The Chronicles of Angel Book 3

A/N: I'm back! Here's book 3! So what do I have in store for you my lovely readers? Well, as mentioned before this follows the story arch of season 3 but there are changes and no, not telling you what those changes are you'll just have to read them. We hit the ground running so let's get this underway shall we?

Summary: Angel managed to save the world again but at the cost of Buffy's life. He falls into darkness even with a new slayer around. But that's not all that's happening as another power wishes to destroy Sunnydale and the world. Will Angel be able to rise from all that has happened and save the world again?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this; all the characters belong to Joss Whedon. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Rated M.

Chapter 1 Liam

When everything turns to black
You don't know where to go
You need something
To justify your soul

Silence is broken
Confidence is gone
Everything you're holding on to

All the people selling truths
On every corner now
The wait until the fear
Has knocked you down

All the rules are changing now
You're living in sin
Everything around you is caving in

All you're holding on to
Slipping like water through your hands

And you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Ya you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Far off in the distance
Somewhere you can't see
Allegiances have formed your destiny

Opposition all around
Feeding off your soul
Trying hard to swallow up you whole

And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Oh la la la la la

Oh la la la la la

La la la la

La la la la

La la la la

Song Black sung by Kari Kammil

The night was here and it was quiet, an owl hooted and the crickets made their noises. It was warm night as the summer was ending and the new school year was about to start. The graveyard is quiet right now but it'll be quiet for so long. A vampire climbed his way out of the ground and looked up seeing a red head girl standing before him.

"Evening," She greeted him and he hissed. The vampire got to his feet and went to lunch at Willow but someone grabbed him.

"I got him!" Xander yelled and Oz came running with a stake as Xander held him. Xander was losing grip on the vampire as he thrashed around. The vampire jumped and kicked Oz back and then jumped again and flipped over Xander and shoved him away. Willow went to break Xander's fall but she fell to. The vampire took off running and Oz picked the stake up and aimed. He then threw it and the stake hit a street lamp and the vampire was gone. There was a collective sigh of defeat as Xander helped Willow off the ground and Oz joined them.

"That went well," Oz deadpanned.

"I was always amazed how Angel fought, it takes three of us to take one vamp down but he can take three vamps down by himself." Xander said and he looked to everyone. "Took him for granted."

"He'll be back," Willow sound optimistic. "He needed some time and Senior year starts tomorrow." But Oz and Xander didn't look so optimistic at all. "Wouldn't it be cool if Angel just shows up tomorrow like nothing happened?"

"He can't, he got kicked out." Xander reminded them as they left the graveyard.

"I know, I just wish, I just wish we knew where he was." Willow sounded sad as they left.

Angel was walking on a dirt path in the woods. He has his crossbow with him as he hunted and looked to the distance and saw a graveyard. Angel watched it as he scanned the area but something caught his attention. Someone was walking in the graveyard moving and she was all in white. Angel held up his crossbow to fire but didn't.

Angel headed down the hill and search for this person and then saw her standing in front of a headstone. Her blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders and down her back. Angel walked to her and she turned around and smiled at him. Angel stood there and dropped his crossbow as she walked to him getting closer. Angel lowered his head in shame and she reached out. He could see the ring on her finger as she reached out.

Angel leaned into her hand and she smiled again. She reached with the other hand and now cupped both cheeks and got closer to him looking into his eyes.

"How did you find me?" He asked her.

"I can always find you my Angel," Her voice was so soft as they got closer. He put his arms around her pulling her in as their lips were about to touch.

"Stay with me Buffy," He begged if this is a dream then he didn't want to wake up ever.

"Forever, that's the whole point. I'll find you no matter what," She placed a soft kiss on his lips and then got on her tiptoes leaning into his ear. "Even if you killed me." She whispered into his ear and his eyes widen.

Angel rolled over and opened his eyes. He was in bed in a small studio apartment away from home. Angel sat up and got out of bed and walked to his window and looked to the back ally and heard sirens. Angel opened the window and put his hands on the sill. He then saw something on the other building, a figure standing there as if it were looking at him. Angel pulled his head back inside and closed his window.

"You're not real, you're dead." He whispered to himself getting ready for the day.

