Title: Just A Dream

Pairing(s): AominexKagami

Rating: M

Genre(s): Romance, Hurt, Comfort

Note: Hurr~ I'm back after so looong~ XD And I'm back with a present with me! To all of you AoKaga-ers. Nyhuhuh~ :3 This is the prequel to Baby. I didn't plan for a prequel but this idea just popped up so, what harm could be done typing it out in a story? Haha. Enjoy! :D

It felt good.

"Hah…" I panted, groaned when the muscle tightened around my erection, my hands were holding onto Kagami's hips, thrusting it upwards to meet my thrusts. I let out another shaky moan when his muscle tightened again, sucking my cock further in. It felt warm in Kagami but somehow….this felt different.

I stopped my movements and pried my eyes opened. I was expecting hard rock abs and chest but what greeted me was busty tits. I was shocked. What is this? Who is this? Isn't this supposed to be—

"Daiki, what's wrong?" A petite and feminine voice called. My eyes widened. I stared at the busty blonde with disgust, my hands shook and my erection almost flattening. Who the fuck is this? I asked myself. But there was no answer.

"Hey…" She sat up slowly, her hand reaching to touch my face. I slapped it away. Her hand froze in the air as she stared disbelievingly at me and hurt spread across her face. I glared coldly, not even the slightest bit guilty for slapping her away. It was never my fault. I have no recall of what happened or whatsoever so apparently, I was not wrong.

The sound of something dropping to the ground broke my train of thoughts. I snapped my head to the wide opened door. Was it always opened? The sight that presented in front of me was a hundred times more shocking than knowing the fact I'm having sex with a stranger.

"W-What is this?" Kagami's voice was soft and ghostly. His whole body trembling insecurely.

"T-Taiga! I can—" My voice was desperate.

"Don't call me that!" He spatted. I was so hurt. I frowned with sadness and opened my mouth to speak again.

"Kagami. Kagami, I can explain." My voice was a weeny bit more stable than previously.

"Explain? What more to explain?" His tone was cold and his eyes squinted, the tears that were welling in his eyes threatening to fall. His red eyes that I've loved most showed betrayal.

"Listen, Tai-Kagami, this is not what you think it is."

"Your fucking dick is in her damned pussy!" He yelled and let the tears flow.

"Fuck it," I cursed under my breath and took my penis out, jumping off the bed and sprinting to where Kagami was. The blonde was never worth my attention. "Please, Taiga, I don't even—"

"I said, don't call me that." Kagami, who seemed to regain his composure, glared at me coldly and his brows furrowed. "Better off, don't ever call me 'Taiga'." With that, he turned his heels and walked away.

"No, Taiga, no!" My voice became even more desperate. I reached out my hand to stop him but no matter how far I've lengthened, Kagami still seemed so far away from me. So far. My surroundings became pitch black. No more sign of that place was once our home. I was left alone standing in the dark wilderness, with my dick hanging half-hard in the air.

"Taiga!" I shot right up from my bed. Sweat glistering on my forehead and damped the collar of my shirt. I looked around, realizing I was in our room. A sigh of relief escaped my lips. Just a dream. I told myself and motioned my hand to the right where Kagami's sleeping. Well, supposed to be. My eyes widened once more when I realized it was empty.

I jumped right out of our bed and dashed to the only place where Kagami would possibly be, the kitchen.

I was happy when I saw Kagami standing there with the blue apron I bought for him, preparing breakfast like always. To reassure myself, I walked to him and pulled him into an embrace.

I can touch him.

It was just a dream. I repeated to myself. Kagami's right here, in my arms. I can never imagine a day without him. Without touching him. Without him being mine.

"I love you." I declared my love for him with a heated passion.

"I know." He replied.

It was all just a dream.

A/N: The ending was weird. Well, for me. Anyways, thank you for reading! XD