Dean was about to let Sam pass out after getting him settled until he looked more closely at the kid's sweatshirt. He figured he could cover him with blankets instead of letting him wear the article of clothing he'd no doubt stained with blood near the hood and neck.

"Hold up, Sam," Dean murmured, starting to pull the sweatshirt up. Sam whined unintelligibly as he weakly lifted to let Dean do his thing. Dean managed to get the sweatshirt off quickly, pulling it over Sam's head with a whoosh sound that echoed in Sam's head. Sam groaned and went limp. Dean caught him under his back and head so he'd fall slowly back against the pillow.

"Okay, cool, you're good," Dean said, settling his brother back down and getting up to pull the covers back up.

"Tired..." Sam slurred.

"Yeah go to sleep."

And Sam did, clocking out at record speed.

Dean bit his lip and sighed, looking at his brother with a worried expression, his brow furrowed. He sighed again and tried to loosen up after the scare. He walked around the room and folded a few stray blankets. Ordered stuff around his desk and threw Sam's hoodie in the pile of laundry he'd created by the threshold of his bedroom door. He grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom for a much-needed shower.

Dean allowed himself a moment under the water's spray. Kevin was safe and would be working on the tablet as soon as possible to decipher the final trial. Cas was gone, searching for Metatron to possibly interrogate him for the details of the final trial. And Sam... Sam was still enduring the bizarre effects of the trials he'd already undertaken. There was nothing more, really, that anyone could do. Not much Dean could do at any rate.

Dean wasn't sure whether the seizure had been a result of the trials. Since Sam had had them before as a kid it could've just been a fluke hold-over from his childhood disorder... more than likely it was some mixture though. The trials triggering it in him more than they would someone who wasn't prone... like Dean.

Dean sighed, frustrated, and pressed his palms against the tiled wall in front of him. He let the warm soothing water cascade down his head and body. He wished more than anything that he could take his brother's place...

Wanting to get back to Sam, Dean hurriedly washed his hair and ran soap around the important areas before stepping out and drying off. He changed quickly, throwing on an old Iron Maiden t-shirt he hadn't worn in ages and a pair of faded forest green sweats before padding out into the hallway back to his room.

He checked his watch and realized he'd only been gone for eight minutes. At a loss of what to do, he decided to take his side of the bed and rest. He didn't bother about being quiet: as he climbed into bed he leaned over Sam to see how deeply the kid was sleeping. Satisfied that Sam was completely out, he sighed loudly and got comfortable on top of the covers, lying down against his pillow with arms crossed over his chest and ankles idly overlapping.

Kevin got back around a quarter to seven bearing a massive McDonalds bag: four double cheeseburgers, four things of fries, the chicken McNuggets, chocolate and strawberry shakes. He'd had time to decompress on the drive but he was still jittery; the keys jangling in his unsteady hand spoke well enough to that. He made his way to the kitchen and dumped the bag and shakes onto the table. He looked around and figured he'd give the brothers a few more minutes: the food was still warm and the kitchen was a mess.

He'd taken longer than usual, stopping off at a gas station to pick up a couple cleaning supplies, unsure if any had been stocked in the bunker that weren't dated to the fifties.

He side-stepped the mixing bowl on the floor to start with the stir fry: it was done, the wok's heat having finished its contents' frying even without the burner. He grabbed a plastic Tupperware and used the spatula to coax the stir fry inside. He threw it in the fridge and moved to the bacon. He wasn't sure if Dean would still want any so he placed a paper towel onto a plate and dropped the strips onto it to go in the microwave.

As the microwave buzzed, Kevin reached for the mixing bowl on the floor. Determined not to stare at the bile inside, he washed the bowl out with water in the sink. After the rinse it was fine and Kevin used the dish detergent to sanitize it further. After that he grabbed the small towel Dean had been using on Sam's mouth which had also been left on the floor. He rinsed it with water and got down to wipe the area where Sam had seized, picking up small specks and streaks of blood in the process. He rinsed it again with soap this time and left it hanging to dry while making a mental note to put it in the hamper afterwards. He grabbed disinfectant spray from the bag of gas station supplies and used it on the floor. He had to wait a few minutes for it to sink in so when the microwave ding-ed it seemed perfect timing. Kevin pulled the bacon out and set it on the kitchen table. He looked at his watch and figured it'd be a good time to go see if they were ready for food.

