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Law's tongue felt so thick that he was in danger of swallowing it. Doflamingo's fingers crawling up his bare legs were more akin to spiders, and the creeping sensation left goosebumps elsewhere on his body. He glared directly into the tinted sunglasses of the man hovering above him, but quickly looked away - in the reflection of those glasses, he could only see himself, and the undeniably shame that his lower lip was quivering.

Doflamingo's chest rumbled with a dark chuckle as he removed his oversized coat and flung it aside. "There's still hardly any room, here," he bemoaned. The chaise lounge was indeed overcrowed with the shichibukai's large stature. "I think this will be easier."

As simple as tossing a doll, Doflamingo gripped Law's calves and flung him on to the floor, where his head slammed into the cool wooden panels. There was a rush of pain and heat as a head wound cracked open above Law's brow, and his vision fluttered from black to white and back for a few seconds. When he came to, Doflamingo was pulling him up on his knees by a handful of his hair, kneeling himself behind him.

He used his thigh to push Law's legs apart, still holding up the teen's head. In front of him, Law could see himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror they were situated before. Blood dripped from beneath his hairline and down the left side of his face, nearly reaching his chin. When he opened his mouth to gasp a breath, he could taste the salt and iron. His naked legs were quaking as he tried to stay upright so that Doflamingo would relinquish his grasp.

The blonde did so once Law had steadied, his hands relocating to less fortunate places. He ducked his grinning face into the nape of Law's neck and, taking a corner of flesh between his lips, sucked harshly and kneaded the skin with his teeth. "You taste defiant," Doflamingo snickered. He pulled back and Law could see the pink of blood on his lips. The shichibukai's famous long and pointed tongue darted out like a reptile's to catch a droplet of blood falling from Law's chin. "You taste naive. I can fix that."

"I'm not a virgin," Law growled, "If that's what you're implying."

"Oh?" Doflamingo cackled. He fondled Law's privates with his hand, which made them look like playthings in the blonde's extensive palm. "You mean that you've stuck this pretty little cock into some poor whore? I didn't know you'd grown up so fast."

Law scowled, "I don't fuck whores. I'm not like you."

If possible, the grin leering in the mirror behind him only grew wider. "That's right, you don't fuck whores, Law-tan. You are one."

The insult shook Law down to his bones. He spat a tablespoon of blood on the floor, snarling, "I'm not you're fucking whore." He thrashed against Doflamingo's grip, but the pirate was too swift - one hand snatched Law's wrists together behind his back, and the other clasped his neck in a threatening stranglehold.

"Say what you'd like," Doflamingo crooned, dancing the tips of his fingers through smeared tracks of blood on Law's neck. "But I'll show you how much of a slut for cock I can make you."

Law didn't have time to formulate a response, which was likely best, because if he had spewed any more wit the next thing he was apt to swallow would be inches of Doflamingo's cock. The shichibukai had stunted his words by releasing the teen's hands and groping a fleshy hold of Law's taut ass. He slapped it with a cupped palm and sunk his nails in before pulling his hand back to smack again.

The teen sucked in desperate air through his gritted teeth. The smacks came down in paced intervals, each time landing rougher and on more sensitive and reddened skin. The pain left his heart to race, and there was a coil of heat roiling deep in his gut.

In the reflection, he saw the glint in Doflamingo's shadowed eyes as he lifted his hand over his own shoulder for the final slap, his shoulder rolling with the movement. When the flesh connected, Law buckled under the force and cried out in pain. His ass felt raw, burning, and the sting of shame was beginning to water his eyes.

"There's a good boy," Doflamingo whispered. "If that didn't get you to speak, then I'd have had to break out my belt."

A belt? A shiver of unbridled terror nearly dislodged Law's stance, but he held firm. "Maybe next time," he promised his master.

Doflamingo ran his fingers over the sore and quivering flesh of Law's ass. "I hope that's a promise." He caressed back up over Law's protruding hip bone and then viciously stripped the teen's shirt over his head. Law bit his lip at the sudden cold that seemed to surround his naked skin from all sides. In the mirror, his body betrayed him - his nipples rapidly grew into hard, condensed nubs.

