Middle of the forest of death

"Will you idiots hurry up before the anbu catch us" a gruff man growled at his companions.

"Why should we worry they don't care about this filth it was easy to get him out of the house even when he was kicking and screaming" another man said with a snicker.

"Doesn't matter from now on what the fourth started will be finished" the third said as he pulled out a knife.

"Now just slash him some so that animals will come to eat it the monster is already healing" the first one said as he threw down a child no older than 6 to the ground. He had various cuts and bruises throughout his body. Some of his bones were broken and blood was dripping off of his blond spiky locks. He has whisker marks on his cheeks and was wearing tattered clothing.

You guessed it this is Naruto Uzumaki. He was in the middle of eating dinner when some men barged into his home and took him after beating him into unconsciousness.

"I hear some of the animals let's get out of here" the third man said as he stabbed his knife into Naruto's shoulder. The other two nodded and started running out of the forest. The giant creatures of the forest were drawn in by the smell of fresh blood.

They were closing in on the area but then all stopped in their tracks as blood red chakra starts to surround the boy making the animals run in fear at the demonic presence.

All accept one little fox. Now this was no normal fox…no this was a demon fox much like the Kyuubi. It was only the size of a kit but it already had 9 golden tails waving behind it. This was also a very special fox for this fox was related to the Kyuubi.

Mama the demonic fox thinks as it walks over to the center. When it gets close it is enveloped in a blinding white light, moments later a little girl no older than 6 walks up to Naruto. "Mama can you hear me" she says in a squeaky voice of a child. She crawls over the boy looking at him in confusion. "Not mama but is mama" she says as she hugs him smiling at the familiar feeling of her mother's energy wrapping around her.

This continued for a few minutes before the red chakra started reseating back into Naruto. The demoness was not happy about this with just being with her mother again.

"No no no no mama come back" she said with tears forming in her eyes.

Naruto started to stir when he started felling something wet hitting his face. 'Must be raining' he thought as he started to open his eyes. When he does he was greeted by a tear going into his eye and he looked up. He saw a girl about his age with golden blond hair and blue eyes. "Wahhhhh mama come back" she cry's as she sits on his lap. "Excuse me" Naruto mumbles to her.

The girl now noticing that Naruto was awake looked at him. "Why are you crying are you hurt" Naruto asks in a worried voice. Now the girl was confused and reached out touching his cheek. Naruto flinched at the contact being unfamiliar with human interaction. "You felt like mama, but now you don't….and you don't look like mama either why is that" she asks.

"I don't understand what you mean who is your mama" Naruto asks the girl getting a better look at her. She had sky blue eyes like him and blond hair like his that was shoulder length and had curls that framed her face. "Beautiful" Naruto mumbled as he looked at the girl who was still sitting on his lap.

"She left a long time ago but you felt like her" she said to him with her hand still on his whisker marks. "Oh I am sorry, you're like me than I don't have my parents either" Naruto said to her. "So you're the same as me" she said with a smile as her tails start to wag behind her. "What the….you really are just like me" Naruto said as he brings his fingers up into a ram signal. "Kai" he yells and a small thing of smoke explodes from him.

The little demon girl was confused by this until the smoke cleared. There was Naruto just like before but now was a little different. Now he had a single blond tail with a white tip and fox ears on top of his head with his eyes having slits but still blue in color.

She blinks a few times in confusion but then gloms him. "Family" she mumbles with a smile on her face. Naruto was frozen at the contact unsure of what he was supposed to do and started to shake in fear of this. The girl continued to hug him happily but was a little confused as to why he didn't hug her back. "Hug Tama back" she demanded.

"O-ok Tama-chan" he said as he did the same thing she did with her arms thinking this was what she wanted. They stayed like that for a while until Tama let go. "Mama is inside of you she told me" she said to him.

Naruto blinked in confusion at this. "What do you mean she talked to you who did" Naruto asked her.

"Mama, she said you can meet her when you are older…something about you getting hurt and scaring you" she said to him. "Uhh ok" Naruto said just shrugging it off.

Tama started yawning and Naruto noticed that she didn't have any clothes on making him blush like mad. "Tama-chan do you have any clothes" Naruto asked the girl.

"Clothes" she asked confused.

(This can't be good) Naruto thought as he looked at her who was just being confused.

"For now just wear this" Naruto said to her as he took off his shirt and gave it to her. She tilted her head to the side not knowing what she was supposed to do with it. "Uhhhh put your hands over your head" he said to her. She nods and does this, Naruto slips the shirt over her head.

"Why did you put this on me" she asks confused. Naruto blushed at this and started doing a very good imitation of Hinata.

