Backdraft's Pinnacle of Power: Enter the Demonic Dragon

I do not own the ZBC, the Backdraft or heck even most of the characters in this story. So lets begin. Right Calas? (Calas:...) Riiight. So lets start.

Peter Ward, Ryuji Makeno, and Claudira Sukima entered the battle. Kieyo instantly fused with Claudira. As did Gabe. They began attacking a ZBC's battle judge. Then they entered the fight. "Hmph. I was hoping for something better than a Shield Liger and two Gordos." Ryuji said his normal grey eyes, burning red. "Yea but we can't argue with the Count's commands. Lets just take the Zoids then leave." Peter said before Ryuji (now Copper) decided to kill the pilots and destroy the Zoids. Copper nodded then flew his GunGuyarados toward the Shield Liger. He fired his heavy beam cannon taking the pathetic excuse for a Shield Liger out.

Claudia began unloading beams from her Cannon Tortoise taking out both Gordos. "I guess you don't get to have any fun Peter." She said jokingly. The normal Black Whale King landed behind them. They loaded the Zoids into the Cargo bay and took off.

Peter, Claudia, and Ryuji all smiled. "It was too easy." Said Ryuji his eyes now grey. "The pilot didn't even activate his shield. He was a horrible excuse for a pilot." Ryuji said waiting for them to arrive at the base. About 20 minutes later they saw a red blur fly past them. It partially threw off their course sending them shaking but still quite alive. "Who was that?" Peter and Claudia said both at the same time. Ryuji shrugged and stood up. "Im gonna sleep. Got nothing better to do then talk to you guys." He said with a light dark smile. "Also wake me up when we get there." He said then disappeared into the hallway.

All Ryuji could think about was the Zoid he had seen flying by. "It was... Geno Breaker...but how?" He mentally shrugged and fell asleep for 2 minutes then was woken by the Pilot. He piloted his Zoid into the Backdraft hangar and then jumped from it.

Claudia and Peter smiled try to hide their laughter. Ryuji was ten minutes late. The Count gave a stern look at the two then walked toward some Zoid in the shadows. A pilot was standing beside it. And Beside him was an Organoid. The pilot said something to Count unheard and walked toward the group of 3 pilots. The lights came on revealing his Zoid was the Geno Breaker. The pilot almost passed Ryuji when Ryuji punched him in the gut. "That's for almost killing us you moron!" His eyes almost flickered red. The pilot stood up. He spit out blood from his mouth. "My name is Calas. That's all you'll need to know." Copper/Ryuji flung a punch hitting him agian. Then Calas drew a katana he had been hiding under his cloak that had been around his body. The sword tip was at Copper's neck. He pushed a bit foreword causing blood to drop down slowly.

Calas sheathed his katana and walked toward the pilot's lounge. The golden Organoid followed him. When he entered he looked around seeing Shiroh Kinrusho with his Organoid, Mona with her Organoid, and Breanne Haley-Jordan with her Organoid. He walked toward the coffee ignoring everything they where saying to him. He sat down followed by his Organoid, Suzaku. His Organoid growled then laid down beside Calas. Calas sipped his coffee as Ryuji still partly Copper, Peter and Claudia entered the room. Copper ran at Calas who was still calm. Shiroh and Peter held Copper back from killing Calas. Calas just simply smiled. "You need training." He said then left.

As Calas left the room and hand was on his shoulder. He turned back to see Claudira. "What is it Claudira?" He said giving her a slight surprise since she hadn't told him her name. She shook it off. "Why do you piss him off? I mean when he's mad he's really dangerous. He could kill you if he wanted to." She said looking into his eyes. "Because I have no fear of death. Most people who fear death have reason to live. But the dead don't? Like myself. I have no one to love, no one to care for, and no friends who really care about me. So why not end my suffering? Well I want revenge. The ZBC will pay...with it's own blood. Watch my demonstration later today."

About four hours later Calas had launched with Suzaku to demonstrate what he had learned in training. He then encountered 10 Cannon Tortoises, 5 Raynos, 30 Molga and 5 Saber Tigers. Along with an Ultrasaurus command unit. Calas then commanded his Organoid Suzaku to stay put for now. "I'll handle all of them." The Geno Breaker fired a barrage of missiles on Molga unit. The Saber Tigers began firing at the Geno Breaker until they saw a "pretty light" as described by the leader. All of the Molga and Saber Tiger along with their pilots were totally destroyed. The Geno Breaker then was attacked by the Raynos. Calas took hit after hit then saw it. A flashback....

"Hey Mommy? Who are those men? Why do the Have Zoids on our land?" Said a little Calas. His mother looked up. "Oh no...Dave get the children out of here! It's the Zoid Battle Commission!" She said as Dave, Calas' father grabbed the kids and stuffed them into the bomb shelter. Calas' parents got close until a beam of light blew at them. Both disappeared along with his sisters. "Mommy...Daddy...Sis..." Calas said tears forming in his eyes. "I HATE THE ZOID BATTLE COMMISSION!"

"CALAS! Are you ok?!" The count's voice came in. Calas gave a grim smile. "I remember everything you did...and will pay...with your BLOOD!" Calas yelled and began viciously ripping the Raynos to pieces. "DIE ALL OF YOU!" He yelled crushing the cockpit of a Cannon Tortoise having finished with everything but the command unit. "Please sir let us live." Came a voice over the intercom. "What are you?! You first let the innocent die boasting your own rep then you acts likes coward and ask for mercy! I promise you will not get any from me. I died a long time ago, but my hatred became my blood and my anger became my soul. YOU WILL DIE!"

The Geno Breaker faster than the eye could see had cut then neck in half. He lifted the head to the mouth of his Geno Breaker and then began to bite and crush the cockpit into metal rubble. All the 20 officers in the cockpit died slowly. Then the Geno Breaker let out a dark and demonic howl. A few officers began to throw up at the site of what the Geno Breaker had done. All the Count did was say, "Welcome Reaper."

Calas jumped from his Zoid letting the repair men fix up the minor damage. He walked by Claudira. "So what did you think?" He said leaning on Suzaku. They both walked off to his quarters to rest. All that Claudira could say was, "Wonder why he hates the ZBC so much?" She shrugged and walked off.

Well how'd you like it? I'm sorry if your character wasn't in it or had a very little part, but I started on it right after I put up the info needed. Don't worry Everyone will be in the next chapter.