Chapter I

It started like any other normal day. Izaya was wandering aimlessly around Ikebukuro in his normal getup of a black v-neck t-shirt and his fur trimmed jacket and black jeans trying to locate his favorite blonde headed monster.

"Shizu-chaaaaan~ where are youuuuuu~?" the raven sang, his cocky trademark grin plastered on his face. "Come out and plaaay~"

"IIIIIZZZAAAAAAAYAAAA-KUUUNNNN," a deep growl echoed over the crowd of Izaya's 'beloved' humans and they immediately dispersed, knowing they would get caught up in the daily fight if they didn't move soon.

"What the hell did I tell you about setting foot in 'bukuro again? I'LL PULVERISE YOU DAMN FLEA," Shizuo's voice sounded, growing in malice as he snapped his cigarette.

"Ah, there you are protozoan. I was getting worried you wouldn't come out and have a nice chase with me today~" Izaya's hand was in his jacket pocket, slowly curling around his prized switchblade.

Shizuo flinched at his hated nickname and pushed his glasses up. Immediately, he wrapped his hand around the nearest stop sign, his giant palm easily crushing the metal underneath as if it were some sponge. He ripped it out of the ground with ease.

"Ah! There it is! Shizu-chan's monstrous strength! No wonder people run from you!"

"I'm gonna make sure you regret ever living. And the name is Shizuo Heiwajima you fucking bastard!"

Izaya feigned hurt. "Do you really despise me that much Shizu-chan? Am I that hard to get along with?" his sickening smile never once faltered. "I feel so sad now." The smaller male drew his switchblade and flicked it open, the blade shining brightly under the sun.

The chased ensued and Izaya threw multiple 'replaceable' mini blades at blinding speed to Shizuo. He dodged most of them and deflected it on the metal pole of the sign but missed one, having it slice his cheek. Scaling the wall, Izaya swiftly jumped onto trashcans and ledges with Shizuo mimicking, leading to the fight being continued on the roof of a three story building.

Catching one of Izaya's blades in his mouth he crushed it mercilessly with his teeth. The sign tore through the concrete, leaving a trail of debris littering the rooftop.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Shizu-chan~ Have you no consideration of the fees used to fix the property after your rampage? But then again I don't think monsters care what they do," the informant mocked.

Since Izaya stopped for a moment, the ex-bartender had gained enough time to come close to him.

"Piss off," he growled, abandoning his sign and throwing punches now. They all missed and one hit the wall causing cracks to spread onto it. The final result was the wall collapsing because of the strained force.

Shizuo approached Izaya at a lightning quick speed and lashed out with the new sign obtained. The raven dodged and circled around, swinging his blade and slicing the back of the monster's bartender outfit. A small line of red was seen and warm blood dripped over the edge, staining his vest.

"Izaya you bastard. I got this from Kasuka!"

"Ah, but Shizu-chan your brother is filthy rich so why not just beg for another one? Or are you too afraid to mooch of your famous brother? I bet he couldn't even stand you and that's why his celebrity name is Yuuhei Hanejima," he rambled on.

"You're asking for it today, louse."

"What if I am Shizu-chan? What are you gonna do about it? I'm faster, more agile and I know more words than a stretched out Izaya-kun."


"There you have it," the informant sighed. "I was right~!"

The monster of Ikebukuro ran through the streets, abandoning his sign post once again and lifting up a vending machine.

Still clutching the flickblade, Izaya jumped down the building, landing on a pile of trash bags. He regained his footing and sprinted through the alleyways with his smile on, calling out to Shizuo, "catch me if you can protozoan!"

Chasing the flea, the blonde decided to throw the machine on impulse and chucked it. There was a sickening thud and a recognizable outcry. 'Yatta! Finally I got the damn louse!' the bodyguard thought excitedly. He ran to the source to find Ikebukuro's most famous informant crushed underneath the machine.

The bodyguard grinned like a maniac at his new victory, his teeth flashing white. Izaya's scarlet eyes were opened a bit and his skin appeared to be a bit paler. Cuts were visible on his face and bare chest. Shizuo figured his shirt was torn at the sudden impact. His one hand was under the vending machine and the other still weakly gripping the blade to his side. There was a huge gash on his head and blood trickled down the right side of his face. The informant's breathing was becoming short, ragged gasps as it was hard to breath underneath there. He was battered terribly. His pale features sent a shiver through the blonde, never once imagining that Izaya could look so terrible.

'What the hell am I thinking? This is the flea.'

He thought about it for a moment and then shrugged it off.

Izaya glared at him and muttered only one thing before passing out completely.