Ore-Sama: Hey-yo, this time I am writing GX rivalshipping! Nyeheheheh! This shall become a story, although there might be more fluff and filler than actual plot (hey, it's just like the GX canon-verse!). By the way, it's called 'Tesla Approved' because I am planning to make this fanfic 333,333 words long. This shall be extremely long! But don't worry, I won't force things. That would just be lame... By the way, the 333,333 words is not counting thank yous, author's notes, or warnings/disclaimers. That would also be lame of me. Happy Queen's Day to my Dutch readers. On a related note, I went out to Amsterdam today. It smelled like marijuana. One final note- while this story is technically called 'Taffy Rivalshipping', I will refer to it as 'Tesla-approved rivalshipping' in any other context, because of the type of challenge I have taken. Incidentally, Tesla's favorite number was 3. I'm going to shut up now...
Warning: Yaoi! Also, I am using the Japanese names here. Rated M for a reason, that reason being lemons! Right off of the bat, lemons. And there is angst at the very beginning, but it goes away. Excessive use of the word 'bitch'. Do not read if you are easily offended.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, make no profit, and do not claim that this is or should be canon.

Chapter 1 - Summertime is fanservice time!

"Manjyome... Where are you going for summer vacation?" Judai asked while he snuggled with his boyfriend, the legendary black-clad slifer.
"Well, I can't really go home, so I have no clue." Manjyome answered.
"In that case, you could come over to my house! We could play card games with my duel giant..." Judai purred.
"That was just lame." Manjyome laughed.
"You know you liked it." Judai grinned.
"Maybe..." Manjyome leaned in for a kiss.
"Anikiiii!" Shou cried, barging into Judai and Manjyome's shared room.
"What do you want, runt!?" Manjyome yelled in annoyance.
"Aniki, can I stay at your place over summer vacation? Please say yes!" Shou begged.
"Why can't you just stay at your own house?" Manjyome asked, growing more annoyed by the second. So annoyed you could even call it rage. But he's not from Brooklyn, so it's merely rage.
"Because my brother's girlfriend moved in, and it's going to be really awkward!" Shou answered.
"Wait wait wait wait..." Judai interrupted, "Your brother has a girlfriend?"
"An actual girlfriend?"
"A romantic association with an actual female?"
"Damn. And here I thought he was batting for the other team!" Judai laughed.
"Yeah, we all did..." Shou admitted, "But that's beyond the point! Aniki! Please let me stay with you over the summer!"
"Fine... I guess it can't be helped! Now, um... Could we get a little privacy?" Judai asked sheepishly.
"Oh! R-right, sorry..." Shou blushed and left the room, closing the door behind himself.
"So, about where we left off..." Manjyome whispered seductively into Judai's ear. He got up, earning a whiny protest from his lover.
"Relax, babe. I'm just locking the door so that nobody else interrupts us." He grinned and turned the lock. He walked back over to the bed and grabbed at Judai's crotch.
"Mmm... Manjyome..." Judai sighed, "Is that a dragon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
"That's only funny because of the monsters with dragon penises in this series." Manjyome snickered while pulling Judai's pants off.
"But it's still funny!" Judai protested while pulling his shirt off.
"Yes dear." Manjyome grinned while tossing aside the last of his garments.

Shou sighed. It just wasn't his day. Lately, all of his days seemed to go on rather crappily. Whenever he spent time with Judai, he had it rubbed in his face that he and Judai would always be just friends, no matter how much Shou wanted to-
"Hey, midget? Hellooooo~?" Kenzan waved his hand in front of Shou's face, interrupting his soliloquy.
"What do you want!?" Shou snapped.
"Well, you shouldn't walk around like that when you're being so spacey. You could get hurt. But anyways, want to duel?" Kenzan challenged him.
"Not in the mood." Shou sighed heavily.
"What's wrong? Usually we'd start a fight over who's a better younger-brother friend towards Judai, annoying everyone around us..." Kenzan grinned at the memories.
"I don't want to talk about it! Just leave me alone!" Shou cried and ran off.
"Is he PMS-ing or something?" Kenzan shrugged as he followed the path Shou had taken.

"Oh! Manjyome!" Judai moaned as Manjyome played with his nipples, sucking one while twisting the other between his fingers.
"Call me Jun, babe." Manjyome whispered into Judai's ear, sending pleasant shivers throughout his body.
"Ju-Jun..." Judai gasped as Manjyome grabbed at his balls and started massaging them with one hand.
"Yeah, you like that, don't you?" Manjyome bit lightly on Judai's ear.
"Stop..." Judai gasped, "Stop playing..."
"You asked for it." Manjyome fumbled around, eventually locating the super special awesome super ultra great delicious wonderful angel eternal pure fresh elegant hyper miracle sweet gorgeous beautiful lube. He lathered his fingers in the oily liquid, and thrusted his fingers into Judai's ass, stretching his lover's insides out. He located Judai's prostate with ease, and abused the hell out of it, eliciting load moans and cries that made his loins burn. Deeming Judai to be prepared enough, he pulled his fingers out, and before Judai had time to say "Winged Kuriboh, use plot device ability!", he had lubed his member up, thrust into Judai, and was waiting until his beloved had adjusted to the size of his member. Judai nodded, and Manjyome began thrusting. He hit Judai's sweet spot on every thrust, making the slacker see stars every single time.
"Oh! Ah!" Judai's breath hitched, and he felt drool creeping down his jaw, but he didn't give a flying fuck. At least not about the drool... Manjyome felt himself getting close, and began pumping Judai up while thrusting faster and faster. He came with his lover, then pulled out and collapsed on top of him.
"Jun, get off! At least let me turn around!" Judai protested.
"Yeah, yeah." Manjyome grumbled and heaved himself off of Judai.
"Well, we'll need to pack eventually, but I don't feel like it right now." Judai sighed and cuddled Manjyome.

