Chapter 7 Out

Back to back update? I know I'm so nice. This is an important chapter, which I will further explain why in the forum. Enjoy.

When everything turns to black
You don't know where to go
You need something
To justify your soul

Silence is broken
Confidence is gone
Everything you're holding on to

All the people selling truths
On every corner now
The wait until the fear
Has knocked you down

All the rules are changing now
You're living in sin
Everything around you is caving in

All you're holding on to
Slipping like water through your hands

And you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Ya you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Far off in the distance
Somewhere you can't see
Allegiances have formed your destiny

Opposition all around
Feeding off your soul
Trying hard to swallow up you whole

And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Oh la la la la la

Oh la la la la la

La la la la

La la la la

La la la la

Black by Kari Kammil

The A-Team were all at the Bronze tonight minus one. Oz finished a gig and went to the group to talk and hang out. Willow and Xander were very…jumpy around each other lately, which made Oz and Cordelia wonder. But the bigger question was.

"Where's Angel?" Willow asked and they all shrugged. "Does anyone notice a difference in him?"

"See, slaying vampires, killing zombies, torching sewers monsters?" Xander listed. "Nope, sounds like the usual."

"No, I mean he seems distracted." Willow sounded concerned and a little upset because she seemed to be the only one picking up on it. "He's been going off on his own that's all."

"Well, he is the slayer." Cordelia added but that wasn't what Willow meant, why couldn't they see that. "Maybe he and Faith are finally putting in some time." Cordelia suggested smiling.

"True," Xander smiled. "I mean she likes him, he's a slayer too, match made in heaven." But Willow rolled her eyes getting frustrated with them and Oz can tell.

"Well, what does he do when just goes off on his own?" Willow asked.

Faith and Angel were together fighting. Giles sat on a bench taking notes, studying them. This was a rare moment to watch two slayers in action to see their unique fighting styles. Angel and Faith were as different as night and day when fighting. Giles didn't want to make them feel like test subjects but it was rare enough to have a male slayer let alone two slayers fighting together.

Faith staked a vampire and tossed the stake to Angel. He twirled it and threw to the second vampire and that one was dust.

"We're getting good at this." Faith commented as the slayers walked over to Giles. "So?"

"That was sloppy," An English accent answered but it wasn't Giles it was a woman. They all looked up seeing a woman dressed in a knee length skirt, pressed button up shirt, a jacket with shoulder pads and her hair in a perfect bun looking right back at them. "Which one of you is…" She stopped herself. "You must be Faith," She looked to the girl.

"No, that's Faith," Faith pointed to Angel but it didn't amuse the woman in the least. "Who are you?"

"Gwendolyn Post, Misses Gwendolyn Post," She introduced herself. "I am your new Watcher." Faith wasn't sure about that, she was taking a liking to Giles since being here.

The four of them retreated back to the library of the school to talk. Angel and Faith sat next to each other at the table and had their feet on the table. Giles came over and tapped their shows and they took their feet off the table.

"I'm telling you I don't need a new Watcher," Faith defended herself. She wanted to train with Giles. He was tough but rather fun and easy to talk to. Gwendolyn smiled trying to seem understanding but all Angel picked up was some uppity stuck up person.

"Well, fortunately it's not up to you." Gwendolyn informed Faith. "Excuse me mister Giles where do you keep the rest of you books?" And Giles looked confused as he looked around in the library.

"The rest?" He repeated.

"Yes, the actual library." She stated and Angel made up his mind he didn't like her and was glad he had Giles.

"Misses Post I can assure this is the best reference," Giles went to explain but didn't get a word in.

"This side of the Atlantic I'm sure," She sounded annoyed like she was undermining Giles. Angel did not like that. She doesn't like their way of doing things that's just to bad it's his town. "Do have Humes Paranormal Encyclopedia?" She asked walking around the library judging it down to the dust.

"Well," Giles stuttered.

"The Lathberiths Maps of Multa?" She drilled him.

"No, we don't," Angel stepped in with in attitude and Gwendolyn looked shocked that he would speak to her, a Watcher like that. She looked to Giles for some discipline but Giles didn't do anything.