"Beautiful," his master admired. Large and tanned hands found their way over Law's chest with a ghosting touch, until there was the stinging pinch of two fingers on his left nipple. Doflamingo licked his fingers and then took the dripping, saliva-coated tips to the nub again, twisting with gay abandon, pulling with the inside of his nails.

Law thrust his head back into his master's chest and he swallowed the cries that were nearly breaking from his throat. "I'm..." he choked on his own words, "I'm not a woman, Doflamingo..."

"I haven't forgotten," the shichibukai said. He used the hand not preoccupied with Law's chest to cup the teen's package. He teased the half-hard length by the underside of the shaft and rubbed each of Law's balls in his palm under a gentle thumb. "Remember? That's what makes this so fun."

Doflamingo's fingers may have been merciless elsewhere, but on Law's member they were warm and kind. It wasn't long before Law was nearly fully erect, resisting the urge to buck his hips into the cylinder of his master's fingers. The teen groaned in nigh delight when Doflamingo massaged his frenulum whilst pecking nibs and kisses up and down Law's neck. By now, the blood on his face and chin had coagulated and browned, and the shichibukai seemed to relish licking the dark skin clean.

"Now, now, Law-tan," he cooed. His voice was friendly, but the sudden grip on the base of Law's erection was not. "It's my turn to have some fun. As much as it's fun to make my subordinates cum, remember that I am only human, too."

Law looked up back into the mirror and saw the menacing look on Doflamingo's face. That grin was far from human. He tensed as he sensed what was coming next, as slick fingers spread his ass checks and traced the taut and pink rim of his lower hole.

"You promised," Law said, a drop of cold sweat falling into his eyes. "You promised not to be harsh."

A pursed frown sprouted on the shichibukai's face, but Doflamingo heeded Law's word. He reached over to the side table by the lounge and tore the bottom drawer out. A jar of lubrication was pulled free from its contents, and Doflamingo popped the lid off and coated his fingers. "I did promise," he conceded.

Those cold, wet and long fingers next prodded as Law's entrance, the first one curving inside to the hilt with ease. The intrusion wasn't entirely unpleasant, and only slightly odd. A second finger was added, and Law paid no mind until the two fingers began to dance with a scissoring motion deep inside him. His previous erection was beginning to soften under the circumstances, and this apparently did not please his master.

Doflamingo's fingers changed their direction. After thrusting in and out for a good minute, he began to curl them upward, pressing up and down against a soft pad of flesh inside of Law. At first, the touch sent an odd shock, like an itch, along Law's arousal. But with each coaxing caress inside of him, the feeling built, like a certain taboo darkness pooling below his gut. He clenched his entrance around Doflamingo's fingers involuntarily, his lips parting open in a silent moan.

"There we go," Doflamingo seemed satisfied. He pulled out his fingers and fumbled with the lubrication again, squirting some mess into his hand. Law heard and felt the man behind him as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his own length, covering it thoroughly. In spite of himself, Law tried to twist around see what was about to enter him.

"You can look all you want later," his master promised. He took Law's smaller hand in his own and moved it behind the teen, wrapping it around the heat of the shichibukai's shaft. "For now, this feel should be enough."

Law's eyes widened as his hand felt the long arousal between his fingers - a straight rod with no curve or wrinkles, circumcised with a slick head to top off the end. He tried to swallow, but his throat was dry and cracked. His pupils shrunk to pinpoints as his fingers were pried off Doflamingo's length.

Doflamingo flattened his hand on Law's back and bent the teen halfway over. A tip prodded at Law's entrance, and right before the thrust, Law took a deep breath in and then on his exhale he relaxed every muscle in his body possible.

