A/N- Another 'single scene' drabble like "Together." I imagine the two are on a stakeout, when John starts talking to pass time. Tell me what you think! ;D


(Transcribed 4-30-13)


"Do passers-by really interest you so much?" John asks, having noticed the direction of his companion's attention.

Sherlock's eyes remain upon the people outside the car window in the lot where he and the doctor are parked. "As individuals, certain factors of their existence seem unique- yet as a whole…"

His hesitation grants him John's full attention, which Sherlock only briefly returns.

"Just look at them, John," he says- a sigh in his voice. "Surely even you can see it. Perhaps even they realize how pathetic they are. How helpless and, for the most part, stupid. So little ambition. Less purpose. Not one among them who doesn't struggle physically, financially, mentally or emotionally- and for what? Only few voluntarily seek to better themselves, I think for this reason- or rather lack of it. How can they bear to live in such a state of intellectual standstill?"

"Not all lives revolve around intellect, Sherlock," John tells him, thinking his friend's analyses rather unfair to the human race.

"If they did," Sherlock counters, "the world would be far more organized, and its people less useless."

John can't help frowning in response to that. "Your point of view is most of your disturbance, I think. People may be ignorant, but they're not so unhappy as you believe- and they shouldn't be. You know, it's true that people struggle, but there's just enough good in their lives for them to keep struggling- if only to see another day, because it's worth seeing. And as far as intellect goes," he says with a not-so-hidden grin, "I don't think we realize what we're missing, Sherlock."

The detective has listened with a deep concentration, and by his expression now, John can tell exactly what his impression is.

"That doesn't make any sense to you."

"None at all- though your explanation was rather eloquent, if nothing else." Sherlock sports a small grateful smile. John has seen it enough to know it's almost never in earnest.

He nods once, then frowns to himself. Eloquent. Not exactly what he was trying to get across, but he'd take what he could get.

A/N- …I feel obligated to mention that I began this whilst flying, and finished the next morning in a San Francisco hotel room after missing my evening flight! :/ So if it's a bit pointless, I can blame that on being tired, and I will readily blame the crude speculation of the human race on certain airport workers. ;)