Kevin headed over to Dean's bedroom and stopped outside the door. It was cracked open slightly; Kevin wasn't sure whether to knock but figured it'd be protocol. He gripped the handle so he wouldn't open the door further before Dean could respond and lightly gave it a few knuckle taps.


He heard a sharp inhale issue out - the kind made when someone's waking up abruptly - and then a small cough before Dean's crackly voice responded.


Kevin opened the door hesitantly and stopped at the threshold. Dean was blinking awake but otherwise kept his position lying out on his back along what Kevin realized was probably his side of the bed. Sam was totally asleep, positioned more in the middle of the mattress so his back could line up along his brother's side.

Kevin took the scene in, somewhat baffled by the strange intimacy of it.

Dean rubbed his face with his hand, still trying to wake up. He used his palm to keep his head propped up under his chin to see Kevin, obviously still exhausted. He looked at Kevin tiredly, then looked down around him to see what Kevin was looking at, finding his brother had scooted back to lie against him in his sleep.

He smiled crookedly back up at Kevin.

"Don't judge it," he deadpanned. Kevin was jarred out of his thoughts and shook his head.

"What? No... I..."

"Don't have siblings," Dean finished Kevin's sentence pointedly. Kevin nodded and made sure to conceal whatever phantom sense of loss that truth had evoked.

"You're right. I don't," Kevin shrugged and moved further into the room. Dean sat up a little further and fixed Kevin with an easy gaze.

"You also didn't grow up poor," Dean chuckled quietly.

"What... does that have to do with anything?" Kevin asked as he sat down at the chair by the desk. Dean shrugged.

"Privacy's a luxury."

"So why don't you let Sam be in his own room?"

Dean's features darkened.

"We tried that."

Given Dean's expression, Kevin thought better than to ask further about how that'd gone down.

"'Sides, I think he likes the company," Dean grinned and let his hand flop heavily against Sam's ribs. Sam unconsciously tried to roll over onto his back, hit the barrier that was his brother then settled to his original position lying against Dean. The older brother snorted lightly, amused, his hand still where it'd landed, and looked back to Kevin.

"So food's ready?"

Kevin nodded.


"Need help bringing it in?"

"What... in here?" Kevin asked, surprised. For some random reason eating in bed was just never an option.

"Yeah why not?"

"Uh..." Kevin struggled to explain decorum without sounding like a weirdo. "No, nothing. Okay..."

Dean glanced at his brother.

"Sam's gonna be out of it when he wakes up. I don't wanna move him," Dean added. Kevin nodded.

"Do you even want to wake him up?"

Dean grimaced and sighed.

"No. Technically we shouldn't but he really can't miss a meal - he's lost enough weight as it is," Dean said quietly, a tinge of sadness to his words as he rubbed Sam's side. Kevin had no doubt that Dean was feeling along Sam's ribs and lamenting the lack of healthy fat.

Dean huffed a sigh and turned to Kevin.

"Upside, we get to play around with him," Dean said with a smirk.

"'We?'" Kevin asked.

"Yeah bring your food in too, man."

Kevin tried to crush the elation he felt at being included.

"Okay," he said, just a dash too perky but Dean ignored it.

"D'you need help bringing the food in?"

"Nah I got it. Be right back," Kevin said, rising from the chair and heading out.

Sam woke up slowly even though he was getting bodily rocked by a heavy hand on the side of his ribcage.

"Sssstop..." Sam said, his voice getting muffled every time his face pressed against his pillow. He reached over and, unable to push the hand away, just weakly gripped the arm attached to it.

"Deeaan..." Sam whined but Dean had already stopped when Sam had reached out.

"-ake up Sammy," Dean said evenly, "time to wake up. Wake up. Food time. Food. Food. Food."

"I get it!" Sam grunted back vehemently, annoyed.

At that he heard Dean chuckling behind him and the rocking started up again. Sam moaned, still letting Dean roll his torso like a rag doll back and forth in bed.

"Dean-" Kevin's voice cut in somewhere in the room. Dean didn't stop rolling Sam as he responded.


"Kevin?!" Sam called out, surprised, as Dean kept pushing him back and forth.