Angel was behind the diner bar serving lunch to the costumers. He would be off of work in a few hours and then leave to read a book. At least he had a job it paid next to nothing but it gave him a roof to sleep under. Angel saw a couple walk in and he hated couples. Angel went to go get their orders as they came to sit at the bar.

"Can I help you guys?" Angel asked and the boy looked at Angel smiled.

"Yeah uh," He then saw the nametag. "Liam," Angel's middle name was Liam. He thought about not using it because it's not the most common name but he was in the lower parts of LA and no one would find him here. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out change. "What can we get with this?" He asked. Angel looked at it and it summed up to two dollars well roughly.

"Cake, can we get cake?" The woman asked and Angel's sworn he's seen her but where.

"We have to eat healthy, can we get pie?" The man asked and Angel thought to himself there was no hope for humanity.

"Peach or apple?" Angel asked but he didn't care.

"Shouldn't have blown all of our money." The girl complained and the guy got closer to her pulling in close.

"But it was worth it right?" The man asked the girl smiled. "Here, look at this," He then pulled his sleeve up and so did the girl. They both had half of a heart with each other's name in it.

"Nice and permanent," Again Angel didn't care.

"It's forever, that's the whole point." The man leaned in to kiss the girl. Angel tried to brush that line out but it's been a while since anything has repeated. Then the girl looked at Angel smiling.

"Do I know you?" She asked and Angel shook his head no. "Where are you from?" She asked.

"I'll get you that pie," Angel knew where she was from and something told him he needed a new town and a new job.

Back in Sunnydale the library was busy as students were getting their books. Giles was there and even though Angel wasn't he was still acting as a Watcher as the A-Team was in his office.

"How was patrol?" He asked and Willow shrugged.

"Vampire got away but we're getting better." Willow answered.

"I'm very grateful for your help but please be careful. Until Angel's return I…I feel responsible for you guys." Giles stood up to head back out into the library. "Can't have anything happen to you guys."

"When will Angel come back?" Xander asked. "It's been what close to four months, he should have pulled himself together by now." But that made it sound like what happened wasn't a big deal.

"Xander, he killed Buffy that takes time." Willow defended Angel.

"How do we know he killed her? What if he killed Elizabeth?" Xander asked.

"The point is he killed one of them and that takes time." Giles went into the library to help some students leaving the A-Team behind. Willow and Xander left the library with Oz but he followed.

"Where you going?" Willow asked him.

"You remember when I failed last year?" Oz asked and she nodded.

"Yeah that's what summer school is for." Willow answered.

"Yeah, and remember I didn't go to that either?" He asked and Willow looked mad. "Well now we're Seniors together and I thought you'd find it kind of cute," Willow rolled her eyes and then Xander looked up seeing Cordelia and she smiled at him. They walked to each other and Willow and Oz left them behind to catch up.

Angel sat in his little studio on his bed. He was so withdrawn from the world these days that he kept alone. Angel stood up and tossed the can of soup away and headed out into the night. He wore his black over coat hoping to warn off anyone. He hated people now because of what they took for granted, for what's he done for them but what they do to him. As he left the complex Angel looked to the building cross from his and saw the figure again. He recognized the shape and turned away and closed his eyes and looked again and it was gone.

Angel kept walking down the street seeing homeless people. What was the point of saving the world and fighting when there were people suffering? Angel crossed the streets not knowing where he was going but somewhere.

"Liam?" A voice asked but he didn't answer. "Liam?" The voice asked again. "Angel?" Angel responded to that name and turned around seeing the girl from the diner earlier. She came up to him smiling. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone." She assured him.

"I know who you are you wanted to be a vampire." Angel stated.

"Yeah going by Lily now." She answered. "Why aren't you home?" She asked and he kept quiet. Angel then started to walk and she followed. "Where did the name Liam come from?" She asked trying to make small talk.

"It's my middle name." Angel answered but he wasn't all there.

"Angel Liam, that's pretty." Lily commented. "You know I never did thank you for saving me." Angel looked to her. "So thank you and I promise I won't tell anyone you're here I know what it's like to get and stay lost."

"You live around here?" Angel asked and she shrugged.

