Chapter IX

"Shizu-chan...I love you..." The beautiful, graceful voice rang through Shizuo's head. He looked down with caring eyes and replied, "I think I love you too, my raven."

He kissed him gently on his forehead, careful not to wake him up, and placed him onto the soft pillow just as Shinra strutted in. Taking note of the sleeping brunette, he placed the medication on the tray and headed out with Shizuo. Shutting the door quietly, they sat on the couch with Celty.

Anger getting the best of him, the blonde shot up. "Celty, come with me please. If you don't I might become a murderer."

[Is it Ren Sato?]

"Definitely. I'm gonna make him cry a bit. You can have a little action too."

Reaching outside, they sat on Celty's ride and rode towards Izaya's complex. Shizuo was itching for a fight. Reaching the expensive apartment floor, he tore down the door to find a hungry and frightened Ren Sato.

"Please. I-I'm sorry. D-d-don't hurt me. I'll pay you as m-much as you w-w-want."

"I'm not interested in money, bastard." Celty brought her shadow scythe out.

"Die." Shadows enveloped the man and he was never heard of again.

Three Months Later

Finally back home, Izaya walked to his office chair with difficulty. He didn't need to do any work after explaining the situation for Shiki. He just liked sitting there because it made him feel superior. Shinra performed the surgery with ease. It had been a success but a pale bandage covered his scarlet eyes. He hated it there but he had no choice.

The click of the front door indicated a guest. "Izaya. What are you doing there?"

"I just like sitting here. Makes me feel less useless."

Shizuo sighed. "You're not useless, flea." He reached over and wrapped the smaller male into another hug.

Shizuo plucked him up and brought him to the bed. "It's been only two days after the surgery. Don't overdo it." He commanded, getting under the red, silky covers with Izaya. Shizuo noted how they matched his raven's eyes when he could see.

"Shizu-chan...?" he said, cuddling close to him.


"I can't wait to see your face again. I wanna see it so bad..."

"You time."

The bandages were finally off. Izaya felt so happy! Butterflies flew in his stomach as if flying away from a threat. But he refused to open his eyes. Not yet. Shizuo had still to come from work. 'Not yet, not yet, not yet.' It was a chant to keep him strong.

"What time is it Shinra?" he asked, sitting on his bed at home.

"It's 4:20. Celty comes with Shizuo in five minutes."

After what seemed like eternity, there was a comforting voice. "Izaya?"

"Shizu-chan! Come quick! You have to be the first person I see! I'm not going to open my eyes if you don't come."

"He could have opened his eyes five hours ago but refused, saying he wanted you there first."

Quickly pacing his way to the brunette, he sat down on the chair in front of him and held the smaller male's hands between his.

"I'm here, Izaya. Let me see your eyes."

Slowly but carefully, he cracked his eyes open. Everything was a blur but there was an unmistakable figure with blonde hair in front of him. Blinking and adjusting his eyes, the vision became clearer, transforming the blur into the smiling face of Shizuo Heiwajima. The mocha eyes of the person he loved most made him ecstatic. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Shizu-chan...I can see you..." He was wrapped in a crushing hug.

The familiar figures of Shinra and Celty morphed into view. He smiled at them. A true, sweet smile. Shizuo decided he liked this better. "Thanks Shinra!"

After the doctor and dullahan's departure, Izaya made his way to his favorite window with Shizuo trailing behind and looked outside. "I missed this view. Who knew I would miss it? Day after day I saw this view. I had gotten tired of it. When I was blind I missed it, I yearned for it." He paused and turned swiftly on his heel. "But not as much as you Shizu-chan!" Shizuo kissed Izaya gently, trailing from the raven's neck, to his collarbone, and then down to his chest. Sitting on the couch, Shizuo held his warm hand out to Izaya, welcoming him.

"Okairi, Izaya." He said warmly.

"Tadaima, Shizu-chan."