"I have been sent by the Council for a very important reason," She started and Angel sighed and Faith smirked a little. She was taking a great liking to him more than just being slayers. "Faith needs a Watcher and I'm here to act in that capacity and report back."

"Excuse me Mary Poppins," Faith stepped in. "What's wrong with two slayers sharing a Watcher?" She asked. "It's been going just fine."

"Faith," Giles stepped in knowing that Faith will not listen to Gwendolyn and Angel won't for that matter. "If the Council wishes for a closer observation on you then we will corporate."

"The Council wishes me to observe and report on the entire situation here." Gwendolyn added looking around. "Your slayer ran away, your slayer does not follow the set guidelines." She pointed out and Giles took offense to that.

"Well, he's not the typical slayer and we may not follow the book to the T but he does get the job done." Giles defended Angel and she smiled.

"Mister Giles, the Council is concerned for their male slayer. He is not in secret as he should be." She pointed out another mistake. "There is talk in the Council that you mister Giles have become…too American." Angel cocked an eyebrow at the comment. Angel was not going to sit here and get insulted or have his Watcher get insulted.

"You're in my town, in my school, in my library, you do not talk about me like I belong to the Council like a dog. You don't undermine my Watcher either." Angel lay down the law and she smiled again.

"He's quite the charmer." Gwendolyn commented. "A demon named Lagos is coming to town mister Giles," She brushed Angel off and Giles eyed him saying thank you but not now so Angel sat down. "What do you know of him?" Giles gathered his thoughts but it was taking too much time for her. "Lagos seeks the Glove of Myhnegon," Giles sighed in frustration. "There is no record of the glove's power but we do know it's highly dangerous. It must not fall into the hands of a demon."

"So, what do you propose?" Giles asked.

"Kill the demon. Both slayers on full watch and a coordinated hunt. The Glove is buried in a tomb and must find it and before him and destroy it." Gwendolyn answered. "We should head for the cemetery."

"Which one?" Angel asked and she looked up at him.

"How many are there?" She asked and he shrugged.

"Twelve and I'm good at doing sweeps but twelve in one night, can't not even with two slayers." Angel answered.

"Then we'll go through them all one by one and if there's anything useful in your books to pinpoint the exact location then start looking but I won't ask for miracles." Gwendolyn sounded really snobby and Giles looked annoyed. "We will begin tomorrow at sunset, Faith, come with me," Gwendolyn order.

"Post," Angel looked to the woman and she looked back. "We'll work together but on one condition," She looked interested. "Pull the stick out." Her face then looked upset as she turned away and Giles smirked a little. Faith got up to follow her Watcher and once out the door Giles sighed. "I can kill her if you need me to." Giles thought about it.

"No, that's a no, no and it's frowned upon by the Council." Giles said and Angel leaned back in his chair. "We'll…deal as you say."

The next day came around and Angel was at the mansion with Buffy. They were training together it was a hybrid of Tia Chi and yoga. It was tough and both broke out in a sweat. Angel had gone shirtless while Buffy was in black pants and a black tank top. She wasn't at full strength yet but getting there. Angel focused on his breathing hoping not to get distracted by Buffy with her hair up in a ponytail and seeing her like this.

The training was relaxing and intense at the same time. It was calming something she needed. They moved slowly through the poses in time together. They were perfect sync with one another. He wished this would be his everyday training ritual but he still needed the cardio. They lifted their hands up in the air at the same time and Angel had no clue what took over him but he was now behind Buffy letting his hands come on either side of her.

She didn't move or protest as his hands went on top of hers as they brought them down. She turned around to him and the temptation was there. He was warm and she wanted to feel it again. They looked each other in the eyes longing to close the gap. She could hear his heart racing wanting it.

"You should go," She whispered softly breaking the chance to allow anything. She took a step back to give them more space. Angel went to the bench and put on his shirt. "Better go before someone finds out what we're doing…whatever that is."

