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White Picket Fences

Chapter 1

The new house was much larger. It wasn't as close as the little pink house was to Edward Cullen's parents, but it was only a five-minute drive which meant that Annie could remain at the same school. It was an important decision that weighed heavily on the family when looking for a new home.

It had been a white farmhouse with maroon shutters that Bella instantly became enamored with. The wraparound porch made her think of lazy Sunday breakfasts outside as the children played on the front lawn. She had already hung baskets full of bright blooms from the ceiling and a wind chime made sweet sounds in the spring breeze.

It was in this same yard that Edward was now chasing a naked Matt through the grass. A naked Matt, with a pirate's hat perched on his fair head and waving an empty paper towel roll in the air.

"Matthew, put on these pants right this instant!"

Matt giggled and yelled, "Argh! Argh!"

Bella was sitting on the porch swing and laughing hysterically.

"Matt!" Edward stopped abruptly and looked at his wife. "Could you please help, Bella?"

"I can't stop laughing!" Bella was clutching her waist.

Edward exclaimed, "Our son is a nudist!"

Bella stepped off the porch and let the grass caress her bare toes. She loved living here. "You're just jealous because you want to be a nudist."

She winked at him and Edward immediately desired her. The children were excellent intimacy blockers, as Bella liked to call them. As soon as Edward would lay a single hand on Bella's breast at night, at least one child would be up begging or screaming. It was as if they had radar.

He wrapped his arms around her. "As soon as my parents are back from their cruise on Sunday, I think we need them to have a sleepover with the kids."

"I should call my dad," Bella suggested, running her fingers through his hair.

"He just started dating Sue! Let the man be with his woman," Edward stated with a grin. He was officially Charlie Swan's fishing buddy. It was an honored position. "At least one of us should be getting some."

"That's my dad! Gross!" Bella moved in closer and nibbled his ear. "You could get some lovin' if my dad watched the kids."

"It wouldn't hurt to at least ask." Edward's lips met Bella's.

He was immediately attacked by the paper towel roll.

"No! My mama!" Matt was using the paper towel roll on Edward's leg. "I saves you, Mama!"

"Matty, Daddy is allowed to give Mommy hugs." Bella took the paper towel roll away from Matt.

"I's Cap Bones, Mama!" Matt's face wrinkled up to try and look mean. It only made Bella have to stifle her laughter.

"Mama!" He stomped his foot.

Sweet Matt was becoming a tiny terror. Bella secretly blamed the Volturi genes, but knew without a doubt her darling boy was more of a Swan; the Cullens were also an amazing influence.

She swung him up into her arms, his naked squirming body desperately trying to escape. "Mama! Mama! Mama!"

"Calm down, my little nudist! Let's try the potty again," she suggested.

He screamed, "I's pirate!"

"Pirate's pee in the potty, kid."

"No! In da boat, Mama!"

Edward watched as Bella took the screaming boy into the house. He felt a small hand grab his and he looked down to see a somber Annie. "What's wrong, doodlebug?"

"That child is absolutely ludicrous," she stated.

Annie was six going on sixteen.

"Where did you hear that word, Annie?"

Annie grabbed a flower from the bush and passed it to Edward. "At school. Miss Bright said that Scott Grant was being ludicrous when he said that Timmy tried eating the glue. He wasn't though. Timmy poured it into his mouth like he was drinking a juice box."

Edward gagged a little. That was revolting.

"Matt loves you like I do, my Prince. He just likes Mommy better than everybody."

Annie grabbed his hand. "Let's go read in the hammock. I will read my books to you."

She really loved reading. She was just like her mother. Edward noticed a pile of ready-to-read books in Annie's hands. "Fancy Nancy?"

"Yes! I also have some Olivia books, too!" She bounced excitedly.

Edward grinned. "Sounds perfect, princess!"

They heard yelling coming from inside the house. "Matt! Stop peeing in the plant!"

Edward gave a chuckle. He bet she wasn't finding it so funny anymore.


Date night.

Bella was twitchy with anticipation. Lighting candles on the table, she surveyed the room. Everything was perfect from the bouquets she picked from the garden to the wine that Edward loved the best which was on the table.

Charlie was watching the kids with Sue and her grandchildren. It was surprisingly easy to get the children to want to stay with grandpa when they found out that Leah and Seth were going to be there.

