Ore-Sama: So, my phone had a corrupted file and deleted the original draft of this chapter as well as my motivation. Well, this is a lot better than the original so maybe it was worth the wait?
I feel like this chapter is a sort of transition back into the usual cheap gags and forced references that I started with. Let's just hope that horse remembers me XD

Warning: More yaoi cliches get smashed.

Chapter 26- Forced Exposition Part 1

The door to Kenzan and Shou's room opened and closed with a loud slam, waking the two from their slumber.
"Huh? What the hell...?" Kenzan grumbled and shifted to look at the intruders.
"It's us," Manjyome waved as if he hadn't just interrupted their sleep early in the morning. Judai simply grumbled incoherently, not being conscious enough to string a proper sentence together.
"Manjyome...? How the hell did you wake Aniki up this early?" Shou sat up and yawned.
"Why is that what you choose to focus on?" Kenzan raised an eyebrow and looked up at the shorter duelist.
Shou shrugged, "Well, considering all the weird shit that's happened, Manjyome bursting in at a time like this isn't surprising at all, but waking Aniki up early is a miraculous feat no matter what."
"All jokes aside, get dressed you two! We have to figure out what the hell's going on with this tournament. Also, I fucking called it!" Manjyome added at the last moment, rather proud that he had realized that the tournament was a trap before anyone else.
"Alright, alright!" Kenzan groaned, knowing there was no escape, "Could you at least give us some privacy here?"
"Yeah, yeah," Manjyome opened the door once again and left, practically dragging the barely-conscious Judai with him.
"Ugh, it's way too fucking early for this..." Shou groaned and slid back down underneath the covers.
Kenzan wrapped an arm around him and nuzzled into his hair, "Hey, at least we don't have to play any more tedious card games for a while! And besides, we'll probably get some good laughs at whatever stupid shit Manjyome comes up with!" He pointed out, then laughed at the memories which were, to be quite honest, rather amusing.
"That's true..." Shou sighed.
Kenzan looked down at him, "What's wrong?"
"You're warm... I don't wanna get out of bed..." Shou grumbled and snuggled up closer.
"Yes dear."
"Don't you give me that!"
"Yes dear."

"Ah, this feels great!" Manjyome grinned, "No fuckin card games, no Johan-"
"But I like Johan!" Judai whined.
"Just cheap gags and forced references kupo!" Manjyome continued as if he hadn't been interrupted.
"You know what amazes me? We have a volcano, a forest, a beach-y kind of area on this one island, and yet most planets only have one terrain type. Seems kinda backwards, doesn't it?" Shou piped up randomly.
Manjyome shot a Look his way, "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"
"Well, cause we're looking around the island for clues right?"
"I dunno, it just made me think of that," Shou shrugged.
"Great, we really are forcing the references out..." Kenzan groaned.
Shou stuck his tongue out, "You're sleeping on the couch for that one."
"Fine, maybe I'll actually be able to sit down tomorrow!" Kenzan retorted.
"... Touché."
"Duuuude, too much information!" Manjyome whined.
"Don't be such a prude," Kenzan rolled his eyes.
"Anyways, now that our reference index is at a 2.0 for the time being, we can begin discussing why we're here," Manjyome said, suddenly taking a serious tone of voice, "The tournament is a trap, just as I predicted. We know that Johan started a shadow game, and we should probably watch out for any outsiders. The real question here is why? I don't particularly like the guy at all, but it's not like him to recklessly endanger others like this."
"And?" Judai tilted his head to the side in confusion, "Where are you going with this, Jun?"
"Well, the most suspicious one here is Pegasus, seeing as he's organizing this tournament. After all, why this island? And why hasn't he shown his face?" Manjyome pondered, "We have no clue where he is, but I have every intention of finding out."
"Did we really have to get up this early to talk about this?" Judai yawned.
Manjyome nodded, "Yes. Yes we did."
"But... why?"
"Because shut up."
"So? What's the plan?" Kenzan asked.
"Well, the first person we should ask is the Kaiser. I don't know where he is, but knowing how close he and Fubuki are, Fubuki probably does. So Shou, you and Judai go see what Fubuki knows and Kenzan'll stay with me while I check the Manjyome Group's database to see what info I can dig up on Pegasus," Manjyome stood up and folded his arms.
Kenzan raised his hand jokingly, "Why are the groups like that?"
"Because Shou's the Kaiser's little brother, I'm the one who has access to the database, and you've never even met the Kaiser," Manjyome grinned proudly.
"Well, whatever. We still should wait a while to wake Fubuki up," Shou yawned, "I vote we go back to bed..."
"Seconded..." Judai grumbled and rubbed his eyes.
"Yeah..." Kenzan sighed, "Alright, let's do that!"
"Hey, wait!" Manjyome cried as the three deserted him.
"Majority rules, sucker!"

