Chapter 15

"The warehouse district!" the kid screamed, now actually crying. Tony almost smiled, he had done it again, getting a confession from a criminal.

Tony left the room and met Gibbs in the hallway. "The warehouse district, according to that kid." Gibbs pointed at the door behind him.

"Well, this one said the same. Better yet, I got the adress." Tony smiled.


The bust was quite easy, the small storageroom was surrounded by people from the arrest team. By the time the storage was searched, they had found at least 40 pounds of cocaïne. By the time the crime scene team was done, the field team had set up a stake out; they were going to catch Moore the moment he appeared at the abandoned warehouse.

Tony sat in the sedan, riding back with Gibbs. Ziva was in the back, staring at the melting snow outside. Thank God the snow was melting, he couldn't stand seeing it, knowing that goddamned cold had caused him to be on the ice and hurt his friend.

'Please give me a chance to apologise,' he thought.


By the time everyone was through with the paperwork it was dark outside and long past the normal working day hours. Tony had been distracted all day like something could happen every moment, and he should be present.

The elevator doors opened and Abby rushed out of it.

"Abby? What is it?"

"I got a call from Ducky, Timmy woke up, passed through tests, of course, and is now resting!" She jumped up and down while trying to hug Tony.

"That is amazing! Can we see him now?"

"No, it is past visiting hours, but tomorrow we get the chance." She untangled herself from Tony and hugged Gibbs.

"Go home, get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow," Gibbs said, grabbing his jacket, after Abby had let him go to rush to Ziva and hug her.

Gibbs left the squadroom and Abby gave Ziva a few moments to grab her jacket and backpack. When Ziva was done, the girls hooked their arms together and also left.

Tony, on the other side, stared to Ziva's desk. Then to Gibbs'. Then to Tim's. His thoughts all tangled up.

Kate had left him all those years ago. Then Gibbs had left him. Ziva had left him. Tim stayed, he always would.


7.50 AM, Bethesda.: 10 minutes before visiting hours.
The entire team was ready to run into the hospital. They needed to see their fallen partner, to know he was going to be OK.

While waiting for the minutes to pass, the team went to the nurse's desk to ask about Tim's condition. The nurse had stopped the team from going into Tim's room ten minutes before visiting hours, she was obviously in a bad mood and was complaining why visitors couldn't just visit in the afternoon.

"Fortunately, there is no brain damage, but there will be a recovery period. His coma wasn't that long, but it will be a while before he can go back into the field. I have already asked him, to know how bad the brain damage is, and he doesn't remember the day before he went into coma, but he remembers the day before that. He will be fine."

At eight o'clock she had to give in and let the group of visitors in, as long as they stayed calm. Sheshot Abby a look, and allowed three people in at most.

Abby, Palmer and Ducky went in first. Abby had to be calmed first, but that was quite easy because she hadn't had time to start drinking her third Caf-Pow!.

"Timmy, are you awake?" The three looked at Tim's face, his eyelids opened and he looked at them.

"Sort of," his raspy voice said.

"Are you in pain, Timothy?" A soft, almost unnoticable shake of his head gave the answer. Tim was having some trouble using his voice after all this time with a tube down his throat.

A light conversation went on, mostly Ducky asking questions that required only a yes or a no for an answer, so in Tim's case, a shake or a nod.

After five minutes Ducky, Palmer and Abby left, and Ziva, Tony and Gibbs went in.

"Hey Tim!" Ziva said cheerfully.

"Hi." Tony was a bit scared by the raspy voice. This was his fault.

"Are you doing OK?" A nod.

"Is it true you can't remember anything, how you got here?" Tony asked in a bit shaky voice. A shake of his head.

"What did you do Tony?" Tim said, taking a few deep breaths as talking was taking a lot of energy.

"Why is it always me who has done something wrong?"

"Because it's you we're talking about." Tony actually had to laugh, not really from the comment from Tim, but more the sudden happyness of knowing his friend was going to be OK.

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