"Jane, you've got a hit." Frost said, breaking Jane from her reverie. She had been recounting every part of this case, every piece of evidence as she waited.

"What?" She asked, perplexed what 'hit' he was referring to.

"At Logan, security officers received your BOLO print out moments before Mike tried to cross a security check point. They have him in a holding room under the excuse of a random cavity search."

Jane smiled, mainly because TSA's excuse was priceless before standing and pulling her jacket from the back of her chair.

"Come on Frost, we've got him." Jane said, and they headed toward the door.

At the airport, they were escorted to the room their main suspect was being held in.

"About damn time." Mike said." I've been here long enough, there's not a fucking thing on me you can detain me for."

"Oh but there is. My name is detective Jane Rizzoli, this is my partner Barry Frost." Jane began, smiling down at him. "Mike Callohan, you're under arrest."

"What?! For what!" He said, beginning to stand but quickly settling back down as he noticed the three uniformed officers behind him.

"For multiple counts of murder as well as prostitution and human trafficking, you scumbag. Stand up." Frost said.

Knowing there was no point in fighting, he stood, head bowed in defeat as Frost placed cuffs around his wrist.

"You're making a big mistake, bitch." He said to Jane as he passed her.

"That's enough." Frost said, lightly shoving him through the doorway.

Back at headquarters, Jane gathered her files and headed to interrogation. As she entered the room, the additional two officers did not go unnoticed, nor did the fact her suspect had called for counsel. She took a seat and slowly pulled photos and DNA reports from her folder and slid them across the table toward Big Mike, not saying a word.

"What's this shit?" He asked, a smug smile spreading across his lips and resulting in a warning glance from his attorney.

"Oh these? These are all the proof I need to put you away for the rest of your life." Jane said coolly. "Don't believe me?" She asked, tilting her head the side as she watched his face. "These…"she said pointing out the stack of photos, "are your victims. Innocent young women that you killed. Ended lives that did not belong to you to take.

This, well this is your DNA, matched by using what we had on file from the previous times you've been booked on running prostitution rings. DNA that you had left behind on not only your victims, but a poor Russian girl who I assume you tricked into this country in order to solicit in your ring, she survived."

Mike's face fell, the smile on his lips gone. He shook his head. "That little prick. He was supposed to take care of her."

"Mike, no more." His attorney said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"No! That little bastard had one job, take them to the docks and leave them there until I could dispose of them the right way. This is his fault, I'm going to kill that son of a bitch!" He shook off his attorney's hand and stared at Jane, eyes on fire with rage. "She should be dead."

"She isn't. In fact, she pointed us to the docks where you hid the bodies, she told us to find Ruben, and she gave us a statement pointing fingers at you. Too bad she didn't know your name, it would have made this a lot easier. Tell me, what was your plan? Why did you kill them?" Jane asked, unrattled by the man's attempt at shaking her.

He looked at his representation. "Don't say I fucking word. They've already got me." He slammed a fist on the table. "Yeah, I had them flown over, a few of them. Most tried to make a run for it and since the dumb bitches have no clue where they are it was easy to track 'em down. I'd have Ruben, that brain dead moron, take them out to the docks, kill them, and then hide them in the containers until I could dump 'em somewhere."

"But let me guess, she fought. You and Ruben took her there, to your temporary body dump, and tried to kill her. When she resisted, you and Ruben ended up injured. You left blood behind, in Ruben's car, on the knife, and your own signatures on the bodies. You slipped up, and you know it. There is nothing you, "She looked at his attorney, "or anyone else can do to save you now."

Mike said nothing, only stared at her with absolute astonishment.

"Let me see your chest, Mr. Callohan." Jane said softly. "One of these officers can assist you, if you'd prefer." She said as he made no attempt to move. She motioned to one of the uniforms and he stood behind him, roughly lifting up his shirt.

"That's just adding another nail to your coffin." She said as the cuts on the man's chest and abdomen were revealed. "Too bad she fought back, huh?"

"Fuck you." He said quietly, in disbelief that he was actually pinned by his crimes.

"How about a deal?" The attorney asked.

"There is no deal." Jane said shaking her head. "You can talk to the D.A. but I promise you, Mikey here is finished."

Jane stood and collected her files. "Officer, please escort Mr. Callohan to processing and have him booked. Make sure he's put in an isolation cell. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him." And with that, she left, her own smug smile on her lips.

Outside the room Maura waited anxiously along with Korsak and Frost.

"Well done Rizzoli!" Korsak said, patting her on the back.

Maura pulled her into a hug. "Very nice, Jane!" She said excitedly.

"I knew you could do it." Frost said with a smile.

They watched as Big Mike was pulled from interrogation, an officer on either side and in handcuffs. His attorney followed behind.

"We'll be seeing you in court, detective." He said, acid in his voice.

None of it affected Jane, evidence was evidence and if it was solid, there was no fighting it.

Later that day, once the sun began to set, Maura and Jane walked out of BPD and halted on the bottom step. Jane looked toward the sky and sighed, smiling.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Maura asked.

"What's that?"

"Helping the living, for once."

Jane looked at her, still smiling, and nodded. "Yeah, it really does."

"Maura?" They both turned to see Hope Martin walking toward them.

"Dr. Mar…Hope. What can I do for you?" Maura asked.

"I was hoping we could have that talk, over coffee perhaps?"

Maura smiled, the end of this case had even put her in a good mood. "Of course, I'd love too."

Jane watched her best friend begin the road to connecting with her biological mother, feeling the need to make her exit she said, "I need to take care of one last thing before this case is finally closed. I'll call you later." She said, giving her a quick hug and offering a warm smile toward Maura before heading for her car, the route to the hospital already mapped out in her head.

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