Ahoy there shipmates,

So you remember that fic I wrote about a thief and a pirate? Well I thought it definitely needed a sequel…so here it is!

Things to note about this fic are that you will definitely need to have read The Thief and the Pirate and that this one takes a step into M territory, whereas its prequel never did. This is set about a week later and still follows the story of 'The Miller's Daughter' which means Tamara isn't evil etc :)

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The Spark and the Void

Chapter One


It's been a crazy week. Emma wipes a hand across her forehead, the sweat from her brow beginning to get on her nerves. She leans down to pick up the chair she had been holding once again, "Where did you want this one?"

"Just over by the desk would be great, Em," Neal replies, gesturing towards the study.

She heaves the furniture into her arms, moving towards the room, noticing a mop of messy brown hair seated atop the desk, "Henry, why aren't you helping?"

He shrugs, "I was asked to sort things out in here."

Emma notices he's joining paperclips together in a chain and rolls her eyes, "Come on kid, I only agreed to help so I could spend the day with you here."

Henry jumps down from the desk and, making sure to keep eye contact with his mother, drags the chair from her arms to place it in the right spot, "Okay."

She smiles, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, "The sooner we get this done, the sooner I can take you out for dinner."

But Henry steps out from under her hold, his expression unsure, "Actually, I was thinking I'd stay here tonight. We've already got my bed set up and everything."

"Oh," she's taken aback but knows that Neal did move to Storybrooke to spend more time with his son, "Well, if that's okay with Neal."

He nods, "I already checked," then seeing the sadness that crosses her face, he adds, "Plus, I noticed you've been avoiding Hook this last week. I think you should see him," before running off to help his father unload a few suitcases.

Emma bows her head, she should know better than to underestimate the observation skills of her son. She hasn't been necessarily avoiding Killian this week, it's more that she has just had so many other things on her mind with Neal and Tamara moving to Storybrooke and the whole aftermath of Rumpelstiltskin's war on her family. But Henry is right, she should see him. She wants to see him.

Double checking with Neal that it's okay that Henry stays the night, Emma grabs her coat, looping it over her arm, and heads for the docks. She remembers when she gets about halfway that she hasn't showered all day and she probably smells of dust and sweat. Casting a glance out at the Jolly Roger sitting in the bay, she reluctantly turns around and heads back towards her apartment to clean herself up.

From the helm of his ship, Killian Jones watches her go, a familiar disappointment sitting in his gut.


"I've had a thought."

Regina has barely stepped inside Gold's shop and he is already throwing a proposition at her. She seats herself at his counter, watching as he waters a plant on the shelf behind him, "And what would that be?"

He spins on his heel, facing her with a menacing grin, "We need to eliminate Emma."

The doubts spark in Regina's mind immediately, "Henry will never believe I had nothing to do with that. I'll lose him forever."

"Ah, but you haven't even asked my plan, dearie."

The Queen cocks her head, listening, "What is your plan?"

He waves a hand in the air, "Why, a simple memory spell."

She shakes her head, "No. Henry will know."

"So negative. Let me finish." He leans towards her, "We can make this look like an accident."

She narrows her eyes, searching him for deceit. Finding nothing but honesty, she nods slowly, "Okay. I notice you said spell. Can't we just curse her? Would that not be more effective?"

He smiles at her compliance, "Not this time, dearie. True love's kiss can break any curse and Miss Swan has true love flowing through her veins. Her curse would be broken before the pirate could even leave her memory."

"The pirate? Hook?"

"Oh yes," he says absently, "They are quite in love."

Regina rolls her eyes in disgust, "Tell me this plan."


The heels of her shoes click on the decking of the Jolly Roger as she makes her way to the door of his cabin. Her hair has just barely dried from her shower and it tickles the back of her neck as a cool breeze hits it. Shivers run down her spine and she reaches a hand up to warm her skin. But another figure grasps it instead, the rough hand lacing fingers with hers as he stands behind her, "Emma."

And his voice sends her trembling but she remains facing away from him, just letting his presence wash over her. She can't remember all the reasons for not seeing him sooner. She just knows that this is right. This is where she wants to be. Doubts have no place in her mind right now.

"Killian. I-I'm sorry…"

He hushes her, "It's okay, princess. I had known it would happen since the day we met."

She frowns. He's misunderstanding her, "No, I want to be here," she squeezes his fingers, "I've just been busy."

Stepping in closer, he guides her hand down until he is able to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her into him, his breath now tickling her ear, "It would seem more to me as though you were avoiding me."

She turns to face him then, letting his arm fall to her lower back as she raises her hands to his cheeks, eyes roaming across his features before settling on the curve of his lips. He catches on before she makes the move, leaning in and capturing her lips in the first kiss they've shared in a week.

She finds herself relaxing into it, craving it, wrapping her arms around his neck as he pulls her more tightly against him. He is possessive, marking her with his mouth, reminding her why she should never let him go. She moans as his lips leave hers and make their way down the line of her jaw and finally to the shell of her ear where he whispers, "I'll only stop if you ask me to."

She shakes her head, "Don't you dare."

The grin on his face is felt, more than seen, against her neck as he nips at her skin, her eyes closing, a sigh of pleasure escaping her. It's all the encouragement he needs, his hand reaching behind her to open the door leading down to his sleeping quarters.

And they step through together.

"Love, I really hope you have no sentimental attachment to these clothes because a week really is too long without seeing you and I may just have to be dishonourable tonight."

She smiles, removing her coat to keep separate from the soon to be tattered clothing on her body. If she has to walk home in the daylight hours tomorrow, she'd rather have something to cover herself up with, "No attachment at all."