"Well you see with you not having clothes I thought it would be best if you had some" Naruto said to her. She blinked in confusion and then tilted her head to the side not understanding. "Alright let's get going" Naruto said as he stood up holding his hand out to her.

She took it and let him pull her up but then she fell on him. Naruto started to get worried about her but then he heard a growling noise.

"Hungry" she whimpers. Naruto was struck dumb for a minute but then he started giggling as she put the girl on his back.

"I have some food at me house that you can eat" Naruto said to her as he started to walk away.

"Food is right here" she whispers. Naruto looked back at her confused than she sank her teeth into his neck. At first it hurt Naruto but then it started to feel nice almost peaceful.

"What are you doing Tama" Naruto asked the girl as she continued to eat off of him.

He just stands there for a minute and starts to notice that he is getting tired. Tama stops biting him and sighs in content. "Thanks for the meal" she says to him with a smile donning her face.

"What did you do" Naruto asked a little confused and then yawned starting to feel very tired.

"Your Yokai was delicious but now I want to sleep" she said and to prove her point yawned rather cutely as she snuggled closer to Naruto's back.

"Alright lets go than" Naruto said with droopy eyes as he ran off toward his house.

They got to the apartment complex with the door kicked in and writing all over the walls. Die demon, you don't belong here, GIVE me back my family, LEAVE, MURDERER. These were written amongst other things but Naruto didn't pay them any mind as he went to the bed room. He put Tama down gently onto the bed, which thankfully was not destroyed enough to not us.

When he does he goes and locks the door to his room and puts the covers over himself and Tama. "Good night Tama" Naruto whispers to her. She inches closer to him and wraps her arms around him like before. Naruto was still not formulae with this but did what he did before and fell asleep. But this time without the nightmares haunting him.

Next morning

A purple haired girl decided to check up on her favorite gaki as she snuck in his window. She was shocked to say the least when she saw a little girl in the bed with him. (Well he moves fast…I wanted to do that first) she thought with a pout as she walked over to the two. She leaned over the bed quietly making sure not to wake them as she was inches from Naruto's face.

(He is just too cute when he doesn't have that genjutsu on hiding these little fox features) she thought while a chibi version of herself was squealing in her head as she rubbed his ears gently. "Naru-chan wake up" she whispered to him. "An-chan" Naruto mumbled but didn't wake up. "Awww he is dreaming about me" she whispered with a smile and waited. "An-chan….h-elp" he whimpered.

She saw him start to shake with tears starting to from in his eyes and she got scared. "Naruto wake up" she said as she shook his shoulder. His eyes shot open and Anko saw the cold sweat starting to form on him and he turned to her. "Hay their Naru-chan come here it was just a dream" she whispered to him as she hugged him gently. He froze again but didn't pull away knowing it was safe with Anko. "It's alright, I won't let anyone hurt you again I promised remember" she said to him.

In her head she was still pissed about how he always froze at any form of contact. (When I get my hands on whoever made him like this I will make them scream for the Kyubbi to kill them) she thought angrily but Naruto's movement brought her out of her thoughts. She felt him nod against her chest making her smile a little.

"Good now explain why you have another girl with you…is Naru-chan cheating on me" she asked playfully. She saw his face flush up making her giggle.

"An-chan" he whined softly against her, but in his mind he was a little scared not wanting Anko to leave him.

"Hehe you are just too adorable" she whispers to him happily as she hugs him a little tighter.

"Now answer" she said to him in a slightly stern voice wanting to know without freaking him out.

"I met her yesterday and helped her….it was a good thing right" Naruto asked not wanting to make Anko angry with him.

"That was a very good thing to help her but why is she in your shirt" she asked knowing it because she was the one that gave it to him.

"She didn't have clothes" he whispered and his face was so red it would make most worry.

"Ohh so you covered her….good boy helping her cover her modesty" she said to him while kissing his head. Naruto was confused as to what she did but to him it felt really nice. "Now I will be back in a little bit and I want you to get some food ready, I am going to get her some clothes I think Nai-chan has some that will fit her" Anko says to him as she lets him go. He nods to her as she left to go get the girl some clothes.

Naruto just stayed sitting and watching over his new friend Tama. After a few minutes he sees that she is starting to stir and he watches as she gets up and stretches while yawning. "Good morning Tama-chan how did you sleep" Naruto asked her as he stood up off the bed.

"Great but I am a little hungry" she said as she looked at him pleadingly. He just sighed and came closer to her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and elongated her fangs. "Itta taki mas" she said as she bit down on his neck. Like before it hurt at first but the pain subsided little by little as she ate his yokai. After a minute she let go and had a content sigh. "Thanks for that Naru" she said happily.

