The Sandaime frowned at the note that had hit his desk. Had his predecessors not been Senju, this note would not have hit his desk due to a longstanding rule that he'd forgotten to do away with when he'd come into office since the matter in question rarely ever came up. It was a minor issue, but it was curious nonetheless. The Senju family tree which hadn't been looked at in at least a decade had been looked at twice in the last two months. Curious about why it would be so popular, and realizing that this would be a good excuse to play hooky from his paperwork and get outside for once, he decided to investigate.

Stretching, he got up and headed outside, making several stops along his roundabout journey to the library to greet and briefly converse with random citizens and ask the numerous small children who'd stopped to greet him about their day. Eventually, he reached his destination, being sure to greet the team of Genin who were busy reshelving books on his way to the librarian's desk. The librarian, a Jounin whose job was to protect the books as well as hand them out as there were any number of books and documents that could not leave the library stored in the building, was rather dismayed to learn that he wanted to see the Senju family tree.

After a rather long wait during which he'd helped a young Chunin find a book he hadn't realized he'd been looking for since he'd been going about the problem of training a secondary affinity so he could become a Jounin differently, the librarian returned with the document he'd requested. The man hauled it out of the back room with some difficulty and dragged it into one of the reading rooms meant for maps and larger scrolls. The difficult handling of the document was somewhat understandable, considering the fact that it had grown exponentially in the decades since he'd last seen it.

Stepping into the reading room as the librarian left to help another patron, he unfurled the massive scroll with some difficulty. The Senju family scroll was a village treasure, a miracle of the Sealing arts which had been created by the Uzumaki for their allies. Nothing like it had been seen before or since though many had tried to recreate it. Looking at it for the first time in decades, he traced the names of friends and comrades long gone, his finger pausing at the name of his sensei. By chance, his old eyes flicked down and to the side slightly, and his heart leapt into his throat. He couldn't possibly have overlooked...

Yes, it was indeed there for all to see. Right above the listing for Uzumaki Naruto were Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato's names.

The librarian who was on duty at the time was alerted to a potential crisis when he heard muffled thumps coming from one of the reading rooms, the reading room in which he'd left the Hokage with the Senju family tree in fact. When he entered the room in question it was only to find the Hokage slamming his head against...

"Hokage-sama, will you please stop slamming your head against that, it is an extremely valuable and irreplaceable document." he cried, distressed at the potential destruction of one of Konoha's greatest treasures. Seldom looked at, but a treasure nonetheless.

"Sorry, sorry." the Hokage said, taking pity on the poor librarian who took his job very seriously. "I want you to place this in the restricted section and not allow anyone to look at it for the next...ten years."

"Yes Hokage-sama." he replied before carrying out the order without hesitation.

As far as the librarian was concerned, it was fine by him and would be fine by his colleagues, two of whom had nearly thrown their backs out retrieving and maneuvering that particular priceless artifact even with the aid of a number of jutsus and the special cart that was meant to make the thing easier to move around. He was somewhat curious as to why the document had suddenly become restricted though.

When the Hokage had left to tend to other duties, he decided to have a peek. It seemed to be a rather ordinary family tree considering the illustrious line to whom it belonged, though it was surprisingly heavily populated by Uzumaki. Perhaps that was the reason. They'd been trying to expunge the Uzumaki from the history books over the last decade, so perhaps they were now trying to hide the last of the ties between the Uzumaki and the Senju. It made sense.

Rolling the scroll up without once noticing the pair of names above the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's, the Librarian put it away in the secure document storage area, placed a ten-year seal on the door to its new home, and went out for his lunch break. When he reached the restaurant, he spotted an old classmate of his, a red haired fellow named Satoshi who to all appearances was a career Chunin and would remain one until he either died or retired, whichever came first. They decided to have lunch together for old time's sake, and fell to talking as they waited for their meal to arrive. During the conversation, he made an offhand comment about how the Uzumaki were being erased from existence as if they never were. Normally, he wouldn't have said anything about the Demon Brat's alleged family, but the sealing of the Senju family tree had brought the subject to mind, and he'd found himself thinking about it more than usual lately.

"They're what?!" his former schoolmate yelled.

Naruto grumbled as he did the lines that were assigned to him for his detention. He wouldn't have gotten into that fight if Kiba hadn't been a jerk today. Not that it really was all that much of a fight.

"Naruto," Iruka-sensei said when he was half-way through. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it." he said, recognizing his teacher's tone and knowing that the man was going to blame him for something deservedly or otherwise.

"Yes you did!" Iruka-sensei snapped. "And, I want to know why you listed the Yondaime as your father on the Senju family tree."

"I didn't put that on there." he replied honestly. "It's part of the cover-up."

"What cover-up?" Iruka sensei asked.

Oh crap, he'd said too much and now Danzo was going to know that he knew. Asuma-nii had told him about how a bunch of the Old Man's friends had helped him and his mother hide the affair, because if anyone learned that the Hokage was with anyone other than his wife, even though it had been an open marriage and he'd been allowed, the scandal would be... When he'd seen the Yondaime's name above his own on that big family tree thing, he'd been a bit confused until he realized that he must've been one of the people who helped the Old Man hide what was going on. It made sense, considering that the Old Man had named him Hokage shortly before he was born.

"Well, you see, my real father uh..." he said, fishing for something plausible that would leave his real father's name out of it considering the fact that Asuma-nii had told him that if anyone learned about who his father really was, the scandal would be enormous, and that old Danzo bastard would steal the hat from his Old Man.

It was as he was fishing about that he recalled one of the things he was most often called for some strange reason that probably had to do with the fact that the day he was born was the day the Kyuubi attacked Konoha.

"Well, you know how in the old legend Kitsune could take human form and marry..." he said, remembering that book of strange fairy tales he'd rescued from a burn pile.

"Go on." Iruka-sensei said, looking as if he knew he was lying and was only humoring him because he was sure that what he was going to say would be interesting.

What he was going to say next was interrupted by a yell of "I fucking knew it! Everyone told me I was being fucking paranoid until that fucking librarian slipped up and spilled the beans, but I fucking knew it! Konoha ASSHOLES wiping us from history after all we did for them!". Iruka-sensei turned and ran out of the room and down the hall, and he followed after out of curiosity, wondering what was going on. Standing in the hallway holding a history textbook was a woman who looked to be a civilian with auburn hair that was a bit more brown than red.

"Excuse me miss, but exactly what do you think you're doing?" Iruka-sensei asked in that way that never failed to make the class sit down and shut up out of fear despite the fact that he seemed absolutely calm.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you bastard?! Wiping our clan out of the history books like it never was, even after we saved your sorry asses during the first two wars and floated that Senju bastard a loan so he could get this place off the ground! " the woman yelled, waving the book about angrily. "The Uzumaki existed, still exist, and you can't just sweep us under a rug like a dirty little secret, especially after you left us to rot!"