The buzzer on the oven timer went off and Bella rushed to the kitchen. She pulled out the lasagna and danced over to the table. She only slipped once on the woven rug that Emmett's girlfriend had made her. Victoria was sweet, but the rugs she wove were hazardous.

"Music! We need romantic music!" Bella talked to herself a lot when she was alone.

Off to the stereo she flew and was blasted by The Wiggles. Her darling children were messing with the volume again when the stereo had been turned off. Bella's ear drums rattled. It was true that Bella was, in fact, planning a Wiggly party with Edward, just not one that included a dinosaur named Dorothy. That was too disturbing to even dwell on.

Grabbing her iPod, Bella decided some soothing tunes would be best. Vintage Pixies caught her eye instead of something romantic like the Dave Matthews Band. As a college girl in the late nineties, it was true for Bella that old Dave had panty-dropping powers like no other. It had been a frat boy standard, after all. Tonight, though, Bella thought she had time for some Frank Black screaming before Edward got home.

Bella was wrong.

Rushing in, Edward looked around in a panic. "Bella, are you okay? Why are you screaming?"

Bella was too busy head banging to notice.

Edward crossed his arms and watched her with a grin. "Sweet wife, did the late eighties come to visit? Are we going to rock out tonight?"

She turned quickly and launched herself into his arms. "There aren't any children here!"

"I can make love to you without worrying? No Annie trying to barge in for water? No Matt screaming for you to sleep in his bed?" Edward was feeling her excitement.

"That bed is so tiny," Bella shuddered. "Matt uses me as a body pillow and I can't breathe. It has to be why I'm so tired all the time."

"Or, could it be that you stay up all night watching TV?" Edward suggested. This earned him a light smack on the shoulder.

Edward kissed her head. "I'm teasing."

"You smell nice," Bella said, giving his head a sniff. "You took a shower at the hospital."

It was Edward's turn to visit his patients in the pediatric ward. After the wedding, Edward decided to open his own practice as a pediatrician in town with a fellow doctor named Paul. Annie and Matt had made a profound impression on him and he found that he would prefer dealing with the smallest of patients. Traveling to Seattle had also become a chore and he'd wanted to spend as much time as possible with his family. It felt good to be with them and he was miserable when he didn't have them nearby. The exception being date night, because all he really wanted at that moment was to pull Bella's dress over her head and take her on the wooden floor.

"I thought it would work best, so I didn't have to waste time when I got here to shower." He started nibbling her neck.

Bella grinned, as he sucked on the sensitive spot next to her ear. "I could always shower with you or we could take a bath. They're so underrated."

He bit her ear making her nails rake down his back. He looked up and whispered, "I still feel like a dirty boy. I think you should wash me off."

Bella giggled. That's when she smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. "Friggedy fuck! The garlic bread!"

She pushed Edward away and barreled toward the kitchen, grabbing an oven mitt. She frowned, pulling out the smoking loaf of bread and placing it on top of the stove. "I guess we're not having garlic bread."

"We don't need garlic bread, sweetheart. I want my breath minty fresh for you," Edward admitted, as he pulled her back into his arms. He opened the front of her dress to get to her breasts. "I like this black bra, sweets, but I'd like it even better off you."

Bella smiled at his tongue licking around the lace of her bra. "We're having lasagna, so the garlic breath is a foregone conclusion."

He stopped abruptly and looked up. "You're famous homemade lasagna? Why didn't you say so? Time to strap on the feedbag, woman!"

"Really, Cullen? I was just getting in the mood and now you want to stop and eat? We can warm it up later in the microwave!"

"It's better right out of the oven!" Edward pouted. "Hey, I have an idea!"

He threw Bella over his shoulder and rushed her into the dining room. She squealed, "What are you doing?"

"Having my cake and eating it too!"

"We're having cake for dessert!" Bella squeaked. Edward gave her bottom a smack. "Hey!"

"Excuse me, I should be more specific. Having my Bella and eating my lasagna too!" He used one hand to move the dishes away from the middle of the table. Thank goodness it was a large table.

Bella wiggled and kicked. "Don't break the good dishes, Edward!"

"I won't..." A wine glass fell from the table and smashed on the floor. "Shit! I'll buy you a new one!"