A flicker of something dangerous crosses his face before he raises his hook to the top of her blouse and pulls down in a swift motion. Buttons scatter on the wooden floors as she gasps, the cool air hitting her torso. He peels the soft cotton from her skin, focussing on her bra, a small corset it seems, "Gods, Emma," he loops his hook through the front of her bra and tugs her forward, devouring her lips again, his free hand raising to brush over her newly exposed flesh.

She reaches behind her back, unhooking her bra herself when she realises how little practice the pirate would have had. Hook's hand grazes over one of her nipples and she moans into his mouth, taking that moment to push his jacket off his shoulders. She's still not totally used to seeing him without his pirate leather on, but the black of his t-shirt stretches across his chest in a way that defines his muscular physique and she finds that this world's clothing is something she could get used to seeing him in.

Her hands grasp at his hook as his mouth descends on her breasts, twisting the appendage free of its holding. He quirks an eyebrow as he looks up from her chest, speaking against her skin, "And what are you to do with that, lass?"

She winks as him, drawing him back up to her level, pressing the tip of the hook against the thin material of his shirt, "I want to play too."

He swallows as he watches her drag the tip of the hook down his chest, tearing his shirt clean off his body. Her eyes never leave his as she looks up at him, a dare in her expression. They're even now, they know how to wield that hook to undress the other. But that's not what this is about.

The sound of the metal hook hitting the floor is lost in the frenzy they encompass themselves in then. Bare chests pressing up against each other, her arms around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair, pulling him ever closer to her as she kicks off her shoes.

He reaches between them, undoing both his own and her pants with a quick movement, stepping out of the confines of his jeans and helping her hurriedly push hers down the lengths of her legs, along with her underwear before leaning into her, walking her backwards slightly towards the bed, this time, the challenge lurking in his eyes. Despite it all, they're both still trying to best each other.

"You are stunning," he whispers on a breath, his hand tracing untamed patterns all over her sensitive skin.

When they near the bed, she catches on, pulling away from him momentarily to look at him honestly, "I'm not good at…relationships." She traces a hand down his body, coming to rest on his hard length as his continues to light her skin on fire, the heat pulsing between them. He hisses as she slides her fingers along him once, twice, "I push people away, but I promise I wasn't avoiding you."

Her hand continues to move against him, his head dropping back in pleasure, a smile gracing his features, "Fine moment you choose to talk about this, love."

She presses a row of kisses to his neck as she come to whisper in his ear, "I can read a room."

He chuckles darkly, grabbing her wrist, stilling her, "Bed. Now."

And she knows she has succeeded in making him believe her. Her balance falters as he looms over her, her legs hitting the mattress and bending as she falls backwards. He follows, hovering above her, his hand running up her side as he dips his head to taste her collar bone, his tongue wanting every part of her, "Gorgeous," he whispers, "Just gorgeous."

She wraps her arms around his neck once more, dragging that talented mouth of his back up to hers, kissing him slowly as she feels his arousal stroking against her heated centre. She bucks her hips up into his, their soft moans filling the air around them before he reaches between them, guiding himself into her with a long thrust. He stills within her, allowing her body to become used to him, running his thumb along her sensitive bundle of nerves as she begins to move her hips slowly.

Taking the hint, he pulls out of her before driving into her with a long stroke and she lets out a cry, her hands grasping at his hips, trying the draw him further into her, "More."

He presses his thumb more surely against her, circling her sensitivity as her hips try to move faster against him. But he stills her with his other arm, "Too fast." And she knows that he's closer than she is right now. The thought stirs something deep within her, a kind of disbelief that she is doing this with a pirate, but not only that, that he could be so gentle and generous.

So she stops and waits for him to move, and when he does, she can't help the words that fall from her lips. Soft curses and his name tumbling from her in a rush, "Don't stop, Killian," she breathes. His thumb playing against her like she's a precious musical instrument and the heat of his length thrusting into her in perfect synchronisation.

"Couldn't if I tried."

That makes her smile and she wishes she had come to see him earlier in the week. She hates that she's already missed out on seven days of this bliss. He releases her hips from the hold of his arm and she twists slightly, changing their angle as he moans at the new way her body is covering his.

Bracing on his arm, he leans in to capture her lips, mumbling words of love between each kiss, which slowly become unintelligible as his thrusts become more and more frantic.

She can feel her climax building within her and somehow, without ever having done this with him before, she knows that he is close as well. Wrapping her legs around him, allowing his thrusts to deepen she kisses him roughly, her body already seeking ways to make this exceptional, to make it theirs and theirs alone. It's a combination of his stroke inside of her and outside of her that pushes her over the edge and his lips swallow her cry as she comes apart under his ministrations. He breaks away from her, burying his face in her neck as she feels his body tense on a final thrust, following hers into overdrive. Her body trembles with the feel of him pulsing into her and it takes her a moment to realise that he had been biting down on her neck to muffle his own cries. He releases her skin, soothing it quickly with soft kisses as her legs fall limply from his waist and he rolls off her, pulling her to his side and draping a blanket over their still flushed bodies.

"Wow," he whispers, not wanting to disturb the calm air that seems to have settled over them in the afterglow.

"Yeah, wow," she responds, smiling up at him, resting a hand against his chest as she feels the effects of her exertion catching up with her.

He presses a kiss against her forehead, not even offering her the option of staying or leaving; he knows that she belongs by his side tonight. "Goodnight, love." They'll have a chance to talk about everything else tomorrow.


Rumpelstiltskin walks through his empty shop, locking up after a long day. He throws a look over his shoulder at the plant sitting behind the counter, a rare and delicate fruit budding on its branches.

The plan will commence tomorrow, he decides.