Title: Incest Much?

Paring(s): AominexKagami, KoukixKagami

Rating: K+

Genre(s): Romance, Humor, Incest

Notes: LOL. I don't know why but I just wanted to write something like this. Inspired by an art by roda(pixiv). I used Kouki as their child's name because I'm too lazy to think of one and I really don't know his real personality and looks. Do patch me up if you know. :) For now, enjoy this little incest fic!

"Tai-mom!" Kouki yelled for Kagami from his room, his voice whiny. Kagami who was just about to prepare dinner let out a frustrated sigh and wiped off the water on his hand on the apron before going into Kouki's room.

"What?" Kagami peeked in, eyes bemused since Kouki likes to play pranks.

"Come here." The 7 year old kid patted his hand in the air quickly to indicate Kagami to go over where he was, the bed. Despite Kagami arching a doubtful brow, he complied.

The moment Kagami leaned in to decrease the gap between them, Kouki tilted his head upwards and successfully planted a kiss on Kagami's lips. Kagami's cheeks became a color similar to his hair as he backed away with an arm covering his invaded lips. He never thought his own son would do something like this. However, Kouki seemed to take it too lightly and went back to reading the comic he was previously busying himself with.

Wouldn't want to make the atmosphere even more awkward, Kagami let it pass and tried to continue cooking with a normal attitude.

"Taiga," Aomine started off sternly, his fingers crossed together under his chin and elbows propped on the dining table as he stared seriously at Kagami. "We really need to solve the whole Kouki-randomly-kissing-you problem."

Just the mention of it made Kagami blush faintly. Oh, how wrong can that be? Because now Kouki's like, what? 12 already and he's still randomly kissing his own father for Pete's sake.

"The only one who can randomly kiss you is me." The bluenette declared with a stern glint in his eyes.

"Don't joke around!" Kagami slapped Aomine's arm and heat started to crept up his cheeks even more. Am I being played by the two bluenettes in my house?

"I am serious."

The sound of door clicking open broke the serious atmosphere around them as they whipped their heads to greet the tiny figure. Kouki's tall for his age and his body shaped just perfectly. Well, having two professional basketball players as fathers should result to something like Kouki.

"I'm back!" Kouki announced enthusiastically and grinned Kagami's grin when he spotted his two fathers, running to them afterwards.

"Dai-dad, Tai-mom, missed me?" The only thing that resembled Aomine on Kouki is the midnight blue hair and the smirk. Why? Kagami has always wondered.

"Like hell you lil' shit." Aomine sent a smirk compatible to Kouki.

"It's okay," Kouki shrugged and skipped to where Kagami was and snaked his arms around Kagami's neck. "At least Tai-mom will." He stuck out a tongue playfully before proceeding to give Kagami a smooch.

"You—" Aomine jolted up from the chair and pulled the little brat away from a flustered Kagami by the collar, eyebrow furrowed in annoyance and anger.

Kouki looked up and gave Aomine a smirk.

"I'm your son so naturally I would like someone who shares the same personality as Tai-mom. However, I still couldn't find any so I'm targeting Tai-mom for now." Kouki explained nonchalantly as if it was the most normal thing to say to your parents.

"Taiga's mine." Aomine sneered and hissed, bringing Kouki's face closer.

"After I find my Tai-mom." Kouki retorted sharply with the same hiss.

Okay, rephrase, not only the hair and smirk resembled Aomine but mostly all of his immoral personalities. Seriously, why did he turned out like this? What did they do wrong when raising this kid?

Kagami rubbed a palm across his face and let out a defeated sigh.

What to do?

A/N: Awww, Kagami's being lovedddd~ XD