"Dr. Martin. It's nice to see you." Jane said, breaking the momentary silence.

"Likewise Detective Rizzoli. Now, where are these remains? I have another appointment this afternoon to attend to."

Maura motioned over to the furthest gurney in the lab. "Over there." She said softly, leading Hope to the draped body. Carefully, she pulled back the sheet and exposed the victim.

Hope shook her head, a painful expression reaching her eyes as she gazed down at the badly decomposed corpse. "I'll do what I can." She said, not looking up.

"I'm going to check on our Jane Doe at the hospital." Jane said, resulting in a panicked glance from Maura. I'll be right back she mouthed before leaving the morgue.

At the hospital, Jane rounded the corner to the girl's new room, the hall much quieter than when she had visited before. She knocked gently on the doorframe and entered when the girl looked in her direction.

"Hey…" She said softly, pulling up a chair to the bed side. "I just wanted to let you know that we found what I believe you wanted us to find. If it weren't for you we'd never have found them, but I wish you'd have found a less destructive way to tell us."

The girl just stared at Jane, her eyes drifting to the window once she had stopped speaking.

"Listen, I'm not asking you to talk to me because I'm a cop, I'm asking because I want to help you as a person. You've obviously been through a lot and I don't think it's fair that whoever did this to you is out there, possibly doing the same thing to other women." The girl had begun to tear up and Jane placed a hand hesitantly on top of hers. "I promise you, whatever you tell me I'll use to find this bastard."

"More than one…" the girl finally said, so softly Jane had at first thought she was hearing things. "They brought us from home."

At that moment, Jane finally realized the girl had an accent. "Where is home? How much English can you speak?"

"Russia. Very little." The girl mumbled.

Jane finally understood, she excused herself for a moment and got some paper and a pen from the nurse's station. After she returned, she placed them on the girls lap and undid her restraints.

"Please don't hurt yourself again. Can you write in Russian? Do you understand what I'm asking?"

She nodded and carefully picked up the pen. "What must I write?" She asked.

"Anything and everything you can that explains what happened to you and the others. Names, if you know them, locations, numbers. I don't care as long as it's got detail."

The girl nodded and began to write, in very neat Russian, what she could remember as Jane leaned back in the chair and let a smile spread across her face. It all made sense now and maybe she could do something to help find these guys. After twenty minutes, the young victim finished her statement and reread it.

"All I know." She said, looking down at her hands after Jane took the pages.

"Listen," Jane said, lifting the girl's chin with her fingers so she could look her in the eyes. "No one is going to hurt you anyone, I promise. Can you tell me your name?"

Through teary eyes and on the verge of sobbing she said, "Arina, my name is Arina."


Jane rushed back to BPD, surely breaking many traffic laws in doing so. She took the stairs up to the bullpen and found Frost at his desk. Face red and gasping for breath she tossed the paged on his desk, bracing herself on the edge to rest from her exertion.

"Get a Russian translator, now. Tell him a need all this in English within the next few hours and that's it's urgent." She said after recollecting herself. "Her name's Arina, she's from a small village just west of Moscow called Ruza, I called Maura and had her look it up on my way back."

"Jane, this is huge! Is this why she wouldn't talk?"

She nodded, "Yeah, she doesn't speak English well. Get on this now Frost." She said and like that she was off to the morgue.

Downstairs, Hope was finishing her rehydration test on the first decomposed victim. Still bent over a scope and Maura nowhere in sight, Jane looked around the lab confused.

"She went for coffee." Hope said, answering the unspoken question without looking up. "I heard about your live victim at the hospital, and that her name is Arina."

"Yeah, she's Russian."

Finally lifting her gaze to meet Jane's, she smiled. "I know Detective Rizzoli. Do you know what Arina means?"

Jane shook her head, unaware of why it would be of any importance with the case.

"It's derived from the Greek name Irena and it means peace."

Jane rolled her eyes, like mother like daughter. "Thank you doc, I see where Maura gets her knowledge from."

Hope closed her eyes and sighed. "She isn't happy I'm here."

"She called you didn't she?"

Hope nodded, "Yes, she did. But I know it was a last resort. I wish I could make it up to her. I never meant to be so angry with her."

Jane took a step closer. "She can be very understanding. Not going to lie, she was hoping her biological mother would be more thrilled than upset the baby she thought was dead was living and so much like her, but I know from experience that her trust can be regained. It takes time, and a lot of effort." She said placed a hand on Hope's arm. "She's wanted to meet you for a long time. Not knowing you her whole life has taken its toll. She needs to adjust to all this, ya know?"

Hope smiled, tears threatening to fall. "As do I Jane."

Without warning, and taking Jane by complete surprise, Hope hugged her. "Maura's so very lucky to have a friend like you."

Jane smiled, returning the embrace. "I'm lucky to have her too. Now, what can you tell me about the victim?"