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Luffyko: Give me the title of Future Pirate King, or. . .Give me meat!

Sana: What the hell? Don't you mean Queen idiot! Your a girl!

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Chapter 14

Study Session at Hancock's

In Hancock room, more like penthouse, the group came together so that they all could get some studying in, you know, to prepared for Cherry-sensei exam that she warn them that was coming up Friday, but you see their was one slight problem, and that was. . .

'In the name of love, honor, and justice. . .I shall punish you!' Shouted out a feminine voice from the large plasma screen television that was in the room, as more feminine voices join in on screen, showing a group of girls, dressed in over the top magical girls uniforms, calling out girly, yet sorta cool, magic attacks, defeating some weird looking monster. Striking a pose, as they defeated the monster together, an explosion happening behind them.

"So cool~!" Called out the three starry eyed awe figures, eyes glued to the screen, these three were none other than Luffyko, Usmoi, and. . .Cherry-sensei?

"Pretty Senshi Hana is the best!" Exclaimed Usmoi, you could see the stars of admiration sparkle in her eyes.

"No, Pretty Senshi Sara is the most awesome!" Argued Luffyko, a frown on her face, standing up on her feet.

"No, Pretty Senshi Cherry Heart Maiden is the best!" Cherry-sensei voice out, an argument soon broke out between the, discussing which of their superhero was brought as an issue between the three.

"This have absolutely nothing to do with studying, and what are you evening doing in here Cherry-sensei?" asked the bored tone of Namizo, sitting beside a kind smiling Vivi.

"Author-san brought me in for this chapter."

"Ah-That stupid author. . ." Muttered Namizo, a look of annoyance presented on his handsome face. A hand running through his shoulder length, silky, orange locks.

"It's not nice to break the fourth-wall." Robin calmly reminded the orange haired teen, legs folded, wearing a pair of glasses on his face that made him look even more handsome.

". . .And why the heck are you all watching this stupid kid show! We suppose to be studying, if you know what that mean!" Exclaimed an annoyed Namizo, ignoring the seething dark aura that was coming from Hancock, just because he yelled at Luffyko.

"Hey, Pretty Senshi is not a stupid show, Namizo-baka!" The girls angrily shouted at the orange-haired teen.

"Oi, don't you dare yelled at my handsome Namizo-kun!" Sana burst from out the kitchen, a pink apron tied around her slim waist, a hand resting at her hip. Defending the handsome man of her dreams, holding Luffyko by the collar of her shirt, when her attention was stolen by a male voice which from came from the T.V. screen.

'My dear Pretty Senshi Mayu, your dashing Rose Knight is here to help.' Appearing on screen was a handsome guy dressed in white suit, rose petal dancing around him, holding a blonde girl in his arms bridal style, as they were gazing into each other eyes.

"Ah-So handsome~!" I think you can already guess at what happen to our blonde chief, hearts floating around her, doing a silly dance. Taking a seat on the ground, next to Usmoi, who sweatdropped, and shook her head at the blonde.

"I don't know what's weirder. The fact that she fell in love with an two dimensional character, or that the said two dimensional character, look sorta like the Gold-Digger over here." Zora gesture her thumb over in Namizo directions.

"Hey!" Namizo sent a glare over in the swordswoman direction not that she was paying any attention.

'I am the strongest Pretty Senshi swordswoman of the universe. My blade will prove to you my strength. No one who has ever witness me draw my blade, has ever been able to walk away alive.' Appearing on screen was a cool beauty, with mint green long, straight, hair reaching her lower back, holding a sword out in front of her, dressed in some sort kimono style outfit.

"Hmm, this show seem interesting." Instead of sitting by Robin like she was a second ago, Zora was now sitting on the right side of Luffyko. Eyes glued the screen like the others, the screen now showing the swordswoman doing battle.

"This is stupid, we have better things to do people." Muttered Namizo, with a crossed of his arms.