"A few places with Ricky." She answered and he nodded which meant she was homeless. Just then an old man bumped into them.

"I'm no one." He said and walked into the streets. Angel saw an oncoming car and couldn't allow it even if the man said he was no one. Angel raced into the streets and grabbed the man and pulled him away from the truck and saved his life. A few people saw that and clapped as Angel helped him up. "I'm no one." The homeless man kept walking.

Angel walked away from the crowds wanting to get away and he went to home it was a stupid idea to go out for a walk. But he wasn't paying attention and ran right into a man knocking his flyers everywhere.

"Sorry, sorry," Angel got down to help him gather the flyers.

"It's ok," The man assured him as they stood up. "Ken," Held out his hand for a handshake but Angel didn't responded. "Here, take this," He handed Angel a flyer. "We don't just feed people but help them in other ways. This is the last place someone like you should be. Kids that come here die from despair." The man explained. Angel took the flyer and went into the night.

Angel shoved his hands into his coat just wanting to get back to his place but felt someone following him. Angel used the shadows to hide and saw a figure walking. Angel jumped out and attacked the thing.

"Whoa, whoa!" The thing cried out as Angel pulled away. "You are strong, not going to hurt you babe." Angel looked down at the…thing maybe. He wore a hat but had a green face. "I may look like a demon but…ok I am demon but I'm a good demon." He assured him as he got up but Angel still held a fight pose. "The boy slayer, it is in an honor, Lorne Greene," He held out his hand and then shrugged. "Right, probably haven't had good run in's with demons."

"What do you want?" Angel demanded in a dark tone as Lorne looked to the young man. He looked so broken, so lost, so far from home. You kind of want to give him a hug but you know that won't do anything for him. He's seen so much in so little time.

"Been watching you for a month now had a uh…vision so to speak and someone has gone way off the beaten path." Lorne explained and then took something out of his pocket. "You'll see what I mean and when you do stop by." He handed Angel a card and the green demon walked away. Angel looked at the car and it said Caritas. Angel looked back up seeing the demon still leaving.

Back in Sunnydale Joyce was at home in the dining room paying bills. The house was so quiet that it was slowly driving her crazy. She filed a missing person's report but in three months no word. Angel empty out his account and you can't really track cash. Also he left his car here so right now there was no finding him. As Joyce filled out a check she heard a knock at the door. She prayed it was Angel coming home. She hoped everyday that he would come home. Joyce answered the door and it was Giles and he knew he disappointed her. She let him in anyways.

"I went to follow up a lead but no Angel." Giles said knowing that's all she wanted to know.

"I can't even leave the house," Joyce started. "I'm afraid he'll call and need me and don't want to miss it."

"Angel's one of the most mature person I have met for being seventeen, I know he can take care of himself." Giles assured her and she nodded.

"I just wish I could talk to him, hear his voice, the place is so empty and lonely. I told him to get out but I didn't mean it and I wish he knew that." Joyce paused and sighed.

"Don't blame yourself." Giles knew that wasn't going to help.

"I'm not I'm blaming you. You and him had this relationship behind my back. You've guided and influenced him something that I couldn't do not well enough to make him stay or understand." Joyce needed to put blame on some even though this wasn't anyone's fault.

"Joyce, misses O'Brien what happened to Angel isn't our fault." Giles assured her.

"Then who's is it?" Joyce asked.

Morning came and the after noon took over as Angel was back at the diner. He was at the bar restocking some sugar and cream thinking about the demon Lorne. He looked up and saw Lily come in. He didn't want to talk to her but she walked right up to the bar.

"Ang…Liam," She correct herself. "I need to talk to you Ricky's gone." She said. Angel looked up to say something but then saw someone standing outside the window. She was all in white staring at him. Angel looked down closing his eyes and looked back up slightly but she was still there.

"I, I can't help you." Angel stammered and brushed Lily off as he continued to look out the window and she was still there. 'You're dead, you're dead, you're dead. You're not real.' He repeated in his head.

"Please, he never just leaves and you help people right?" She asked and Angel looked up and back out the window and she wasn't gone.

"I don't do that anymore." Angel insisted trying to go about his day.

"I don't know what to do." Lily sound scared and upset. "I don't know where to start." Angel lowered his head and sighed.