"I'm here to help you get your strength back." Angel stated his purpose here. "Training,"

"I guess old habits die hard." Buffy added as he grabbed his backpack ready to leave. "Think there's twelve steps?"

"I'll…call or something, gotta kill a Lagos." Angel said and Buffy's eyes widen. "Not good right."

"He's…nasty yes, strong and powerful and…dangerous. Be careful please," She begged and he nodded and left.

At the library Giles, Willow, Xander, Oz and Cordelia were researching. Giles slammed another book down.

"There's nothing about Lagos and it's wasting time." Giles was frustrated. "Find all you can, where it came from. It's strengths, weakness, what it wants the Glove for!" Giles was taking his frustration out on them because another Watcher was here trying to take over.

"Hey," Xander stopped and Giles shot him an evil look.

"Work or go home." Giles then left and Xander and Willow retreated into the library and sat down together. They should read more but ended up making out. They were cheating on Oz and Cordelia big time. This affair has been going on right around the time school started back up. "Willow! Xander!" They pulled away and stood up before Giles could see them. "You two can go home I found the location. The glove is housed in the Van Hounton family tomb."

"I know where that's at," Xander stammered. "I can check it out on my way home." He offered and Giles nodded.

"Be careful," Giles said as he continued to read.

Angel was going to the library to meet Giles but about halfway he turned around. The issues of him and Buffy have long yet been resolved. In fact they have yet to surfaced. They've been dancing around them hoping to avoid an argument about Elizabeth, hell and last year. But it was getting more complicated now that Buffy was getting stronger. Not only that it was a matter of time before the others find out about her return.

Buffy did her research on Lagos and wanted to help. If he wanted the glove then she'll find it first and destroy it. Not only that she'll do her best to help from afar. That was the original plan when she first met Angel, to only help afar.

Xander found the tomb walking slowly realizing this was a huge mistake to be out in the cemetery alone at night while a demon was on the loose. He found the tomb and the door was open. Then he heard something moving and his heart raced.

"Oh shit, oh shit, I'm going to die," He whispered and hit behind another tomb wall and waited to see a demon walk out. He did see a demon but it wasn't what he thought. His eyes widen and he had to do a double take. "Buffy?" He whispered as she left the tomb with something and she headed off into the night. There was no way she was back, that was impossible.

Angel walked into the mansion and needed to talk to Buffy and saw her in the living room. She looked up at him and he walked right up to her to say something but instead they crashed into each other and kissed. It was a kiss that has built up over time since she's been back. It was kiss that felt long overdue since she changed into Elizabeth.

They should be talking but they weren't, they were just kissing letting their lips talk in a different way. They embraced each other pulling one another closer. She ran her hands up his loose shirt and he didn't protest he did likewise with her and then they realized it had to stop and they pulled away. They looked shock and even slightly disgusted at one another for this.

"I don't even know why I came back," Angel was about to leave and she caught up to him.

"Wait, Angel, I'm glad you did," She took his hand. "Not for the kiss though," He looked a little disappointed. "I mean if we're talking about that, that was well above average as far as kisses go…" She was rambling. "I found the glove." She had to get this on track and then took Angel to the coffee table showing him. On the table was a huge rag and she unwrapped it.

"Another arm and it's not even my birthday." He tried to joke and she smiled a little as he reached for it and she grabbed his hand.

"Don't touch it," She warned him. "Once on it can never be removed." She then looked down as she held his hand and she let go and the awkwardness settled back in.

"You hold onto this ok, I'll tell Giles and we'll figure it out." Angel stated as she wrapped it back up and he put his coat on that she took off during the heated kiss.

"If Lagos is looking for this it needs to be destroy, see if I can find anything." She added and he nodded and left. Once he was out the door Buffy wanted to kick herself. "Stupid, swore off men for a good reason, bad Buffy." She then started to think about him again. "Stop thinking about his kisses or…other things…I need a cold shower." She then headed upstairs for a cold shower.

In the library Giles read as Gwendolyn paced in his apartment

"Ah, found it, the Glove," He spoke up. Gwendolyn came over and smiled.

