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Trafalgar Law paused, his hand hovering above the decorative wood paneling of the door. Although he had known Doflamingo for many years, there was still some remnant of childlike fear that quickened his heart rate when he had to see the man. He wiped his sweaty palms on the front of his jeans and raised his hand to try again, when from the inside of the room there echoed a voice -

"Fufufu, come in Law, I know you're there!"

Scowling, Law twisted the knob and stepped inside the room. The lights were out, but the sun glaring in through the floor-to-ceiling windows sufficed. Directly before him, Doflamingo sat perched on the arm of a chaise lounge, his one foot on the sofa, the other with the sole of his shoe facing Law, stretched out on the table before him. Law's eyes avoided the behemoth of the man before him, instead settling on the half-played chess game in front of the schichibukai, where the black pieces were dominating the white.

"You've grown," the blonde asserted, resettling his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose as he looked up at the teenager who just entered. Law didn't feel compelled to respond.

"And gotten no warmer, I see," Doflamingo chuckled. He gestured to the rest of the chaise, extending his dangerously agile fingers. "Have a seat," he offered, "I would like to tell you something."

Law shuffled forward and sat down as far from his master as possible, crossing his legs over each other and folding his arms across his chest. "Playing a game of chess against yourself?" he finally spoke, "How is it possible one side is winning?"

The uncanny and wide smile stretched across Doflamingo's face, as Law knew it would. "You're voice," the older man remarked, "It's stopped cracking. Very deep, now, and soothing. You even sound all grown up."

"You didn't answer my question."

Doflamingo picked up a white knight between his forefinger and thumb and waved it back and forth in the air, before snapping it across a black rook and discarding it from the table. "Sometimes there is no other way to grow, Law, without defeating yourself." He gestured to the side of the board where the black held strong. "I start with white. I learn from my mistakes, and black wins. If I do not, then white wins. Every time I win on black, I know my tactical reasoning has grown a little sounder."

Law tried to bite his tongue, but the words fell out. "Or you've just gotten a little crazier."

"Fufufu!" Doflamingo threw his head back as he cackled. "Oh, that's what I've missed about you, Law. You have a sharp tongue, and fast wit. Your condescending nature reminds me of the women on an island a recently visited."

"I'm not interested," Law said in a flat voice. He looked up at his master, and lowered his head, sighing. "But you're going to tell me anyway, aren't you?"

"Naturally." The blonde picked up the black queen from the board and placed it beside the white. "You see, many men underestimate the ferocity of women. But not the man who invented chess. The queen is far by the most versatile piece, a tool of either impenetrable defense or wicked offense."

Doflamingo reached up and pulled aside the fabric of his shirt, showing Law some deep red scratches running below his left shoulder. There were three of them, and from Law's intensive study into battle wounds, he recognized them as something inflicted by nails. Judging by the jagged and shallow nature, likely human nails.

"Dressrosan women do not hide this ferocity unlike most. They are zealous and unforgiving. They will kill a man in cold blood. In their country, women are above men in many aspects." He smirked down at his younger companion. "And that's what makes breaking them so much more delicious."

Law scoffed and turned his head aside, "I'm not here to listen to your sexual exploits."

This did not deter the older man, though. He rested his spider-like hand over Law head and ruffled his hair like he was a child. "You are young," he murmured. "Someday you will learn there is intense power in the sexuality of humankind. It can be used to uplift and to degrade. It is sometimes an act of love, and other times an act of punishment."

"I can take a guess at which type you prefer," Law sneered, ducking away from the touch of warm fingers on his scalp.

Doflamingo's facial features darkened at this, and in that moment, Law learned the man could frown with the same strength at his smile. "Don't be rude," he snapped. "You have no idea of the pleasure that comes from breaking another human in that manner. And besides..."

There was a soft pressure on Law's thigh. Casting his eyes downward, he saw his master's fingers stretched over his jeans, the grip hard and insistent.

"...sometimes people want to be broken, and they don't even know it," Doflamingo finished.