"They're heirlooms, Edward!"

He laid her on the table and went to unwrap her dress. "Shush! Have I mentioned that I love this dress? It's like unwrapping a beautiful present."

He kissed her belly button. The broken wine glass was soon quickly forgotten.

Edward grabbed the wine bottle and poured a little onto Bella's chest. He licked it off and moved down to her panties. He removed them slowly and buried his face into her clit. He sucked on it with his mouth, as his finger entered her and started pulsing inside her.

She grabbed his hair and moaned, "More!"

He added two more fingers and unbuckled his pants with his other hand. This was taking more coordination then he'd ever imagined, but he was a doctor, for God's sake. He was a master at multitasking.

"Oh, sweet mother of all that is...fuck, Edward Cullen! Damn...damn...damn...!"

Edward pulled away to get undressed fully and Bella pulled him back by his hair. She groaned. "Just pull down your fucking pants, Cullen and let's do this!"

He really loved it when she was dirty and demanding. Round two would be sweeter and more loving, but he now realized that life with kids meant sometimes it was nice to get a physical release and his lady wanted hers now.

"As you wish, buttercup!" he cried, pushing into her.

"Oh, Princess Bride!" Bella panted. "Shit! I fucking love you, Edward!"

Bella still had the habit of cursing like a drunken sailor when being intimate. Luckily, Edward adored her salty language.

"Bell...I'm!" Edward was pumping into her furiously, causing the dishes to rattle on the table.

The phone rang.

"Oh, come on!" Bella yelled in frustration. She was also so very, very close.

Edward muttered, "I'm trying, sweets!"

He was so in the zone, he didn't even register the phone ringing.

"Ed, could be about the...oh,!" Bella tried half-heartedly to push him off. " more minute..."

"Is that the phone?" Edward grunted.

"We need to get tha...yes!" Bella yelled in triumph, as they rolled off the table.

"Oh, yes, Bell!" Edward screamed, as they both crashed to the floor, along with the dishes. "Ouch!"

Bella crawled, still partially dressed, to the phone. Without checking the caller ID, she barked into the phone, "What?"

"Bella...Miss's Garrett."

Bella almost dropped the phone.

"Oh, hey, Garrett." She looked at Edward who had crawled over to sit next to her and shrugged. "What's up? Is this about going out to dinner? I need to see about a sitter and..."

Garrett had been trying to set up a double date. He was still with Kate and Bella had been pushing him off. She really had no inclination to spend time with that woman socially.

"No, I have some news. You aren't going to like it."

Bella squeezed Edward's hand. "What?"

"Alec is testifying for the prosecution," Garrett said quietly.

"I knew that." She wasn't surprised that after Aro had tried to kill him, Alec would happily do whatever he could to get his father thrown in jail forever.

"Right, well...the prosecutor is giving him a plea bargain."

"Don't say it, Garrett." Bella had angled the phone, so Edward could hear the exchange.

Garrett was heard swallowing thickly in the background. "I wish I didn't have to, Bella. No jail time."

Edward cursed loudly, "Fucking bullshit!"

He had no doubt that Alec would try to worm his way back into Bella's life. Marriage to Edward wouldn't be a deterrent.

"Garrett, I need to go," Bella said softly. Her mind was working overtime trying to come to grips with the possibility of Alec playing a part in their lives again.

"I'll try to stop this, Bella." Garrett sounded as upset as Bella and Edward were.

Edward took the phone. "I'll call you tomorrow, Garrett."

He wrapped his arms around Bella. She looked up at him and asked, "What are we going to do?"

"We're going to face this challenge and conquer it. We always do." He kissed her softly.

She was his life and he would protect her always.


In a hospital bed in a private clinic in Boston laid a man that should have never awakened.

His nurse was the first one to notice his eyelids fluttering. She quickly alerted the doctor in charge.

"Susan, what's happening here? If he isn't flat-lining, then call Jeff when he comes on in fifteen." Dr. Scott Martin had been on call most of the night and, even with the constant chugging of coffee, he was irritable.

"Doctor, that patient's waking up!"

"That's impossible! I think you need to get a good night's sleep," he complained.

That was until the surly doctor looked down to see two piercing blue eyes staring up at him.

James King looked at the man and whispered, "Alice."

This was very bad indeed.