"I get off at three." Was Angel saying yes to her. He looked out the window and she was gone.

Lily took Angel to a local blood bank as they walked around.

"We donate blood a few times, get paid a few bucks plus free food." Lily explained and a nurse came up to them.

"Uh, hi," Angle greeted but it felt like he lost his people skills.

"Here to donate?" The nurse asked.

"No, no just looking for a friend Ricky have you've seen him in the last day?" Angel asked.

"Let me check the chart." The nurse walked away leaving Angel and Lily there.

There was no luck at the clinic so Angel was going to stop by at some of the place Ricky and Lily hung out. They were all broken down buildings as he walked through them. There were squatters, druggies and prostitution in these places. Angel poked around hoping that Ricky got high and passed out and then he could be done with this. Angel looked around and his heart dropped. He found Ricky but whatever happened it was too late. The old thing was he knew it was Ricky but he looked eighty years old.

Angel returned to his place where Lily waited and paced. Angel locked the door behind him and she turned around.

"Did you find him?" She asked but Angel said nothing.

"Lily, Ricky…" But he didn't have to say anything and Lily started to tear up and backed away.

"Oh, no, no," She cried and for some reason Angel reached out and pulled her in for a hug. She responded and held him back sobbing.

"I'm sorry," He whispered knowing what it was like when you lose someone you loved. Angel held her but he was thinking about Ricky, when he checked him he was drained dry but there were no bite marks. Something wasn't right so once Lily leaves he was going back to the blood bank. He didn't like that place when he stepped in.

Later that night Angel went back to the bank. Breaking in wasn't hard and now it was time to poke around. He opened up a filing cabinet and pulled out files. He found Ricky's and opened it. He kind of wished he had Willow with him to make sense of this but when he got to the bottom it read candidate but for what? Angel tossed his file away and opened up another on to look. The nurse from earlier that day came in.

"What are you doing?" She asked but Angel didn't even bother to turn around and kept looking.

"Breaking in and going through your files." Angel answered like it wasn't serious. "Candidate for what?" Angel asked.

"I'm calling the police." The nurse stated and Angel reached for the phone on the wall and ripped it from the wall. The nurse took a step back in fear. Angel kept looking through more files and didn't an answer.

"You have lots of candidates here," He picked up a file and turned around holding it. "What's it for and not asking again?" Angel was getting frustrated and he tosses it aside. Now he wished he had his crossbow that would intimidate anyone.

"I'm not doing anything I just give them the list of the healthy ones." The nurse answered.

"Who's they?" Angel asked walking closer to the nurse knowing she was going to crack.

Angel found the place and wanted to talk to Ken. He walked right up to the door and didn't bother to knock and just kicked it down. Two men came running after him as he fixed his collar on his coat. One man threw a punch and Angel caught it and twisted his arm breaking it. Angel used that man as a shield and the guy punched the first guy. Angel threw the first guy down and the second man reached for Angel. Angel grabbed his wrists and threw him over his back and then slammed his foot into his face. As he walked away the first guy was about to get up but Angel kicked him in the face and he was out.

Angel kicked down a door and Ken stood up and he saw Lily was here.

"Stop that." Angel demanded and Ken threw Lily into some black water. Angel charged at Ken and they both fell in. Angel landed on his back and rolled over and saw Lily and he got up to her and started to help her up.

"My face," Ken complained. "You have any idea how long it takes to put it on!" The man ripped his face off revealing a demon.

"Run," Angel said to Lily grabbing her and they ran. Angel led her around and they came to a huge room that looked like a welding factory and the people working were human slaves. Demons ran the place as he looked. He couldn't back away from this now. Then something hit Angel in the back of the head and he went down. Lily screamed as she was face to face with the demon.

"You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you. He is my refuge and my fortress. You shall take refuge. Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence." A soft voice said as Angel was lying down. He then saw her standing there in white again and she held out her hand and he reached for it.

She pulled him up as they were now standing face to face. He wanted to hug her as their hands were still in one another's.

"Buffy?" He asked.

"Wake up Angel!" She yelled.

Angel woke up and looked around and he was on a dirty floor. He slowly got up and saw Lily sitting in the corner and then the demon that calls himself Ken.