It took the intelligent teen quite some time to understand why his heart felt weak, why warnings were blaring in the pounding blood in his ears, why his skin felt clammy and slick all at once. But once the threat registered, all the semblance of control he had been upholding, the cold facade he struggled to maintain - it fell away and he scampered away from the touch of his master.

"No..." Law gasped, his back pressed against the opposite arm of the couch. Doflamingo smiled down at him, and two tight, invisible strings snapped like nooses across Law's wrists, securing them behind his back.

"You remind me of the women of Dressrosa," his master repeated. "And there is something so wonderful in breaking a strong woman." He toed his shoes off and settled on the couch over Law.

"But there is something much more delicious in breaking a strong man," he admitted.

As two bony knees settling at either side of Law's hips, the teen realized that there was no escape. He slammed his eyes shut and turned his head to the side as Doflamingo ran his hands up Law's chest, as the man's lips and teeth played across the bare skin of his neck.

"Fuck you," he spat out, eyes still closed, "You're a sick pervert."

"Fufufufu," Doflamingo snickered above him, and Law could feel the man's large chest rumble against his own. "Am I?" He lowered his hips and rubbed his groin against the teen's own. At the friction, Law realized with a certain sense of horror that he was rapidly becoming erect.

"I'm seventeen," he snapped, rationalizing his body's reaction. "My out of control hormones do not mean I am enjoying sexual assault." He concentrated desperately, making his body go limp under the man's touch, ignoring each caress, biting his tongue to keep from crying out at the more erotic pinches.

"It'll be no fun," Doflamingo finally asserted, "if you lie there like a dead fish."

This is exactly what Law hoped for. His master thought that breaking Law would be entertaining - he assumed the teen would curse and scream and fight back and eventually break down in tears. But no, Law wouldn't play his game.

That was, until he felt the strings around him begin to move.

"I'm glad you decided to act like that," Doflamingo said, pulling away from Law and sitting back down on the couch. "It's given me a fantastic idea."

The teen grimaced as he was forced clumsily to his feet. His hands moved to the hem of his shirt, and then the grip, while a bit too rough, succeeded in ripping the fabric up and over his head. He stood shirtless before Doflamingo, who sat before him with his legs spread, his arms thrown over either side of the lounge, emphasizing his massive dominance and the fact that he was completely at ease.

"You have a wonderful muscular structure for a man of your age," the older man regarded. As he admired Law's physique with his eyes, he had the teen trace his own fingers across his chest, tracing his own jutting collarbone, running his palms over the ridges of his abs, and the back of his knuckles across the hipbones rising from the waistband of his jeans.

Law wrinkled his nose at his master. "I wish I could say the same for you."

A muscle twitched above Doflamingo's eyebrow, and that was Law's only warning before a thin string tightened around his neck, cutting off his airway completely. He choked, silently staring at the older man's scowling face as his vision went black on the corners. His legs grew weak but he was unable to collapse...his nails dug into his own skin on his side as he grappled for control...

And just as swiftly as it came, it passed. The man released the noose on his neck and Law gasped for air, the scorching pressure in his throat extraordinarily sharp.

"Don't lie," Doflamingo finally said, as Law regained his breath, "to me."

Harshly, the teen's bony knees hit the floor as the strings tugged him down. His fingers found the button of his pants, and finally Law began to get desperate enough to fight back. He tore at the strings, and for a second, he felt them slacken, but then he caught the glimmer of upturned lips on his master's face, and knew it was false hope.

Even stronger than before, Law had no control as he slipped the button on his jeans loose and pulled down the zipper. Fumbling under his boxers, he pushed his jeans off his hips with own hand, and freed his member with the other.

Up and down...up and down...It wasn't the way that the teen would often touch himself; the motions Doflamingo incited him to do were much more effective. He found his fingers cradling his balls up to the warmth of his body, he felt his thumb pressing into the vein on the base, he felt his forefinger rub the precum in circles around the tip.

