Kise always liked to fantasize that after having having sex, Kagami, Aomine, and him would snuggle up and fall into a blissful sated sleep.

Of course, that was only a fantasy.

Usually after sex, Aomine and Kagami both wanted to eat. So Kise would go and fix them a plate of sandwiches and a couple of beers. Upon coming back, Aomine and Kagami would be engaged in a tug of war with the remote, yelling at each other over what they wanted to watch. Kagami wanted to watch the sports channel, while Aomine was more interested in watching some reality show featuring girls with big tits. However, the sandwiches and brews would be a good enough distraction so Kise could grab the remote and snuggle up in between them and turn to cartoons.

The food would be just enough to satisfy them and soon enough, Kise would feel their heads drooping on his shoulders. With a smile, Kise would clean up the plates and bottles. Of course, the two bigger males wound up cuddling with each other, forcing Kise to crawl in between them /again/.

From here, Kise liked to imagine that the rest of the night would be peaceful and full of snuggles and sweet dreams.


Kagami always got twitchy during his sleep and it wasn't anything unusual for Kise to wake up with a knee in his ass from Kagami moving around. Aomine wasn't much better. He was a complete bed hog, arm smothering over Kise's face or completely stealing the covers. In which Kagami would unconsciously retaliate by half-assed rolling on Kise to drag the cover back.

And the snores.

The first few nights they all slept together, Kise had checked the walls to see if the paint had been peeled of the walls.

Kise was willing to forgive the two.

Especially when they both got aroused. Kise loved waking up to the feeling of Kagami grinding into him from behind while Aomine thrust against him in the front. The drugged out feeling of being half asleep coupled with those two rubbing up against him erotically was always the best wake up call.

Mornings were the best though.

Kise would wake up with both of them curled up tight around him, protective legs thrown around his hips. Kagami's cheek found against the back of his head, while his face would be tucked up underneath Aomine's chin. But he absolutely loved it when he barely cracked open his eye to see both of them staring down at him, smiles on their faces as they brushed fingers through his hair. He would just pretend to still be asleep and secretly treasure the touches.

They're worth the trouble they cause.