I just keep walking. I've long forgot where I was coming from, and I have no idea where I'm going, but I do know that I just need to continue to push forward. I can smell salt water in the air. Was I near the ocean? A harbor? Maybe if I find more than just these streetlights I'll feel less…numb.

I do not recollect the car that has rolled to a stop behind me, failed to notice the flashing lights.

"Excuse me, ma'am? Are you alright?" a man calls out to me, there is a hint of kindness in his concern and it's very hard to ignore. I slowly turn around to come face to face with the police officer with his bright mag-lite shining in my eyes, yet I do not raise a hand against the light, I cannot muster the muscles in my arm to move. I cannot speak.

"Oh God…" the officer says under his breath. He's immediately on his radio, calling in to a dispatcher. "Dispatch, I need EMS on the intersection of Cooper and Margin. We've got a 242, at least I think it is."

242? I'm not familiar with police codes so I manage enough strength to glance down at myself, and if my voice hadn't failed me, I would have screamed at the sight of all the blood.

Jane Rizzoli had stayed up late again last night. She had yet to get her first cup of coffee and the exhaustion must have been obvious due to Crowe had that sly smile on his lips, the one he reserved for when he wanted to say someone smart but knew better. She turned the corner into the café and smiled at Maura, who had just finished paying for her own cup.

"Hey Maur." She said, joining her at the counter. Jane smiled at her mother, who was already ringing her up and handing her a coffee cup.

"Good morning." Maura did a double take at her best friend, "Oh my God Jane, you look terrible!"

"Nice to see you too." She replied, taking her cup to the fill station, where fresh coffee was calling her name. "Before you say anything else, Frankie and I had tickets to the Celtics' opener last night. I was out until after one this morning."

Maura shook her head, knowing at this point it would do her no good to lecture on the importance of getting a good night's rest. As she poised herself to answer, Frost strolled through the door and made a bee-line for Jane.

"Boss is looking for you, looks like a bad case."

"Great. Get the paperwork and meet me in the car."

Frost was stoic, shaking his head. "No. I'm not in on this, neither is Korsak. Cavanaugh specifically wants you…and only you."

Jane shot Maura a quizzical look, which was returned immediately. "Did you hear anything about this?"

"It's not a homicide" Cavanaugh said from the doorway. He approached them and handed Jane a file. "They found her wandering the East Side last night, close to the Harbor. She's pretty out of it and you're the only available female I have."

"Not a homicide? You know I'm a homicide detective, right?"

"Don't be a smartass Rizzoli. Just get over to Boston General and see if you can get her to talk."

Get her to talk? Why do I need to get her to talk? Jane mused to herself as she found her way to the nurse's station. She had briefly read over the file before she got out of the car, and with Cavanaugh giving her such little detail she was unsure why he was ask her of all people to come talk to a living victim. Yes, she was one of very few women on the detective side of the fence and it was less intimidating to speak to someone not in uniform, but then again Jane wasn't really the people person they needed for this particular job.

"May I help you ma'am?" A young nurse asked, breaking Jane from her reverie.

"Yeah I'm looking for a Jane Doe, brought in about two hours ago."

"Right, her, poor girl. Down the hall to the left, room 140." He said.

She mumbled thanks from under her breath and forced a smile.

Jane found the room and tapped on the door, opening it slowy. The girl was obviously distraught and her discomfort with yet another intruder was evident.

"Miss, my name is Jane Rizzoli and I'm a detective with Boston police. I'm here to ask you a few questions, is that alright?"

Jane Doe remained silent, not making eye contact with the detective.

"Right…okay." Jane took a seat beside the bed and again tried to get a response from the young woman. "Whatever happened to you, I'm here to help. I'm not here because you've done something wrong or to do more damage than you've already suffered. I'm a good guy, nothing can change that."

The woman made an attempt to address Jane but failed, and tried to keep the tears from falling from her eyes.

"There's nothing I can do if you don't respond." Jane said, trying a final time to get her to speak. She had failed. "Alright then, I tried." She went to stand. "If you finally feel like speaking, I'll leave my card." She place one of her business cards on the side table, then turned toward the door.

"Ruben knows." The woman said softly. Jane turned around.

"Excuse me?"

The woman looked at her briefly and said once more. "Ruben knows."