"Yeah dude Kevin's here wake up," Dean replied. "Wake up. Wake up... Wake up."

Sam finally found enough strength to roll over onto his back. He landed uncomfortably over his brother's left side and flung a lazy, uncoordinated hand up in an effort to smack Dean in the face.

He felt the back of his hand hit what felt like Dean's nose and grinned in triumph as Dean let out a shocked, pained uhf sound as he recoiled from the slap, hitting the back of his head against the wall by accident as he did so.

"Ow," Dean whined comically as both Kevin and Sam quietly snickered at his expense.

"You..." Dean said through gritted teeth, "bitch..."

Dean grabbed Sam, who was still lying halfway on top of him, under the arms and lifted him up roughly.

It only looked rough though; Sam felt Dean positioning himself for it and could tell that his brother was only jostling him the necessary amount to get him up quickly. The only difference was that Dean was holding him tighter than he normally would and Dean cackled when Sam instinctively jerked when Dean lingered on his ribcage, a spot he knew Dean knew was particularly ticklish, before pulling away.

"Ge' off me ge' off me go 'way," Sam mumbled grouchily but both Kevin and Dean could see Sam was sporting a foggy smile.

Sam coughed and hunched over in his light gray t-shirt that hung off him. He looked at it blandly and picked a piece of fluff off just as he registered the smell of food.

"Ohhh, McDonalds-?" Sam drew the name out with relish, finally lifting his head up to look around. He found Kevin standing at the desk, pulling cheeseburgers and french fries out, the scent permeating the entire room.

"Yup," Dean said simply, resting a hand against Sam's back reassuringly.

"Did you get Chicken McNuggets?" Sam asked, hazy hopeful.

Kevin pulled them out of the bag and Sam blinked as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Oh my god," Sam said, the you're awesome implicit as he drunkenly reached out over Dean to get his food. Dean leaned back indignantly while Kevin handed Sam the twenty-pack of McNuggets.

"Here and... Dean I got you some double cheeseburgers is that okay?" He asked as he sat back around to the food. "Dean?"

"-Dude!" Dean grabbed the McNuggets out of Sam's hand, "stop crushing the thing you're gonna make a mess, man," he said, annoyed, as Sam whined for his food back. Dean was spreading the blankets out so there was a smooth surface upon which to set the package down.

"Dean... Dean... I want... I want... Cats..."

"What?" Dean couldn't not laugh as he set the pack down finally. He turned to Kevin. "You got any napkins?"

Kevin nodded, smiling, and handed him a pile from the takeout bag.

"Cats," Sam repeated as he opened the McNuggets.

"You want sweet 'n sour sauce?"


Kevin already had them out and leaned over to drop them in front of Sam. As he pulled back he glanced at Dean.

"Cats?" Kevin whispered. Dean grinned and shrugged, amused by Sam's strange request for felines.

"Hey Sam," he prompted.

"Yeah," Sam replied, focused solely upon dipping a McNugget into the sauce.

"Why you want cats?"

"Casss," Sam announced loudly, surprising his audience. Dean and Kevin tried to stifle their laughter but Sam wasn't really paying attention anyway.

"Why do you want Cas, bud?" Dean pressed, hoping for more entertainment.

"Cas likes burgers."

Oh, Dean thought, that actually makes sense.

"Cas... Castiel, the angel? Likes burgers?" Kevin asked. Dean nodded.

"Yeah he actually does. Those mini-burger things," Dean replied lightly. Kevin made a face and Dean shrugged. "Swear to God."

They were both blown off course when Sam randomly burst into laughter.

"Angels don't like normal-sized burgers," Sam cackled, his mouth full. Somewhat alarmed, Dean rubbed his back.

"Easy, dude. What?"

"Angels. Big burgers scare them," Sam said with a snort.

"Okay," Dean said, faking a tone of approval, "sure." He shrugged at Kevin: let's just give him that one.

A few minutes of silence passed - Sam focused on handling his food properly with Dean's help, Dean snacking on Sam's McNuggets (which only irritated Sam enough to grunt with annoyance every time Dean grabbed one from the pack. He eventually stopped when Dean promised him he wasn't eating that many), and Kevin chowing down on his cheeseburger. Probably none of them had realized how hungry they'd gotten but Sam especially was worn out and seemed to need the sustenance. His initial enthusiasm started to wan though, his pace slowing to a minimum until at last he spoke up.