"You're welcome Tama-chan now let's get some breakfast ready" Naruto said to her as they walked out of the room. They get into the kitchen and Naruto starts making some bacon and eggs for when Anko gets back.

When Naruto was done cooking he set the table and not a second later there was a knock on the door. Naruto went over and looked to see that it was Anko holding an arm full of clothes. "Gaki let me in" she said as she looked back at him.

Naruto complied and opened the door, not a second later Anko came in and grabbed Tama and went into the bedroom all in the amount of time it took Naruto to blink. "Naru-chan no peaking understood" Anko yelled from the other side of the door.

"Alright Anko" Naruto said to her. Naruto went back to the table and got it set for Anko to eat with them. A few minutes later Tama and Anko walked out.

What Naruto saw made him blush as he looked at Tama. She was wearing a pink sun dress with black outlining. Her hair looked like it was done no doughty it was Anko. And she looked like she was wearing white sandals.

"Does Tama look nice?" she asked Naruto with a small blush on her face as she looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

Naruto shook his head getting out of his trance and smiled a true smile at her. "Yes you look really nice Tama" he said to her. She squealed happily as she started hopping up and down in excitement.

"Now let's eat something" Naruto said to her as he giggled at the fox girls antics. She nodded and took a seat next to Naruto. They sat down at the table and started eating….well except for Tama who looked at the food confused.

"What's the matter Tama-chan" Naruto asks as he swallows the food in his mouth.

"What is this" she asked as she points to the food on the table.

"Its food you eat it" Naruto said to her a little confused by her question.

"How" she asked while tilting her head to the side indicating that she did not understand.

"You use your chopsticks to cut it and eat it like this" Naruto said as he cut some of his eggs and ate the food. She picks up her chopsticks but they fall out of her grip when she tried to do what Naruto did. "I'll teach you if you want" Naruto said to her with a small smile. She nodded happily. "Alright I will do that after breakfast and so the food doesn't get cold say ahhh" Naruto says as he puts some of the eggs in front of her. She does as she was told and started eating the food.

"It's good" she whispers as she eats more of it happily. Naruto was a little shocked but felt happy from being complemented. The group eats in a peaceful silence until they are done.

"Alright Gaki's I will be on a mission I just wanted to see my little Naru-chan" Anko says as she wraps him in a hug while rubbing her cheek against his.

"An-chan stop that's embarrassing" Naruto says as he squirms in her arms.

"Alright fine but anyway got to go" Anko says as she pecks him on the cheek and runs out the door leaving a very flushed Naruto and confused Tama in her wake.

"What was that" Tama asked while tilting her head to the side, and was also wondering why she wanted to set Anko of fire.

"That was a kiss Tama people that like one another do that" Naruto explained to her in an embarrassed voice.

"ohh" she said in understanding as she started to wonder what it was like.

"Ohh right the Hokage wants to see you by the way Naru-chan see ya" Anko said as she popped into the door again and then took off.

"Ok well Tama-chan do you want to come" Naruto asks her as he walks to the door.

"Yes" she said happily as she starts skipping after him.

"But you have to hide your fox features" Naruto says to her as he points to her tails and ears.

"But this is the best Tama can do" she says sadly as her tails and ears droop.

"Then hold my hand I can make sure your features stay hidden" Naruto says to her. She nodded and took a hold of his hand happily. He put on a transformation over them making them look normal and they walked to the Hokages office together. On the way Naruto heard whispers from the civilians.

"It's the demon brat", "he took that little girl hostage", "do you think we should save her", "No she is too far gone we should get rid of both of them together".

"Tama lets hurry" Naruto says with a bright smile as he starts jogging with her trying to get to the Hokage's office as fast as possible.

They get there and go inside of the Hokage's office easily because of the secretary being good friends with Naruto. She had short brown hair and was rather plan in looks. Her eyes were a light brown and she was in her late 20's. She stopped thinking that Naruto was the demon after he helped her get the job when her husband kicked her out onto the streets taking everything to her name. He found her 2 years ago and helped her and the next day asked his jiji if she could have a job. He put her as his secretary and has been helping ever since. "Hello Naruto how are you" Yumi asks him with a warm smile on her face.

"I am ok Yumi-neechan I was going to go and see jiji" he said to her.

"Alright Naruto come over sometime for dinner…you can even bring your girlfriend if you want" she said teasingly and got the result she wanted.

"Y-y-y-yumi" he stuttered making her laugh at his antics, like Anko she loved teasing him when she could.

"He will see you Naru" she says as she gets over her giggle fit. He just humph's at her and goes inside with a confused Tama following.

"Hi jiji" Naruto says to him as he looks at him from behind all the paper work.