"Oh! Finally found you!" Kenzan yelled.
"Didn't I ask you to leave me alone!?" Shou yelled back.
"Then why the hell did you follow me!?"
"Because you looked lonely." Kenzan said, moving closer to the blue mushroom-haired midget.
"Well I'm not! Hey, what the fuck!?" Shou cried out when Kenzan hugged him.
"Also, you looked like you needed a hug..." A palpable silence fell between the two.
"I guess this is kind of nice..." Shou sighed.
"So, do you want to talk about it, or..." Kenzan asked gently.
"I... Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt, but you couldn't be with that person?" Shou asked so quietly, it was amazing that Kenzan heard him.
"Yes. It's horrible, but... It always gets better." Kenzan sighed.
"What about Snape?"
"That's a novel. And besides, that's what we call obsession, my friend!" Kenzan laughed, slapping Shou's back.
"So it doesn't always work out!"
"Well, I'm sure it'll work out. So... who is it?" Kenzan asked, hiding the edginess in his voice.
"Like I'll tell you that!" Shou grinned.

The next day, at the tool shed...

"Oi! Judai! Get up!" Manjyome yelled at his sleeping boyfriend, but it was futile. He got up, went over to his freezer to grab a bucket of ice, and dumped the ice on Judai.
"Agh! Cold! What the fuck!?" Judai cried.
"You wouldn't wake up! Normally I'd let it go, but we need to pack!" Manjyome snapped.
"Ugh... Did we have to get up this early?" Judai whined.
"Well, I'd like to be able to spend the rest of the day not worrying about it, so yes. Yes we did." Manjyome grinned.
"You sadist."
"Shut up and start packing, bitch." Manjyome slapped Judai's ass to make his point.
"Hey! You are my bitch, not the other way around!" Judai protested.
"Oh yeah? I seem to remember a certain slacker screaming something along the lines of 'Oh! Jun! Fuck me hard!' last night." Manjyome teased while shoving his spare clothes into a suitcase. Judai growled, not having a comeback for that line.
"Aniki!" Kenzan burst in, even more rudely than Shou had done the previous day.
"Oh, Kenzan! What is it?" Judai asked, ignoring the icy glares that Manjyome was tossing at Kenzan.
"Shou wanted me to tell you that he found somewhere else to stay for the summer. That's all. Also Manjyome? You're totally Judai's bitch." Kenzan grinned and left.
"The hell! I am not his- I am not your bitch!" Manjyome yelled, exasperated.
"Don't be a bitch, bitch!" Judai laughed.

Later, on a boat...
"Wow... It's so weird to think that I'm going back home..." Judai sighed while staring out of the window of the boat.
"Indeed..." Manjyome leaned on Judai's shoulder.
"Falling asleep, bitch?" Judai laughed.
"Shut up, bitch." Manjyome groaned.
"Kenzan? What's up with them?" Shou asked Kenzan.
"Oh, lately they've been arguing over which one of them is the bitch." Kenzan explained.
"Well obviously Manjyome is Aniki's bitch!" Shou giggled.
"See? That's what I said!" Kenzan agreed.
"See, Jun? You are totally my bitch." Judai smirked.
"I'm too tired to give a fuck." Manjyome yawned and fell asleep on Judai's shoulder.
"That's right, bitch!" Judai pumped his fist in victory.

At the docks...
"Well, I guess this is goodbye for a while... Take care of yourselves, and please don't kill each other!" Judai grinned.
"I'll try, but I can't guarantee anything!" Kenzan slapped Shou on the back.
"Who's killing who?" Shou asked.
"Well, smell ya later!" Manjyome joked.
"Bitch, you aren't Gary Oak. You're not cool enough, nor are you as big of an asshole." Judai played along.
"Don't be a bitch, bitch!"

Ore-Sama: I will draw a super-special awesome picture for the first person who reviews this story and counts the number of times the word "bitch" is used in this chapter alone! God, bitch doesn't even sound like a word anymore... Also, a warning in advance- if you didn't already know, I do not believe in seme/uke relationships. I mean, it's very silly to think that how you act normally would determine that you always take a certain position in sex. I could tell stories, but I won't, just in case someone I actually know is reading this. In addition, I am of the firm belief that a good relationship is like friendship, but with romantic aspects, which is not to be confused with 'friends with benefits'. That is friendship with sexual aspects.