"Sshhh. . .The show is getting good." The girls whispered, holding a finger to their lips, telling Namizo to lower his voice, whipping their head back towards the television, as ViVi chucking at the livid expression that was coming from Namizo, who soon sighed, not about to waste his energy on the girls.

"Great. . .all my friends are idiots." Namizo couldn't help the sigh that escaped from his mouth. Robin smiled, a book in his hands, enjoy the facts of history that lied inside his book, while also taking sneak glances at the swordswoman on the floor.

"So explain it to me again?" asked Luffy, sitting down on the floor crossed legged. Everyone had their practice sheet out, along with their books, as a tiresome sigh escape from both Namizo and Usmoi. Explaining the details, and facts, which went along with their lesson, at least a dozen time to raven girl, each time she would just nod her head, a serious look painted on her face, only to repeatedly ask the same question.

"Luffyko, we have explain it to you at least a dozen times already. What will it take for the information to sink into that that thick skulls of yours!" Namizo felt aggravated, and tired, pulling harshly on Luffyko chubby cheeks, ignoring her whines. When suddenly she was snatch away from him, by a tall figure which was glaring at him, cold slits eyes, similar to that of a king cobra, were pointed down at the orange haired teen.

"Please don't take your foolish frustrates out on my darling Luffyko." Hancock informed Namizo, who shook his head, turning his attention away from the guy who was obsessively in love with love with Luffyko, nursing her sore cheeks for her was Hancock. Next offering some meat, which she happily took out his hands, shooting him a smile that sent him overboard into his Luffyko dream-land. Luffyko not paying any mind, cleaning the meat to the clear, fresh, white bone.

Attention now away from the two, Namizo wasn't that surprised to found Zora once again asleep, but it was a surprise to find her with her head lying down on Robin lap. One hand was used to run though the swordswoman short, boyish, green locks, the other holding the textbook, that he was reading over.

'Who would've thought there did exist a man, who was not scared off, or feared, the swordswoman demon, known as Zora. Seeing how even the strongest of men, are consumed with fear from the just the mentioning of her name.' Just after the thought passed, a smirk was brought onto the handsome teen face. "Than again, he must be some sort demon himself." Namizo whispered that last part more to himself.

"Namizo-kunn~ Can you come over help me! I feel so lonely without you. Plus I'm feeling like third wheel with these two love-birds. Tch, even Usmoi have grabbed herself a rich hot guy. Life is so unfair." Sana expression went from gushing over Namizo, to glaring at Usmoi, to weeping her tears in a corner away from the group. Causing both Kai and Usmoi to blush a bright red, at her accusation.

"O-Oi our relationship i-isn't like that, baka-Sana!" Usmoi embarrassingly raised her fist over her head, attention on the weeping blonde, ignoring the disappointed look, and cute pouting face which came from Kai.

"My Luffyko, the angel of my dreams. The shining Sun to my cold, dark, and yet beautiful Moon. Oh how I will worship you to the day I die, as long as you will stay by-Wait a second." Hancock open his eyes, feeling Luffyko weight missing from his embrace, eyes darting across the room, a dark aura flared from him, once he saw his darling angel was in the arms of that blue smiling, annoying, wannabe gentleman of a prince.

"W-Wow! Is he trying to go Super Sayian on us are something." Gaped Usmoi, pulling Kai closer to her, trying to get him away from the angry Hancock, not that she notice the red blush streak on the blonde face, his eyes staring down at the small petite arms, that was crushing his arm to her bosom.

"So cool! Your super smart Vivi! Thanks!" Luffyko grinned up at Vivi, who slightly scratch at his cheek from the compliment which came from the girl, feeling his cheeks heat up some, when he started to noticed how the temperature in the air seem to have dropped, looking away from her, only to pause once he saw demonic Hancock glaring coldly at him.

"So that why it felt so cold." Muttered Vivi, noticing how everyone, minus Robin, Zora still asleep in his lap, was sitting far away from the other teen. Luffyko making the situation worse, oblivious throwing her arms around Vivi neck, as she compliment him more for helping her with their lesson.