"Angel," The demon said. "The boy slayer, heard about you. You killed the Master and you killed Elizabeth finally its honor. The whole demon underworld knows you but you disappeared for a while. Now I have found you and there's a big price on your head." He smiled as Angel sat up. "Welcome to hell."

"You work us until we're to old then we're gone." Angel stated.

"See in hell, time moves faster, a few years here more like a hundred years is just a day on earth. Oh and there is some one here that you might know, Buffy." The demon said.

"Where is she?" Angel asked getting up grabbing the bars ready to kill the demon.

"Well, maybe not in this hell dimension but she's in one and my god, never heard a scream like that before." He smiled seeing how it angered Angel.

Angel and a few others stood before a demon slave driver. He was giving orders and then walked up to a frighten young boy.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Aaron." The boy answered the demon cut his head off. The demon then walked to Lily.

"Who are you?" The demon asked.

"No one." Lily answered in tears. He asked another boy and he repeated what Lily said. Then the demon stood before Angel.

"Who are you?" He asked and Angel smiled a little.

"I'm Angel, the vampire slayer." He said then demon went to slam his axe to Angel. Angel caught it and broke the demon's arm and the other two demons ran to. Angel jumped and slammed the axe into one demon's head and then spun to the ground and embedded the axe into the second demon's chest. Angel stood up as the people looked shock and Angel twirled his axe. "Follow me." And they did.

Angel led them under a stairwell as the other people worked. Angel took everything in and then turned to Lily.

"Listen to me very carefully," Angel started. "I need you to take these people up the stairs once I take out a few guards.

"No, don't leave me." Lily begged him.

"If you don't do this then we all die." Angel stated and she nodded and he put his finger to his lips meaning to stay hushed. He handed her the axe and she took it then sirens went off and Angel then left the small group. Angel led some guards to chase after him giving the group sometime to run. Angel ran through whatever this factory was meant for and jumped on a plate form and jumped to the pole and swung around it and kicked two of the guards back.

Angel did a few backwards flips and blocked a move from one demon and kicked him back taking its axe from it. Another demon charged at him and swung the axe killing it while two more came his way. Angel rolled to the ground and when he rolled back up he spun and tripped another demon. Angel sliced its head off and the other demon came running to him. Angel charged at it and both axes grinded against each other. Angel kicked the demon and then kicked the axe from it and caught it. He spun and swung both axes into the demon and it fell. Angel stood up and twirled both axes and felt an amazing surge of energy go through him, it felt good to slay evil again.

"Humans never fight!" The demon called Ken yelled.

"Strong is fighting," Angel whispered to himself. He took back who he was in that moment. Angel threw an axe and it landed in the head of a demon and he fought off a few more.

"Enough!" Ken yelled holding Lily with a knife at her throat. Angel stopped and Ken stood at the edge. "You're mine slayer!" He yelled and Lily in a split second pushed Ken over the side. Angel kicked a demon back and sliced it's head off. Angel jumped off the plate form as Ken got up and Angel jumped into the air and threw the second axe and Ken was dead. The people of the place started to rebel fighting the demons too. Angel ripped the axe from Ken's head and looked up to Lily and she smiled. Angel went to help the people as he was born too.

Angel got the people out and headed to certain place for answers. He found the place Caritas and walked in. It was a karaoke bar as people were singing and the people were demons. He wasn't sure how he felt about this.

"Oh, don't worry Angel cake they're not bad demons." Angel turned around and saw the demon Lorne holding a drink. "So," Lorne walked and Angel followed him to an empty booth and they sat.

"You knew that was going to happen." Angel stated and Lorne shrugged sipping his drink.

"All I know is you were going to face something to help you take the next step." Lorne answered. "You see her don't you?" Lorne asked and Angel looked up. Angel was seventeen but he looked twenty-seven from all the horrors he's seen and the fighting he's done. But how does this demon know about Buffy and what happened to her? "She came into this business to help fight and to protect you. She's still protecting you and now guiding you. You stray away you'll see her. So what have you been doing out here?" Lorne asked.

"Stuff," Angel answered leaning into the booth. "Things," He was vague but Lorne nodded.

