"Did you get the rest of the lab results?" Jane asked as Frost slid into the passenger seat of her unmarked.

"Yeah, the remaining DNA from the knife came in, as did matches to the hair found in Ruben's car, and the prints off the knife. This Big Mike can be linked via all three sources of evidence."

"Perfect. What about the footage from the docks?"

"Korsak is going through it as we speak. He said he'll call if Ruben or his accomplice shows up in them."

"Which you and I both know will." Jane said as she pulled away from the curb.

In a shady part of town and an even shadier address, Jane and Frost park down the street from Big Mike's last known address. They watched as the team Korsak had ordered in got into their positions before strapping on Kevlar and joining the rear. Search warrant in hand, so to speak, Jane gave the signal to breach the front door as she and her partner followed.

The team cleared the first and second floor in teams as Frost and Jane opened the door to the basement. Clicking on their flashlights, they descended the stairs and before hitting the bottom the stench of iron hit them. There was blood, and lots of it. Frost hit a light switch and quickly the source of the smell was found. A man lie, face down, it a pool of his own blood.

"Jesus…" Frost muttered.

"Looks like two shots to the back of the head, execution style." Jane shook her head. "Is this him? Big Mike?"

Already pulling on gloves, Frost crouched next to the body, careful not to disturb the scene, and searched for I.D. Finding a wallet, he flipped it open and looked up at Jane.

"No, but I'm sure no one in this town will miss him."

"Dammit. We've been running in circles, chasing our tales for days now all because every lead we get takes us in a direction that dead ends. I've had it with this, someone's giving me answers right now." Jane went upstairs and left the house.

Outside, patrol already had the house taped off, and no doubt Maura would be there shortly to make her examination. At that moment, Jane didn't have the patience to wait. She headed toward her car, sent Frost a quick message, and headed back to BPD.

She had called ahead and Ruben was waiting in interrogation. She opened the door, Korsak already sitting across the table from their suspect. She didn't bother taking a seat and cleared her throat to regain what little composure she had left before repeating something she had told a suspect three years before.

"There's a bus coming. You can either be on it, or under it. It's your choice."

"What you talking about white girl?"

"I'm giving you an option, and I advise you choose the path that throws you in prison for the least amount of time, if you don't I'm charging you for the murders of all those girls and a man we found at the location you gave us."

"You can't do that!"

"I can, and I will. I know about Big Mike, but I also have proof that you were at the docks and you knew where our newest victim was. Whatever you're involved in, it's going to bury you one way or another. Choose wisely."

And with that, she left the room and a stunned Ruben.

As she walked down the hall, her phone rang. Answering with a curt 'Rizzoli', she listened carefully as Maura spoke.

"Jane, Allen Denard, the victim from your death scene was an associate of Big Mike. He was scheduled to testify next week against him in exchange for reduced charges on his behalf."

"How do you know this?"

"Being a mob boss' daughter has its advantage. I'll see you when I return." She replied as she hung up.

"Hopefully we're getting somewhere this time." Jane muttered under her breath as she went to see her mother.

In the café, Jane took a seat as Angela brought her a plate of macaroni and cheese. Jane gave her a smile as she placed it in front of her and reached for the ketchup.

"Thanks, ma." She said.

"Not a problem sweetie. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah it's just this case. Every time I think we've got someone, another person of interest comes up. It's just…frustrating."

"Janie, you're too smart, don't let some punks think they can outsmart you. If anything, finish this for that poor girl in the hospital. Maybe at least she can live a normal life when this is over." She gave Jane's hand a squeeze before returning to the kitchen once more.

As Jane finished her meal, her phone chirped. Her brow furrowed when she noticed the hospital's number across the screen.

"Detective Rizzoli."

"Detective, it's Dr. Turton from Boston General. I think you should get over here."

"What's going on doc?"

"Arina. I'm afraid someone had paid her a visit and she's requested you."

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