"I know this already." She stated shooting him down. "Giles, I know you don't fancy me at the moment but things have happen like your boy slayer Angel."

"Angel has proven himself time and time again, he has exceed all my expectations and more." Giles defended Angel. "He is dedicated to his work, he is hard working, extremely smart both in slaying and on the academic front. I have no problems with him." Just then the door was opened.

"Giles, we've got a big problem its Angel!" Then Xander realized this was a bad time Gwendolyn cocked an eyebrow with a little smirk.

"Will you excuse me?" Giles got up and forced Xander outside.

Angel headed to the library the next day to tell Giles about the glove and somehow about Buffy but more importantly the glove. He walked into the library and the team was there sitting at the table. Giles was at the head of the table and by the looks of it this looked like a hearing.

"Morning?" He asked them and Giles nodded looking at the empty seat saved for him and Angel sat down.

"See how to start and ease into it," Giles started. "We know Buffy is alive." Angel heart sank; he was going to tell Giles but privately. "Xander saw you two and it appears you have been hiding her and you lied to us." Angel looked to Xander and made up his mind to kill him later.

"We're not blaming you for anything Angel but you need help." Willow jumped in.

"This isn't what it seems," Angel needed to defend himself and Buffy.

"I think it is," Xander stepped in. "We think you're harboring a vicious killer."

"We're not here to attack Xander," Giles knew if Xander kept going on then Angel will shut down and there would be nothing they could do.

"Well, last time she was around she wasn't the nicest." Cordelia added and then Angel stood up.

"She's not evil, she's far from it." Angel stated.

"Yeah and for how long?" Xander asked.

"You knew it was wrong otherwise you would not have hidden her." Giles stated.

"I hid her because she was weak and defenseless and you," He looked to Xander. "And you," He looked to Giles. "Would have killed her and not even bother asking why. She came back for a reason. I was coming to tell you in private." He looked to his Watcher and then Giles sort of felt guilty to call him out. "I needed to know she was ok, she came back for a reason."

"Well, how long do we have before you two decide to get happy?" Xander asked, he was scare; Elizabeth nearly killed them all the last time.

"We're not together." Angel stated.

"But you were kissing?" Oz asked and then Angel looked to Xander and started to walk to him and Xander backed up.

"You were spying on me?" Angel asked and now Xander was backed into a corner. "What gives you that right?"

"What gives you the right to suck your demon ex-lover's face?" Cordelia stepped in. "You had to put her down like a dog and now you're acting like she did nothing."

"I know what happened!" Angel yelled. "I was there! She knows what happened! She lived it!" Angel yelled. "She's here to help, if she was a threat she wouldn't be here."

"Like with Jenny?" Xander asked and Giles didn't say anything.

"Angel, you can't see straight with Buffy," Willow jumped in.

"She found the glove, it's safe and she' finding a way to destroy it." Angel stated hoping to back this all up.

"Great, give Elizabeth all the fire power and leave it to us to clean up." Xander was about to leave when Angel stuck his hand out shoving him back.

"Not the only with the secret right?" Angel asked and Xander's eyes widen, how did he know about them. "I'm going to make this all clear right now. I don't give a shit what you all think. I know who Buffy is, I know who Elizabeth is," He walked away a little and faced them. "I didn't ask for this! I killed her for you people!" Willow started to tear up a little. "She came back and I killed her! You all think you can do better, door's right there," He pointed behind him. "Think you can last go, Buffy solved the case of the Lacronis demon in five minutes, I don't need you guys."

Everyone was quiet as things were being hashed out. He looked to Giles who looked embarrassed about this. This could have been handled better but Angel was right.

"You don't like how I run things then leave, see how far you get. You all better back the hell off from me you all stay the hell away from her." He looked at them. "You go near her, touch her, so much as thinking about hurting her, I will find you, I will kill you, don't think I won't." Angel threatened if they were smart they would listen. "You stay then let's all get one thing straight and clear, I'm the slayer I make the calls." Angel then left and that went really bad.

Giles chased Angel down and cornered him.