"You're a key player in this Angel it's time for you to see that. You have many people working for you to fight this." Lorne finished and Angel looked to the demon. "Time for you to do stuff and things back in Sunnydale because there is evil brewing out there and it's a nasty one."

"What are you?" Angel asked.

"Just one who wants to help. I tell the truth. You come to a bend in your own personal uphill road. Whether that slows you down well that's up to you." Lorne sipped his drink.

"You saw something?" Angel asked and Lorne shrugged.

"I send people on their paths ok. You're at a crucial juncture Angel. The question is what happens now?" Lorne asked and Angel leaned back in the booth thinking.

Back at Angel's place Lily was there. On the bed was a bag of everything Angel had brought with him.

"It's yours and you start work tomorrow at seven in the morning." Angel said to her and she smiled and then hugged him.

"Thank you," Lily whispered and pulled away. Angel smiled but it was faint and he grabbed his bag and left. But before he did Angel looked out the door and looked to the building but there wasn't anyone there, she wasn't there.

Angel got off the bus at the Sunnydale bus station and grabbed his stuff, which was very little. He then walked the streets of the town remembering the place. It was the same small little, no nothing town that hasn't got a clue. Angel kept walking ignoring most of the people as he passed by.

After what seemed like the longest walk he finally was in his neighborhood and now just had to find his street and house. He kept walking and then stopped. Could he face his mom? Would she let him in? He had the chance to turn back and run, to get on a bus and go to the East Coast far from here. But his feet went forwards, something told him to keep moving and there was his house. It hadn't changed and he saw his mother's car in the driveway parked next to his. Angel took a deep breath and kept walking to the house.

Joyce was in the kitchen cleaning up and sighed but a knock made her jump. She set down the towel and ran to the front door and opened it. Angel looked to his mom and she broke down in tears and reached out and pulled him in for a strong hug. Angel dropped his bag hugging his mother. He couldn't help but let a few tears fall himself, he was home.

"Oh, Angel," Joyce sobbed holding him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Please come home." She begged and Angel nodded with a few more tears. Joyce pulled away cupping his cheeks and pulled him close so their foreheads rested against one another. She kissed his forehead and hugged him again. She pulled him inside grabbing his bag. It smelt like home and he missed it. Angel headed upstairs with Joyce following him to his room.

His room was the same as he left it and the bed looked too comfortable that he laid in it now he'll sleep for a week. Joyce set his bag on the bed and the look she gave him was a look of relief. The look was also 'I'm going to cook everything we've got for you.' She left him alone to be by himself and regain himself to. Angel sat on the edge of the bed and let out a sigh and looked around his room. Part of him felt great to be home but the other part felt like he should run.

A few hours passed and Angel laid in his bed looking at the psalm 91 prayer card. On his neck was the medal and cross along with the ring. He couldn't wear the ring not on his finger but he was still wearing it. His mom fed him until he was on the verge of throwing it up and then he took a hot shower and felt good. Angel lowered the card and looked around his room. He was home but still felt lost.

That's chapter one. Some similarities and some differences. I like how I left it that Angel's home but he wants to leave again. Also hope you like Buffy's appearances. I felt Angel didn't have enough in the show. More insight to this chapter in the forum and how I went about things it'll be posted under TCOAB 3 Chapters in Review and the forum title TheBuffyAngelWhedonVerse. So you guys want more? Got a small look into chapter 2 and a longer look in the forum. Thanks for reading, comments, reviews are all and always welcomed.

Chapter 2 Back in Black

"Nothing settled yet but I wish you didn't have to be so secretive about being a slayer."

"Well, I have to ok it's for your protection from me." Angel stated as he was at the sink looking out the small window and saw a flash of a figure in white walking across the yard. Angel closed eyes quickly to shut that out and looked to his mom as she tossed the dishrag to the counter and went to empty the trash.

"Well, if people knew like the cops you might be able to help I mean you are a superhero right?" She asked and Angel sighed looking out the window again and then to his mom.

"Whatever," He blew her off and she got the hint that he didn't want to talk as she opened the back door and then something came running inside. Joyce screamed seeing the cat they just buried yesterday running in. Oh yes, it's going to be a long day.