about him. You can leave the worrying to me."

Frank stared long and hard at Josie before he finally looked up at the ceiling in helplessness. Then, he nodded.

Harry stayed with Josie and Frank Millerton for four days without trouble. They were a kind couple, even Frank, who, despite all of the fuss in the beginning, took an easy liking to Harry. As it turned out, the couple had two sons, the Jason and Kyle that had been mentioned by Josie on that first night, both in their twenties, and they were both out fighting for the army. Josie and Frank were lonely, and they actually did enjoy Harry's company much more than Frank was willing to admit.

Thankfully, neither of the two bothered Harry about why he was in America without a parent or guardian or how he had even gotten there. Josie said that it was Harry's life, and that, judging from what she knew so far, which was still very little, she didn't really want to know, because it would probably be very confusing, and she just didn't want to deal with it. She was content to pretend that nothing unusual was going on.

Harry had been surprised to find out that it was in late September, 2008. That certainly was not the year that he had left. However, he decided that it was probably a result of going through the Dimensional Void, and so he didn't pay it much mind.

On Harry's fifth day with the Millertons, Harry had just finished helping Josie out with the dishes (he was used to doing chores for the Dursleys, and he already felt like a burden on the couple, so he thought that the least that he could do was help with the chores. Josie and Frank insisted that they work on the chores with him, though, since both of them seemed to have some strange obligation to not allow their 'guests' to do much work) and he was lounging on the couch, watching a bit of telly, when the doorbell rang. Josie went to answer it, and Harry could hear her as she spoke to the person at the door.

"Hello," she said kindly, as usual. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes," replied a female voice. "You can get out of my way."

"Excuse me?" said Josie, offended.

Harry started to get up.

"I said get out of my way, old hag!" the voice said loudly.

"You can't just come barging into my house and-"

Whatever Josie had been about to say was cut off, and, suddenly, there was only the sound of a gasping, gurgling sound. Harry turned into the hall to see Josie fall over, hands grasping her throat, which was sliced with blood running down, too much blood.

"Josie!" Harry yelled, rushing over to her. However, he could not do anything. She was dead.

Harry looked up furiously at the woman who had been at the door. She was casually standing there, wiping the blood off of her blade, staring at Harry with a strange gleam in her eyes.

Suddenly, Frank came rushing in, having heard Harry yell Josie's name. "What's going on?" he demanded before his eyes landed on Josie's fallen form. His eyes flicked from the slit in Josie's neck, to the woman with the knife, to Harry, who was holding onto Josie's body with tears running down his face.

Frank turned and ran to the woman, his eyes alight with fury. "You bitch!" he yelled, running straight at her. The woman, with long black hair and an angular face, simply smiled as Frank neared her. With a movement which seemed too fast, she had the knife in front of her, and it stabbed right into Frank's chest. Frank gasped and fell to the floor, grabbing the wound. He looked up that the woman and managed to gasp out a dreadful, "Why?" before slumping over, limp.

He was dead.

Both Josie and Frank were dead.

And Harry, who was not fast enough to save Frank, was left standing there, staring at the woman who had killed the only two people that he knew in that world.

And the woman stared right back, her mouth curling into a cruel grin that made her face look far uglier than it should look. However, that wasn't what got Harry's attention.

No, because the thing that caught Harry's attention were the woman's eyes, which had gone from being blue-grey to completely black, even the whites of her eyes.

And then the woman with the black eyes and the twisted smile said one thing: "Hello."

"So, get this," Sam said, turning his laptop toward his older brother, Dean, who had just returned to the hotel with their food. "There's this little town in Iowa called Chariton where three deaths have just happened. Now, this could just be a regular killer, but Bobby says that some other hunters called in to say that some of the demons had just up and disappeared for no reason the day before these killings happened."

"And you think it's connected?" asked Dean, pulling out a chair and taking his huge burger out of the fast-food bag. He took a huge bite, looking at Sam, waiting for him to continue.

"Yeah. See, When Bobby called to let us know, I did some research to see if anything big seemed to be going on. There was nothing in any of the newspapers, but I decided to look into the police files. These three deaths weren't released to the public because it is a small town, and they didn't want people to panic while they did the investigation, but they still don't know what they are dealing with. It's a bit of a stretch, but it's the only thing that has happened since some of the demons disappeared, and I'm willing to bet that they are connected."

Dean nodded. "Sounds good enough for me. We'll head out tonight."


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