It still wasn't enough. The cock that was now hilt-deep inside Law felt as though it was inside his very organs, nearly splitting him in two. Despite the lubrication, Law's entrance felt a distinct and unforgivable burn. He fought off the immediate desire to collapse in on himself. Instead, Law looked up into the mirror and saw the pain and ragged blush on his face. He looked above him and saw Doflamingo, still fully clothed, smirking down at him as though he were a misbehaved child.

"Get on with it," Law gasped.

"Don't worry," Doflamingo said. He pulled back and slammed in again. This time, he elevated Law's hips and managed to drive deep into that sensitive spot within Law. "I'll fuck you like the virgin you are."

"No," Law coughed. He could see his dripping cock in the mirror, and he could feel his hips striving to thrust backward on to Doflamingo's length. "Fuck me like a slut you say I am."

Although it seemed to be the right thing to say, it wasn't long before Law regretted it. These words seemed to incite a new kind of fire within his master, and the cock that was working in and out of him at a slow and languid pace began to slam without forgiveness. After only a handful of thrusts, there was no prayer in the world that could silence Law any longer.

"Fuck!" he screamed, his back arching obscenely as he offered himself up to his master. He could feel the balls slapping between his ass cheeks, he could hear the sick smacking of flesh against flesh, and he could see the rippling muscles laboring on the man behind him. All of this combined was no match for Law's disciplined and controlled mind. The fire in his gut was burning too hot for him to contain any longer.

"Yes, Law?" Doflamingo gasped, both hands on Law's hips as he used them for leverage. "What is it?"

Law moaned. His arms were shaking just to hold him up, and yet he wanted to pull one back and grip his own cock. Just one touch would be enough to send him over the edge. "Oh...fuck..." he gasped between thrusts. "Please..." He looked up in the mirror to meet Doflamingo's shaded eyes. He hardly noticed the tears streaming down his red face. "Please touch me."

"Where?" Doflamingo chuckled.

Law shook his head, sweat flying off the short strands of his spiky black hair. "You know where, you fucking son of a bitch!"

A strong hand gripped under Law's neck and pulled him upright on his knees. Doflamingo placed his lips under the teen's ear and murmured against his skin, "Call me that again, and we'll see how you do with Vergo and I inside you at once, mmk?"

Another dry swallow, and Law was nodded, his head twisted to the side to avoid his own reflection in the mirror. Because even as Doflamingo's words threatened him, he felt the man slowing his pace within him, and then the shichibukai's curled palm finally grasped Law's aroused length.

"Say you're my slut."

Law twisted into the grip, trying to get himself off on that friction alone, but it just wasn't enough. Worst of all, Doflamingo had stopped moving, just embedded within him.

"Say it."

"I'm your slut," Law whispered, his voice hoarse and broken.

"Louder," Doflamingo demanded. "I want everyone to know."

Law bent at the waist, a sob leaking from his lips. "I'm your slut!" he screamed, his voice cracking on the last word. And as much as he wanted to savor his shame, Doflamingo rapidly awarded him. A few thrusts shook his body, and then the hand on his length pumped until the teen tensed, shook, and orgasmed all over the floor once more.

Pulling out slowly, Doflamingo lowered Law to the floor. The teen could do nothing else but collapse there. All of his body was shaking and his limbs seemed to lack any strength they once had. He curled in on himself, folding his hands over his face. As he moved his legs up to his chest, Law nearly broke to weep when he felt something cool and slick leak from his entrance and down his legs.

"You came inside of me," he murmured into the floorboards.

"I did," Doflamingo answered from across the room, his voice cool and formal, as though nothing has just occurred. "And I'll do it again. I'll come inside you and in your mouth and on your face. I'll come in you until you smell me lying in bed at night and you have to jack off to the thought of me. I'll come in you until every pirate cur on the Grand Line will know you're marked as my whore, and nobody else's."

A heavy weight fell on Law's naked form, warm and feathery. Doflamingo had covered him with his coat. "Fuck you," Law said. He cracked open his eyes to catch the shichibukai's reflection waddling away in the mirror. "I'll kill you one day."

The last thing Doflamingo left behind in the room with Law was his manic laugh, and then the dark and the silence.

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