Title: The Anonymous Sender

Pairing(s): AominexKagami

Rating: K

Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Slight Hurt/Comfort

Notes: Here's an intro to let you get the hang of the drabble below: Aomine's a policeman and Kagami's a firefighter who got injured in an incident. He's now staying in a hospital. One day, police officers, including Aomine, go to a hospital to visit some patients to interrogate. Aomine finds the program boring and stupid so he wanders off to another wing of the hospital and ends up accidentally finding Kagami's room.

"Kagami-san, this is for you." A young nurse walks in to the patient room, holding a bouquet of lilies as she smiles.

Kagami looks up from his sticky pad and immediately, a smile etches onto his face when his eyes laid on the flowers. Again, he thinks to himself.

"Does it have a name this time?" Kagami asks incredulously but the nurse just shakes her head. The redhead looks down in disappointment before looking back at the nurse again, smiling.

"Thank you." Kagami nods in appreciation and the nurse smiles back in return before leaving Kagami alone.

This time's lilies, huh? Kagami chuckles and holds the bouquet of flowers with care. Someone has been sending him flowers for a while now and it always came anonymously. Kagami is sure that no one knew about this 'little' incident of his. Kuroko's in a place far away from Tokyo and his parents are still in the States. He never informed them because he didn't want them to worry and he sure can handle this by himself. But staying in a hospital for such a long period of time and without anyone visiting can be quite lonely.

However, this stranger came in. He didn't know when and why but he gets a bouquet of flowers on every Friday, each time with either different flowers or wrappings. He can tell the stranger had put quite an effort in this. He is grateful for this stranger.

Now he finally has something to look forward to. He never felt too lonely from that day onward.

Kagami smiles at the lilies again before leaning in to take in their scent. It smelled differently from the other ones. Though all the flowers he had received shared one same smell; cologne. Kagami can't quite put it but he is sure. Every time the flowers would have a mixture of their original scent and a tad bit of cologne. Did the stranger sent all of these in person? Then why doesn't he come to give them to me in person?

Kagami's determined to find that person out.

One day, after he has recovered from his injury, he will.

"Some day, I will." Kagami grins to himself, though he never knew there is a man standing outside all this time.

Aomine is standing outside of the room, leaning against the door. He has witnessed everything. Well, skipping his duty for a while wouldn't kill. Aomine would always stay and spy on Kagami every time he send the flowers. He had to see the smile every time Kagami receives the flower. The smile made him happy.

"Good luck with that," Aomine gave a silent reply and smirks to himself before he turns of his heels, leaving.