They had chosen the General's Minnesota cabin for the occasion, filling it well beyond capacity. Snow fell softly outside, big white flakes blanketing the world in shimmering peace. Inside, a fire roared in the tiny fireplace, as Jack O'Neill ducked from room to room trying to open every window in the place. Between the fireplace, the oven, and the sheer number of people crammed together in the small space, the place was hotter than Sokar's planet on a really bad day.

"Maybe we should prop the doors open too," whispered Sam, catching him off guard, her breath tickling his left ear. "Could do that," he murmured, turning his face towards hers so there was only a hair's-breadth of space left between them. Sam smiled, her blue eyes dancing in the firelight as Jack leaned forward, closing the remaining distance between them as his lips tenderly grazed her own, their soft, supple pressure an open invitation for more...

"Would you two break it up already," called Daniel, followed by a general chorus of good-humoured laughter. "We're starving in here!," he added. Turning to the room full of their friends, Jack retorted, "If I can wait fifteen years for this, you can wait five more minutes for food, Danny-Boy." Then, cupping his suddenly blushing bride's beautiful face, he leaned in again, kissing her as slowly and tenderly as if they weren't in a small cabin overflowing with people, as if they hadn't spent most of their working relationship pretending nothing existed between if they still had all the time in the world, and their decade and a half long wait was nothing more than a painful instant, over now and no longer requiring any further attention. They had each other, they had this moment, and that was all either one of them really needed anymore.

The crowd cheered loudly at the happy couple so absorbed in their embrace, a few still cajoling them to come back to the table so they could all eat. Thanksgiving dinner had become something of a tradition for the motley crew of Stargate Command, a time when they would all get together and reminisce, laughing more often than anything as the wine flowed freely and massive amounts of food were consumed. And every year the group seemed to expand, bringing new additions into the fold of this warm assortment of family and friends.

This year was no exception. Celebrating Sam and Jack's wedding on the day of their annual feast, the cabin was filled with everyone they cared for most, from Daniel and Teal'c, to Mia and Cassie, to all the newer additions: Cassie's fiancee, Mike, Mia's husband James and their daughter, Hope, Ishta of the Hak'til, Rya'c and Kar'yn with their two sons, Bra'tac, and Vala Mal Doran with Daniel's pride and joy, a dark-haired little girl with her daddy's knack for winning hearts, and her mother's knack for picking pockets...

"So when are the babies coming, Samantha?," called Vala cheerfully as Jack led his wife back into the crowded dinning area. Sam flushed an intense shade of red, looking down at her feet. Jack was about to respond with a smart-assed comment of his own when he did a quick double-take at Sam. She was grinning at him, nodding ever so slightly. Before Jack had the chance to react, the room erupted in loud cheers, excited babble, and laughter. Never mind that they had a grand-daughter older than their soon-to-be child, or that he was really too old to be doing this again. Jack broke out into a wide grin, pulling his wife close for another spine-tingling kiss. Definitely worth the wait, he thought to himself, tightening his hold.

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