"Look at me," the voice above him ordered. Law raised his head, glaring at his master with unbridled defiance, trying to force as much concentrated black hatred into his gaze as possible.

If anything, this encouraged Doflamingo. The touches became harsher and faster, and Law got harder. He felt the throbbing along his shaft, he sensed the heaviness and pressure deep in his groin. Even worse, although he gritted his teeth and bit his tongue, he could feel the blush rising on his cheek as he neared his climax.

As time wore on, the man's face before him grew impassive. Law resigned himself to his fate, allowing the pleasure to rise up from within him, knowing that soon he would release all over Doflamingo's floor, and there was nothing he could do about it. But as soon as he had surrendered, the touches stopped.

Law's eyes widened in shock as he looked up Doflamingo, who was smiling down at him in the worst way, his face shining with a sick sense of knowing. "Were you going to cum, Law?" he asked, in a low, teasing voice.

"Why, want me to do it on your face?"

"Fufufufu, don't give me ideas." Doflamingo raised his hand, his fingers oddly tensed, joints bent in all the wrong places, as he stopped the strings' dance. "I want you to ask me if you can cum. I didn't give you permission yet."

Although the feeling in his groin was intolerably strong, although his arousal ached to be touched, Law could not bring himself to do it. "No way in hell," he snarled.

"Very well," Doflamingo surrendered easily. Too easily. Law's fingers were controlled to fall back on his arousal and he began to pump again.

"But!" his master held up a finger of warning to the teen. "If you do cum without asking for permission first, I'll have no choice but to rape you raw."

Law's heart felt like it landed in his stomach. He bit his lower lip and tensed every muscle in his body, trying his hardest to think of the oddest and most un-arousing material. He tried to recite each bone in the body in backward alphabetical order, he tried to recall all the strains of the influenza virus. But each teasing touch seemed to ground him in the present...the back of his nail pressing up along the vein on his shaft was unbearable...

"Nnngg.." A moan leaked from Law's throat, and he hated himself for the sound. He tasted blood as he bit his lower lip and glared up at Doflamingo, who raised an eyebrow at him expectantly.

"May...I..." Law gritted his teeth so hard he thought his jaw would snap. "May I have permission to cum?"

"What's the magic word?" Doflamingo cooed in a sing-song tone.

Law felt the sting of tears of shame in his eyes as he threw his head back and discarded the last of his pride. "Please," he whined, his legs shaking from the effort of holding it back. "Fucking please..."

"Very well."

Before the last syllable had left Doflamingo's lips, Law released himself. He shot up across his own chest and a good distance across the floor, going for two long and agonizing spurts before he dripped out on to his hand. Sticky fluid running between his fingers, Law collapsed, his member going loose against the hardwood floors, a bead of sweat dripping down his brow. His aching hands, finally his own again, gripped his short, black hair, as he buried his face into the ground.

The hands of his torturer were soft and gentle as arms wrapped around his and raised up to lie down on the couch. His member was tucked back in to his pants by these foreign hands, and then let him alone. Eyes closed, shame building dangerously close to tears in the depths of Law's sinuses, the teen kept his eyes closed. He pressed the back of his hand over his eyes and spoke no words.

The room was silent for a long time, besides the sounds of his master continuing his chess game. It wasn't until Law felt Doflamingo tugging at his pants that the teen opened his eyes and realized that he must have fallen asleep - it was far beyond sunset now, and some candles lit up the room.

"What are you doing?" he murmured.

"Taking off your pants," the blonde answered, as though it were obvious. "I'm not done with you yet."

The haze in Law's mind dissipated as he sat up with a shock. "But you said - you promised if I asked permission -"

"I made no such promises. I just said it was a certainty if you did not." Doflamingo brushed his fingertips over Law's pursed lips, and he gave the teen as almost pitying look. "I won't be too harsh," he promised. "After all, Law..." the smile again - the uncanny and unmerciful smile -

"you're my favorite."

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