Kei-Kei Yuki: Hello everyone! Kei-kei Yuki is back and have brought to you another Genderbender One Piece story! Hopefully you'll enjoy this one better than my other one! Beta: The Dark Crimson Blood. Well that's all, Ja Ne!

You Are my Queen!

Chapter 1


"Monkey D. Luffyko! This is the 100th fight you've had since the beginning of this school year! I'm sick and tired of seeing you in my office! So, from this day forward you are expelled!" A rather enraged principal of the East Blue High school shouted angry, a dark scowl on his face as he glared at the girl that was in his house too often.

"W-W-WHAT!" A girl with short, choppy black hair and big round, onyx eyes screamed; she was wearing a East Blue uniform that was white button-up shirt, which; in Luffy's case was un-tucked and had a couple of buttons undone at the top; which gave everyone a glimpse of her large D-Cup breasts. She wore a grey short skirt and a black tie; though Luffy refused to wear the tie, besides that; she wore a pair of knee high socks with brown shoes.

"W-What do you mean, 'expelled!'" Luffyko yelled, throwing her arms up; she was clearly disbelieving the words that were coming out of the principal's mouth.

"You heard me! Expelled! Expelled! EXPELLED! Now get out of my office you little trouble-making runt!" The principal shouted; throwing Luffyko rudely out of his office. She stood up quickly, "Well fuck you too, you dirty bastard!" Luffyko cried out, just as the door was slammed in her face; she fell back again out of surprise.

"Luffyko are you okay?" Standing right outside the office was Luffyko's most trustworthy and loyal friends; who had been waiting to see what kind of punishment their friend would receive this time. Luffy nodded in reply,

"So what kind of punishment did you get this time?" The green haired girl with a tomboyish cut asked, leaning against back so her back would touch the wall; a scowl was plastered on her face as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"I got expelled!" Luffyko replied, pouting.

"What?!" The group of friends exclaimed, shocked by the news Luffyko had just delivered.

"W-What d-do you mean y-you're e-expelled!" A girl with dark skin and long brown wavy hair that matched her brown eyes asked, stuttering with just about every word.

"Yeah, why the hell did that shitty principal expel you?" Another girl asked, she had shoulder length blond hair that covered her left eye whereas the right revealed bright, beautiful blue eyes.

"Honestly I'm not all too shocked due to all of the fights you've been in this year." A young, handsome man sighed; he had a lean body and orange hair that went past his shoulder, only by an inch, as well as green eyes. He frowned and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"So how do you think Shanks will handle you being expelled from school?" Asked the green haired tomboyish female.

"I don't know." Luffyko answered, her eyebrows arched as the thought processed through her head.

"YOU GOT EXPELLED FROM SCHOOL!" Yelled a loud voice that was loud enough to be able to echo throughout the entire neighborhood,

'Well he took it much better than I thought.' Luffyko thought while sitting down on the couch, calmly munching down on some chips she had taken to temporarily satisfy her hunger.

"How did you get expelled from school, Luffyko?" Asked a irated Shanks who had his thumbs pressed against his temples in an attempt to calm himself down.

"Fighting, of course." Luffyko answered, as if it were the most common thing on earth.

"Fighting!? Luffyko what have I told you about fighting!" Shank scolded, the frown never leaving his face.

"To always make sure I win!"

"Not that! The other thing I told you to do!"

"Hmm! I don't remember; I was too busy watching the new episode of One Piece." Luffyko answered nonchalantly, only managing to make Shanks even angrier than he was before; which had seemed impossible at the time.

"GAHH! Luffyko, I don't know what I'm going to do with you..." Shanks mumbled; taking a seat next to the girl on the couch and letting out a sigh of frustration in the process.

"Ah, I know! You could go to the store and buy me another bag of chips!" Luffy replied, holding up the previously full bag of chips upside down to prove that there wasn't even a crumb left within the bag.

"BAKA!" Shanks yelled, hitting Luffyko upside the head.

"Owww! That hurt Shanks!" Luffyko cried, nursing the large bump that was now forming on her head.

"You're lucky I found some information on the other school that you'll be going to from now on, it's an all girls' school for young girls your age that can attend and receive proper education and become more lady-like while you attend." Shanks said, watching as Luffyko's face upturned in horror; "Lame! An all-girl school, seriously? No." Luffy replied, denying the school completely

"Well to bad! I've already made up my mind, you're going. Plus I've already enrolled you into the school. So, tomorrow you will be set out to attend your new school." Shanks said, grinning at the shocked expression on her face.

Luffyko nodded, her head turned towards her friends, who were sipping on some juice she usually ordered at the restaurant that her and her gang usually hang out at.

"Yep starting tomorrow." said Luffyko, her voice sounded slightly depressed.

"I can't believe you're leaving me, Luffyko!" Usomi cried, throwing her arms around Luffyko's shoulders in pity

"Wow, I can't believe it! You're actually leaving us! I mean we've been best friends since middle school!" said Namizo, whose head was in her hands as her elbows were pressed against the table.

"Che, I feel like giving the principal a piece of my mind." Zora growled out, clenching her hand around on of her swords that were currently strapped around her waist.

"Like you can do anything about it, ugly moss-head…" Sana insulted; legs twitching to kick the green haired girl across from her"

What was that, you no good cook?" Zora replied, glaring right back at the girl; causing anime style lightning to spark in between the two hot heads.

"Hahaha! I'm gonna miss seeing you two argue all the time!" Luffyko laughed, causing everyone to stare at her and smile fondly; "I really am going to miss you guys, all of you; and, that's why today; I'm determined to have a lot of fun memories with you guys before I leave! So, let's have some fun!" Luffy cheered; a bright smile on her face as she threw her arms up in happiness.

She really would miss them.

'I'm really going to miss seeing my friends.' Luffyko thought, she was currently lying down on her bed; thinking about her friends, as well as all of the good memories she made with them that very day, a small smile on her face as she did so.

"Well I've gotta stay strong! Hopefully this new school will be lots of fun! Well I'll see when I get there. I just wish I could take my friends with me..." Luffy muttered, not seeing the shooting star that passed through in the sky; right outside her window.

To be continued...