"Hello Naruto and who would this little on be" he asks as he sees Tama not remembering seeing her anywhere in the village.

"Tama is Tama and is with Naruto" she explained making the Hokage giggle at her form of speak.

"That is nice to know so Naruto to what I wanted to ask you" he said getting him to look at him.

"Would you like to join the Ninja program, if you say yes and Tama wants to join as well then I shall allow it" he says to him with a smile already knowing his answer.

"WAHHOOO" Naruto yells as he starts jumping up and down in excitement. Tama got caught up in it and started jumping right along with him giggling all the way. Sarutobi couldn't help but laugh at what he saw with the two.

"I will take that as a yes" he said as he signed the two up for the academy that was starting tomorrow.

They both nod quickly to him and he handed them their papers. "Alright tomorrow give this to the instructors and they will put you into a class together alright" he said to them.

"Alright jiji" Naruto said as he took the papers from his hand.

"Alright you two get out of here and I will take you to Ichiraku tomorrow as a reward for your first day at school" he said. Naruto smiles happily at the thought and they go out.

"She might be good for Naruto….he has that light in his eyes again" Sarutobi said as he chuckled a little.

At the house

"Naru what should we do" Tama asked him as they take off their shoes.

"We could play games" Naruto said to her and started to think of the ones he knew.

"Really what game would we play" she asks getting exited thinking that it might be fun to play with Naru.

"Well we could play hide and seek" Naruto suggested knowing that the two could play that inside of the house.

"Ohhh how do you play" she asks as her natural curiosity was getting the better of her.

"Well one of us hides while the other seeks to find" Naruto says to her.

"Ok let's play I wana be it" she says to him as she started bouncing up and down in excitement.

"Ok now you need to count to 10 and try to find me" he says to her happily as he turns to go and hide but then stops after he hears her question.

"How do you count" she asks him making him face fault when he heard that.

"I'll teach you" he says happily as he walks over to her. She nods energetically at this and they start teaching each other things and after a while they forgot about their game of hide and seek. They talked about what they knew and surprisingly Tama knew a lot about plants and animals that she taught to Naruto. Naruto on the other hand taught her about what he knew with reading, numbers, and general things that she should know to go day to day with the village.

Their talk was interrupted when Tama yawned. Naruto was confused by this and then looked outside to see that it was night already. (So An-chan was right, time does fly when you are having fun) he thought happily.

"Tama hungry and sleepy" she said to him as she rubbed her eyes. Naruto's stomach growled a little too but he didn't have any food.

"Ok how about you eat and then we got to bed to get to the academy early tomorrow" Naruto said to her. She nods and crawls up to Naruto and bits down on his neck again getting her fill of his yokai. When she was done Naruto was tired and so was Tama so they just went over to his bed like the night before.

"Naru" she said getting his attention.

"What is it Tama" Naruto asks her as he looks at her. "What was that thing you did with An-chan" she asks him remembering the kiss. Naruto's face became very flushed at this and his bangs started to hid his eyes as he tries to explain.

"W-w-w-we-well th-that w-w-was k-k-k-ki-kissing" Naruto said to her remembering that she asked this before.

"Does it feel good" she asks curious about it. To her it sounded a lot like licking and she loved being licked by her mother…it always made her feel special.

"I-it f-f-feels nice" he whispers to her remembering the warm feeling that he gets from when Anko kisses him.

"Can I try it please Naru" she says and gives him the puppy dog eyes. Naruto did the stupid thing and looked right into it. He thought about it for a minute knowing that out of everyone in the village the only ones that were nice to him where Yumi-neechan, the ramen people, An-chan, Nai-chan, Jiji, and now Tama-chan. The only one that kissed him was An-chan and it kind of scared him still feeling that close without pain. (One more time I will try) he thought as he nodded to her.

She squealed happily as she leaned over to him like before. Naruto was expecting her to kiss his cheek or head like An-chan but instead he felt her kiss his lips. He was wide eyed at this and started to tremble at first not familiar with this feeling. He felt Tama wrap her arms around his neck pulling him closer and he leaned in to it. He started to feel warm and safe with her. But then she released the kiss making him sad at losing the feeling.

"That felt really nice can I do that to you again Naru" she asked as she had a heavy blush on her face. Naruto's brain was still fried but he nodded and looked at her.

"Another time Tama let's get some sleep for now" Naruto said to her while still smiling a little at the kiss. She nods to him and they go to his bed and inches closer to him and snuggling onto his chest.

"Good night Tama-chan" Naruto whispers to her as he holds her again. "Night Naru-kun" she whispers back as she nuzzles herself against him smiling happily at the warm feeling. He smiles at the nice sensation he was feeling from being close to Tama and closed his eyes to sleep once more.

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