District 12 was finally thriving. Sure, there were only a few residents. But Madge had done her job as mayor, and she had done it well.

She had just one more, and it would be the hardest of all. After all, being a mother is no easy feat.

She first found out two years after she had said those two life-changing words: "I do".

Since the wedding, Gale and her had discussed parenthood, and finally decided they should wait until they were a little older, at least 26.

But Madge found out when she was 23.

It was a beautiful morning. She woke up with Gale giving her a good morning kiss, and the sun streaming in through the window.

"I'll go make some breakfast." He murmured, and leaped out of bed energetically. Madge watched his enthusiasm with an amused smile. She would never understand how he was such a morning person.
But she remembered that she was late, a week, in fact. It was quite worrying, and after a few moments she reluctantly pulled herself out of bed and into the bathroom, where the pregnancy test waited. She hadn't told Gale her suspicions, but it began to dawn on her that maybe she should soon,especially if the test proved her fears.

The test took a few minutes to show the result, and during that time several questions ran through her head. Am I a mother? Do I want to be? What will Gale think? Will he be happy?

There was a beep and she glanced down at the stick. As if on cue, a wave of nausea swept over her body. Morning sickness already?

She was pregnant, and that was for sure.

"Madge?" She heard Gale call. "Breakfast!"

The smell of bacon and eggs wafted into the bathroom, and it triggered something. Before Madge realized what was happening, she was kneeling in front of the toilet and throwing up.

I am so screwed

"Madge?" Gale called again. His voice was closer, in the bedroom adjoing the bathroom she was in.
Madge tried to answer, but she found herself throwing up again.

She finally felt Gale's presence, felt his hands gently holding her hair back.

"S-Sorry." SHe mumbled, wiping her mouth with a washcloth a few minutes later. "I guess it's a bug."
He leaned against the counter and raised an eyebrow.

"Uh huh."

"What, why don't you believe me?"

"Because you're pregnant."

Madge felt her mouth drop open. "How-"

"Pregnancy test on the counter." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wasn't sure." Madge's mouth felt dry, and she swallowed painfully as tears began to prick at her eyes. "I-I'm sorry Gale. I don't know how it happened, and I know you may not be happy but-"

"Not happy?" He asked incredulously. "Madge, this is the best news I've heard in... Well, ever! You're pregnant!" He began to laugh and stepped toward her, pecking her on the cheek. To him, there was nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, her belly rounded, protecting a new life inside.

Madge smiled up at him. "We're going to be parents, Gale."

"I can't wait." He murmured.

Over the months, Madge grew. And grew. And grew. Gale watched every day as she grew happier, she really was glowing. She cut her long blonde hair shorter, so that soft curls framed her face. She didn't wear makeup anymore, and Gale would often come home to find her laying in the summer grass in a flowy maternity dress.

She had never looked so beautiful.

When the day that she went into labour came, they weren't, as many other couples aren't, expecting it. They were going for a walk to Peeta's bakery, to visit Katniss and her daughter Prim, and to buy some muffins.

Gale was about to ask Prim something (he could never remember what to this day), when Madge suddenly bent over and clutched at her stomach.

"Madge" Gale asked, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Are-What's happening?"

"Contractions..." He noticed the dress material between her dress begin to grow wet, and realized with a gasp that the baby was coming.

He had to get her to Greasy.

He finally did, after a lot of huffing and encouragement to Madge. They were able to move faster between contractions, but she leaned heavily on his shoulder most of the way.

The delivery was a long and tedious event, she ended up being in labour for 12 hours. When the wholeordeal was finally over, though, the couple could see that it was worth it.

Gale was given the tiny bundle, and he held her as if she would break. Her tiny nose poked out between the blanket, and a pair of bright blue eyes peeked out.

"Hey, there, little one." He whispered.

"Gale?" Madge said hoarsley. "I want to see her."

Gale planted a kiss on Madge's forehead and handed her the tiny baby.

"What's her name?" Greasy asked them. Madge and Gale smiled at each other and said, "Lily" in unison. They had both loved it when Katniss had suggested it when she was helping them plant some Lily flowers in their garden.

A week later, when Madge was finally able to walk around again, she insisted that she would never go through having a baby ever again. But she was proved wrong after she ended up having three more, all of them beautiful.

Or handsome, in the last one's case.