"Poor Vivi." Usmoi shooked her head. "What wrong Usmoi?" Kai worriedly asked. "It's nothing, but I just feel bad for the poor guy. He just got on Hancock bad list. I mean it's worse enough with Namizo on the list, but hey who likes him anyway."

"I'm sitting right next to you, if you haven't notice." An angry tick mark could been spotting on Namizo forehead, ignoring the gushing Sana who was crushing his arm in a tight hug.

"But Vivi seem like a pure, sweet, and innocent guy, and now he have to deal with him. I wish him good-luck." Usmooi saluted her hand towards the charming prince, her actions making Kai chuckle a little.

"O-Oi, what are you laughing at." Usmoi pouted, but pause when Kai smiled at her. "It's nothing, but I just find your actions-How can I say? Adorably cute, just like you." His statement made Usmoi entire face take on a deep shade of red. Namizo let out a whistle, a cheshire grin on his face, all of them ignoring the weeping Sana, who was chewing down on her handkerchief, cursing Usmoi for having such a cute, yet handsome guy flirt with her so openly in the public.

The night continued on, Zora fast asleep in Robin lap, the man doing nothing, but let her sleep, finding her short green locks to be actually soft from what it looks, added with slightly curls rather than spikes, making him conclude that if she would ever let her hair grow out, green messy, and soft curls would be seen running down her back. "Not a bad image, but I prefer her best with short locks." Smiled Robin, as the study session-even though their was little studying done-came to a closed. The group were standing outside the door waiting on Luffyko, who hung back to say a few words to Hancock.

"Luffyko?" Confusion was written in Hancock eyes, as he stared down at the beautiful creature who was smiling up at him, when he suddenly felt a hug around his waist, his body stiffed, as like a robot he turn his head down, seeing Luffyko arms lock around his waist.

"Thank-you for inviting us! You're the best, Hancock!" An arrow pierce his heart, as the cute smile that she beamed up at him, shot a love arrow straight through his heart. 'D-Dose this mean. . .That she likes me?! C-Could this be an confession. . !?' Hancock lied resting faintly on the ground, missing when Luffyko departed out the door with the rest of her friends. His mind at the moment was filled with nothing, but sweet pictures of his Luffyko, along with their future first date. Their future first kiss. Follow up with a grand lavish wedding, and their future children.

"I will win your heart, my darling Luffyko. No matter, you will be my queen." A love-struck dazed smile was plastered on the most desired man in the world face, eyes lit with determination. Days passing by, Cheery-sensei test finally came up, the only ones who fail were Sana-too busying day-dreaming about naked Namizo, drizzled with whip-cream, strawberry syrup, and colorful sprinkle on her perverted mind. Luffyko daydreaming about a land filled with nothing but meat. Zora lying her head on the desk, in a deep slumber, that not even an earthquake could wake her from.

Of course they received a scolding from Namizo, not that Zora and Luffyko were paying attention. The only one who seem happy at his scolding was Sana, commenting how sexy he look when he's angry. Hancock glared at the orange haired teen, who dare scold his Luffyko. Robin offer Zora to be her tutor, which she quickly denied. Vivi soon felt Hancock glare directed at him, once Luffyko started up a conversation with him. Usmoi thanking an blushing Kai for his help, as that was how the day ended.

The next follow week on the other hand is when a new figure grace herself in their class. Standing up front, was an deadly woman, who remind them of female mob boss, as it was announced she would be the new permanent teacher of their class. Cherry-sensei, returning to her duties as an ordinary student, seated by a happy Usmoi, the two quickly becoming friends.

"Maa, what a scary, and intimidating woman. Something tell me that you would not want to end up on her bad side." Smiled Robin. Namizo nodding his head, agreeing with the teen, as the woman with a cigar in her mouth shot the class glare. "Listen you brat, from here on out. I'm am your new teacher, Crocodile. Let begin class, you lousy brats." She placed an hand on her hip, majority of the class gulp in fear at the hot raven that was their teacher.

To Be Continued. . .

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