"How many more do I have to eat before I can go back to sleep?" Sam grumbled lowly, sounding exhausted. His wrist went limp while still holding a McNugget.

Kevin blinked, surprised that Sam just randomly defaulted to asking Dean for permission. Even more endearing, Dean didn't miss a beat - he just automatically leaned over to assess how many Sam had eaten and replied.

"Finish that one and you can pass out," Dean said lightly.

"Okay," Sam said lamely and popped the whole thing into his mouth. He then flopped heavily against Dean's side, totally oblivious to Dean's grunt as the wind almost got knocked out of him.

"Seriously?" Dean murmured, eventually relenting to Sam's breach of personal space by resting his arm on Sam's back. "He's like a dog that doesn't know his own size," Dean informed Kevin.

Kevin chuckled and nodded, finding the analogy pretty well-suited to Sam's current state of mind. He grabbed a double cheeseburger and handed it out to Dean.

Before Dean took it though he craned around to see Sam.

"Sammy, you still chewing?"

Sam grunted.

"Sam open your mouth."

Sam opened his mouth slowly. Empty.

"Cool dude, you want your milk shake?"

"No thank you," Sam said drowsily.

"Mind if I have it?"

"No take it."

"'Kay go to sleep."

Sam nodded but he didn't move.


No answer.

"Sammy? Go to sleep."

Kevin raised an eyebrow. Sam apparently hadn't gotten the memo that 'go to sleep' meant 'get off me.'

"I think he's asleep Dean," Kevin said, angling down to see Sam's peaceful expression as he slept against Dean's chest. He looked back up at Dean, grinning.

Okay. So it was true: Kevin had walked in thinking it was a little weird that they were sharing a bed but by now he was getting it. Sam was devastatingly ill and while Kevin had grown up in a home that treated illness with a general standing order to be quarantined (with the exception of timely meds and meals), Sam and Dean obviously hadn't.

Dean sighed at his brother, exasperated, halfway hoping it'd wake Sam up but the kid was down for the count.

"Okay I'm pinned for now," he mumbled with resignation, casually reaching out for the cheeseburger Kevin had ready for him. "Will you-?"

Kevin nodded and stood up to hand it to Dean.

As Dean worked to unwrap the thing over Sam's head, Kevin got back to thinking.

Neither brother had ever really talked to Kevin about how they'd grown up. The exception was earlier - when Dean had said they'd grown up 'poor.' They'd also said in passing that they'd grown up 'in the life.' Kevin didn't know whether either of those things meant they had a home base or not but no matter what it probably indicated accident and injury: the kind of stuff that wasn't contagious. Stuff that'd allow you to hang out next to the person and keep them company without worrying whether you were gonna get sick too.

Dean had told Kevin he didn't have any siblings so he didn't understand but Kevin would've begged to differ now. He knew siblings - he'd seen his friends with their older or younger sisters or brothers and it never really compared to what Kevin was now imagining Sam and Dean to have been like. Dean wasn't squeamish, impatient, negligent or condescending and Sam wasn't entitled, sullen, demanding or overly emotional. They were clearly fulfilling the roles they'd instilled upon each other a long time ago to both give and receive the casual comfort and affection they tended to need when vulnerable. And they carried it all through without even the slightest hint of embarrassment.

It just seemed natural to them.

And after hanging out with them for a few minutes like this, it seemed natural to Kevin too.

"Oh!" Kevin jerked, realizing something.

"What?" Dean asked, having finally unwrapped his cheeseburger successfully. He'd been about to take a bite.

"I heated up the bacon in the microwave. You want- I can go get it and you can add it to the cheeseburger," Kevin offered openly.

The look of adoration for Kevin that crossed Dean's face was hilarious. Kevin honestly almost blushed as he murmured, "one minute," and jogged out of the room.

Writer's Note 1: Not much happened here and I still stuck with Kevin's POV. Sorry I just needed to wrap the night up with Kevin before going back to the boys. Next chapter's going to be only Sam and Dean after Kevin's gone to sleep for the night sooo stay tuned! I hope you guys liked this chapter though - more kinda sweet lazy feels+dialogue, I feel like. :)

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