"Angel," The slayer didn't want to listen. "You're actions were stupid but I understand. I'm not going to remind you of your duties but actions cost us." He began. "But you were harboring a known murderer one that tortured me for hours, one who killed someone I loved." Giles paused. "By not telling me you have no respect for the job I hold." That wasn't true though, Angel respected Giles the most.

"And you don't think that hurt me?" Angel asked. "I had to feel it too knowing I caused it. But you look me right in the eye tell me it's easy to kill someone you loved, someone you cared about." Angel made his point and Giles while angry understood. "I came here to finally tell you because she has been helping, she's not evil, she's embarrassed and upset for what happened and knows and understands that you may never accept her. I'm not with her but I will support her."

"And them?" Giles asked.

"None of them asked my side or gave me room. They went off what Xander said but they have no idea what I have to go through. They have no idea what its like drive a sword through a person you cared for and hear them call back to you. Buffy suffered nearly a thousand years of hell when it should have been Elizabeth. Buffy has saved us all and I wish you can see that." Angel was sincere about it.

"They're just trying to help." Giles added.

"That's fine but they're not the slayer, they're not me and unless they can hear me out, see what I see then they can leave. I'm the one who suffers in the end, I'm the one who makes that choice to sacrifice my own happiness for theirs and I do it every damn day." Angel paused not regretting what he said to them. "Can I just have one thing, just one even if it's me being able to go to her and talk. She was my best friend and I killed for you." Giles reached out having an understanding for Angel and put his hand on Angel's shoulder and they hugged. "If I could change it I would, you know I would." Giles pulled away and they walked back into the library where everyone remained seated.

"I agree with Angel," Giles started all of them but Xander looked down or away in shame for not realizing that they really didn't let Angel talk. "Buffy is to stay for the time being."

"Here we go," Xander muttered. "Well, I'll go buy Buffy some candy and flowers to welcome her back. We're back in fantasy land people."

"Alright enough!" Giles stepped in. "We all want to be a team then we need to get on the same page. Yes I know what Elizabeth did to me, to us ok. Now Angel has talked me into it doesn't mean I have to like it but need I remind all of you that this is our job not yours. If you want to stay and continue to work with Angel and myself then respect our wishes, respect his because in the end he's the one wielding the sword." Giles finished and Xander stormed out. The group was split now.

Gwendolyn went to Faith's place to talk to her slayer. Faith was not on any track and a slayer should have their own Watcher not sharing one. A slayer needs the attention of the Watcher for guidance and support and it cannot be divided because every slayer is different. A male slayer is completely different altogether

"I'm going to be hard on you Faith," Gwendolyn started. "I will not brook insolence or laziness or blunders like last night's attack." Faith lowered her head. She ran in Lagos and needless to say Lagos won that round. "You may hate me half the time but I will make you a better slayer." She then sat down next to Faith.

This was the first time someone was giving Faith one on one attention and made it feel like she was all that mattered.

"Who knows what Giles has been filling your head with?" She sounded disgusted.

"He's ok by me," Faith added.

"He should have never been assigned to Angel. Angel is new and needs strict guidance and discipline something that his old Watcher Merrick had but not Giles. His methods are well I find them entirely confounding. But let him have his games and secret meetings."

"What meetings?" Faith asked sounding confused.

"Something with Angel and his friends." She sounded snotty about that.

"Oh, yeah that doesn't include me." Faith sounded sad that they were having a meeting but she wasn't even there.

"Why does he allow Angel to socialize so much?" Gwendolyn asked. "Completely unorthodox," Faith smiled a little. "Well, let's do some training."

Angel sat alone eating lunch and one person walked up to him. He looked up and saw Willow looking nervous. She then sat down at the table looking at Angel.

"I wasn't mad," She squeaked out. "Just wish I knew."

"I know about you and Xander." Angel stated and Willow's face turned red. "You two had no right to call me out when you two are cheating behind Oz and Cordelia right in front of them. I won't tell them that'll be up to you guys but if you've learned anything from today, you'll tell Oz very soon." Angel got up and left. Angel wanted nothing to do with friends at the moment. As far as he was concerned he was back to his old ways, the lone warrior.