The previous night...

"Hey, Ryou?" The blue-haired duelist turned to see Fubuki laying down next to him.
He closed his eyes and let out a little sigh, "What?"
"I like you..." Fubuki murmured and snuggled up close.
Ryou snorted, his gut telling him it wasn't the kind of 'like' he wanted, "Of course you do. We're friends, right?"
"Idiot... If it was just that I wouldn't feel the need to say it like this..." Fubuki sighed and buried his face in Ryou's chest, not having the guts to look him in the eye.
He froze up in shock momentarily, before wrapping an arm around the brunette, "Hmm, is that so?" Ryou smiled slightly and pressed his face into Fubuki's hair, enjoying the scent as well as the closeness.
"And... It's hard cause you've graduated and I'm still stuck here but... For the first time in my life, I'm actually serious about this," Fubuki rambled on nervously, "And it's weird and I'm confused and don't really get it, but I just really want to be with you..."
"I get it, Fubuki. I... I like you too..." Ryou cursed mentally as his face heated up.
Fubuki looked up and smirked, "Is that a blush I spot?" He giggled and added, "So much for the cool and collected image!"
"Shut up!" Ryou turned even redder.
"Um... But there's one thing that might be a deal-breaker, I dunno, but..." Fubuki trailed off.
Ryou looked at him curiously, "What is it?"
"I don't do anal. It's just not my thing..." Fubuki admitted.
"To be quite honest, I don't really care," Ryou ran his fingers through Fubuki's long brown locks.
Fubuki grinned and closed his eyes, "Awesome," he muttered, and a comfortable silence enveloped the two.
"Good night, Fubuki," Ryou said softly before dozing off.
"Mmh..." Fubuki sighed and joined him in dream-land.

"Jun, you're still awake?" Judai yawned as he awoke for the second time that morning.
"Yeah," Manjyome ruffled Judai's hair and snuggled closer.
"Freak," Judai giggled and kissed Manjyome on the cheek.
Manjyome smiled softly and pressed his lips to Judai's.
"You do realize I still haven't brushed my teeth today, right?" Judai giggled yet again as they parted.
Manjyome chuckled and touched his nose to Judai's, "Mmh, like I care..."
"True..." Judai grinned and kissed Manjyome again, "You're such a slob after all!"
"Shut it," Manjyome tried to sound stern, and failed miserably.
"Mmh, yes dear. We should probably meet up with Shou and Kenzan now, huh?" Judai sat up and stretched.
"Yeah..." Manjyome crawled out of the bed and pulled on his jacket.
"Ugh... I hate mornings..." Judai groaned.
Manjyome snorted, "Next thing we know, you'll be telling me you like the color red. H-hey!" He yelped as Judai suddenly sucked and nibbled on his neck.
"Heh, yeah I like red. It's my color..." Judai murmured suggestively, hot breath against Manjyome's neck making him shiver.
"Nnnh you really had to do that, didn't you?" Manjyome moaned and blushed.
"Yeah. And guess what? Now you're my color... Both here..." Judai grinned and kissed the hickey he had just made on Manjyome's neck, "As well as here..." He added and booped Manjyome's nose.
Manjyome raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "Yes, dear."
"Heheh! Alright, I'm ready for breakfast!"
Manjyome sighed, "At least your priorities are still in order."

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