Title: I'm A Fucking Miracle

Pairing(s): AominexKagami

Rating: K+

Genre(s): Fluff(?), Romance

"You know," Kagami starts with a tiny hint of embarrassment. "Normal people play with their phones at such scenario." He glances at the blue haired male sitting across of him.

"Do you think I'm normal?" Aomine asks with an obviously offended tone.

"Uh—" Before Kagami could finish his sentence, Aomine cuts in.

"Because I'm not. I'm a 16 years old teenager with a height of 192cm and don't fucking tell me because I play basketball because fine. Fuck that excuse. Then explain why the hell is my hair blue. No answer? Then shut up. I can stare at you while you're stuffing your mouth full as long as I want." Aomine defends himself as if it was really necessary with a menacing scowl and frowned lips.

Kagami can only manage to stare at his boyfriend getting all protective over his position to watch him eat his burgers. He still has 9 more to go and all he wanted from Aomine is for him to quit staring because it's making swallowing food hard. He feels nervous. After seeing Aomine behaving all child-like for this, Kagami decides to let him be. And he has a feeling that it would be futile for him to further protest.

"Okay." Kagami looks back down at his half-eaten cheeseburger and continues to consume them.