Night came around and Xander was alone at the Bronze playing pool and hit the pool cue angrily as Faith came in.

"Pissed much?" Faith asked and he looked up at her. "I know what you guys were talking about behind my back." Xander looked up. "It's about the glove,"

"That's not even the half of it, Buffy's still alive." Xander shot the cue getting a pocket. "Saw her and she's got the glove."

"She can kill people." Faith stated and Xander nodded.

"Yup, told Angel but he doesn't care, he just wants to get in her pants and forget everything." Xander explained.

"He knew the whole time," Faith scoffed. "I can't believe him." Faith was even more upset.

"Well, she's fixed apparently." Xander didn't sound convinced.

"I say let's not take any chances and I'll take care of her." Faith added, someone was in her way to get to Angel and because she was a vampire it gave her a reason to end it.

"I'll go with." Xander declared.

Angel found Lagos and gave him a few rounds with his crossbow and then snapped his neck. Faith had a hard time but for it Angel it was rather easy. Once that was done he was going to the mansion to check in on Buffy when he ran into Willow.

"Ok, ok I'll tell Oz first thing that I've been liking Xander, I don't know why especially after today but…can I say hi to Buffy, I…I kind of missed her." Willow rambled and Angel nodded as they got into his car.

"Need to tell Giles I killed Lagos first." Angel stated which the kill was easy and the hunting was easier.

Xander and Faith walked into the library for some weapons but the heard something. Xander ran into Giles' office and he was out.

"She did this!" Faith cried out as Xander reached for the phone.

"No it's not her style." Xander added knowing when it comes to men Elizabeth kills them not knock them out. Faith wasn't having it the vampire goes down.

At the mansion Buffy was setting up the ritual to destroy the glove. She found the way and she had the materials and started. She had a fire going and needed to make it into living flame. She chanted from a book adding the powders with the glove wrapped up and ready to go. The fire then turned into a pink color and she smiled.

"I am good." She commented to herself as she achieved the living flame.

Angel and Willow made it to the library but they saw Giles being carted off into an ambulance. The three of them left the school and headed to the mansion as Xander told Angel what the plan was. Angel would kill him later he needed to stop Faith.

"You're girlfriend," Xander continued the screaming match in the car as Angel was breaking all the rules of the road right now.

"If you just open your goddamn eyes and listen for a second you would know what's happening!" Angel yelled. "Your fate on seeing another day depends on if Buffy lives or not so you better start praying." Xander then looked to Willow hoping for her to side with him but the expression on her face meant Xander is on his own.

"Buffy's going to destroy the glove and Angel just kill Lagos." Willow told Xander and then she turned back to see the road ahead of her.

Buffy was ready and went for the glove when a woman walked in. She had no idea who the lady was and she didn't like her.

"Who are you, what do you want and those shoes do not go with that outfit." Buffy greeted her.

"Gwendolyn Post, mister Giles sent me." She said and Buffy didn't buy it. "Is that the living flame?" She asked and again Buffy said nothing. "Look, Lagos is on his way now and if you're performing this wrong it'll only make the glove more powerful."

"Fine," Buffy wasn't going to argue. As Buffy went to get the glove Gwendolyn grabbed a rod from the fireplace and wacked Buffy across the head and she went down. She saw Buffy going to a trunk so she started slam the rod against the lock to open it. Buffy stood up and was in demon form. "Owe," And Gwendolyn turned around seeing her.

"That was supposed to kill you but you're not human." Gwendolyn the swiped the rod again and Buffy ducked and went to kick the woman, she had some moves. Buffy wasn't a hundred percent so this was a fair fight at the moment. Buffy grabbed the rod and kicked her back and tossed the rod away. She picked up Gwendolyn and tossed and then Faith came running.

"You bitch!" Faith yelled charging to Buffy. Buffy dodge her and then threw her back.

