Love Late In Life

The sun was shining its warmth and light down on the small house. The couple inside had shocked the whole town when they gotten together. She knew that they wouldn't believe it when it first came out. For that reason and for his sake, they kept it a secret when they started to court; which surprisingly was fairly easy to do. She had to start the relationship; her husband was so shy, he wouldn't start it.

His wife was not the person everyone had known before. She had put up with Howard for so long, it felt nice when they were no longer together. She didn't have to worry what that man was up to and people noticed she had begun smiling again. Something everyone thought was gone for good. Looking back, she never could tell you why she stayed with Howard for so long.

The older man leaned back on the couch reading the newspaper. His wife had to start the conversion with him that day in the pub. He was shy when it came to women.

This morning had been a peaceful one; at least it was until Howard opened the door and started begging him to do something. Howard was an annoying little bugger and seemed to think people would do whatever he wanted them to do. He didn't listen to what Howard was saying that was until he heard the words; "Leave her."

Norman stood up and asked, "What?"

"I want you to leave her." Howard said again.

"You really have gone off the deep end." Norman shook his head as he spoke. "No, you need to leave Howard."

Howard looked shocked that Norman said no and told him to leave; most of the time he could get Norman to do what he wanted him to do with lots of pleading. But, when he realized Norman was not going to give in, he left the house in a huff.

"What did he want, sweetheart?"

Norman turned to look at his wife and counted his blessings everyday that she didn't listen to him that day they had had that big fight. She showed him a different way of life than his first wife had shown him.

"He wanted me to leave you."

"He won't ever get over the fact about ending our relationship."

"No, I don't think he will. I think he thought you two would stay together regardless of what he was doing. I also think it didn't help when Marina married that man who had come for to visit Alvin." Norman went up to his wife and as he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek he said, "You sure are my angel, Pearl."

Pearl blushed as they walked into the kitchen to get the cups and tea pot to bring them out on the table. Norman had showed love that neither of them had known he had in him and they found happiness late in their life.

And Howard... Well, Howard was just going to have to get use to the fact that all those years of lies he finally got what he deserved… being lonely.