My debut in "Scenes that should not be" on SFMB. (And believe me, it REALLY shouldn't.) Enjoy!


Worth the Effort

This stuff was a lot harder than Daria thought.

Jane had made it sound easy. And maybe it was, if you had a whole house to yourself except for one indifferent sibling for most of the year.

Daria was not so lucky. First, you had to have inspiration. Then you had to be in the right mood. Then you had to be alone-or close to it. Then you had to get a towel that wasn't scratchy, and...well, several other things. But when they all came together, it was worth the effort.

Just like today. Her breath quickened as the bed began to squeak. She wasn't a screamer (big surprise), but these were not quiet sessions either. And how could they be? Considering who she was thinking about...

Her desire swelled and blossomed and she moved faster to keep up, feeling equal parts freedom and shame. Was she free to be ashamed? Or ashamed to be free? Sounded like the kind of thing Mr. O'Neill might think of.

No. On second thought, this was definitely NOT what he would think of.

She was close. The image was clear in Daria's mind now. A figure so near but so far away, frequently scorned yet so often on her mind. An impossible union, but she could dream.

Finally it hit. Daria came so hard she scared herself. She barely heard her own cries, the fall was that fast and that deep-straight into hell, for all she knew. But so what? She was a soon-to-be graduate of Lawndale High. Let 'em bring the pitchforks.

She slowed and relaxed, staring through her bedroom ceiling with half-lidded eyes. That was perfect. Beyond perfect.

A tiny smile danced across her lips. Then they opened. "Oh, yes," she breathed...

"...Oh, Quinn."



Daria: ...You bastard.

SD: Hey, I only promised not to pair you with Kevin.