"Kill her Faith, get the glove," Gwendolyn mumbled and Faith got back up and she and Buffy got into a fistfight. Faith grabbed Buffy and threw and she landed on the floor on the other side of the couch and Faith ran to her, took her stake out and went to slam it down to Buffy's chest but something stopped her. Angel grabbed Faith's wrist and then threw Faith away.

Faith charged at him and he blocked her every move, she couldn't get anything on him. Angel was a far superior slayer than Faith. As this fight went on Buffy slowly got up to destroy the clove but she was too late Gwendolyn got to it first. Faith stopped fighting looking even more confused at the situation. Xander and Willow came running in and then Gwendolyn had the glove and smiled. She put it on and started to chant and Faith looked up.

"What?" Faith asked.

"Faith," Gwendolyn looked to her smiling. "You're an idiot." She then held out the glove and chanted something and lightening came from it. Angel jumped back along with Faith still confused. Buffy stood up and Gwendolyn went to destroy her and she jumped out of the way. Gwendolyn the pointed it to Xander and Willow and Buffy used her lightening fast sped to save them both.

"Draw her fire," Angel ordered and Faith listened, got up and ran. While Gwendolyn was focused on Faith Angel got up and saw that Buffy, Willow and Xander were ok at the moment. Angel took out a knife and threw it and it cut Gwendolyn's arm off. The lightening then struck her and she screamed as she went into flames. Within a moment she was gone. Buffy sat up a little and looked around.

"Just had this room redone," She muttered and Angel rushed over to her and helped her up not really bothering with Willow or Xander. Faith helped them up as Angel was Buffy support. The living flame was still going and Buffy picked up the glove and tossed it into the cauldron and it disappeared. There was an awkward silence in the room as Angel and Buffy left the room and went upstairs. She was weak with what strength she used to save Willow and Xander's life and Xander was ready to take hers.

The next day in school at lunch Willow, Oz, Xander and Cordelia sat together.

"So, what are they going to do? I mean are Angel and Buffy together?" Cordelia asked.

"I don't think Angel wants to talk to us right now." Oz added and he had every right not to talk to them.

"Well, Buffy saved my life so, I like her again." Willow jumped in and Oz agreed.

"Me too." He supported Willow and then Angel came over seeing them.

"We're friends," Angel made it clear and they all felt stupid for not trusting him.

"We're sorry," Willow spoke up but he wasn't so made at Willow or Oz. Cordelia really didn't have anything to do with this it was Xander. Xander doesn't like Buffy even though she saved his life again. "So we all good?"

"Not all of us," Angel looked to Xander and then left. Angel headed to the library and saw Giles there sipping tea. "Well, I take it that Gwendolyn Post wasn't a Watcher." Stated as he set his backpack on the table.

"Oh, she was one," Giles started as Angel sat down. "She was kicked out of the Council about two years ago for misuse of dark powers." Giles finished and sat down. "You performed well with the glove and Buffy…well I'll keep a close watch but so far it's alright." Angel nodded. "And your friends?"

"I know why a slayer works alone." Angel looked to Giles.

"You'll have to forgive sometime." Giles said and Angel nodded.

"He has to as well." Angel added but it wasn't forgiveness to him it was to Buffy.

Angel was alone in his room. He had gone to Faith's place but she wasn't going to talk. She trusted Gwendolyn and it turned out she was a fake. Angel knew the strain was on the group it was human emotion not some demon ready to rise. Willow and Xander were cheating on Oz and Cordelia, Buffy was back stirring up memories they all wanted to forget and it was a mess. Maybe soon it'll stop but for now you just had to deal with it. At least his conscious was clear about Buffy, or at least he thought it was.

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Chapter 8 Happy Ending

"You planning on seeing Buffy?" Giles asked and Angel was truthful and nodded. Giles both approved and disapproved. Angel will do what he wants when he wants so telling him no would be like talking to the wall. "Be careful." Giles warned him. Giles was still uneasy about Buffy being back because well he hasn't seen her yet and wouldn't until who knows when.

"Giles, we're friends ok, I'm not stupid and I know there's nothing in the future for us except friendship. Before she was Elizabeth she proved she can help and I'd like for her to come back into the group." Angel added and Giles understood.