Chapter one

Six months after the battle of Hogwarts, the magical world was finally accepting that it was now safe. The shops were open again, Hogwarts was slowly being repaired, couples all over were getting married, exactly like couples did after the first war finished, but this time everyone knew the war with Voldemort was over, for good, he can't come back like he did last time.

Everyone that fought at Hogwarts that night were all thought of as hero's, but none more so than Harry Potter, the magical worlds saviour. He had put a release out regarding what he had been doing leading up to Voldemorts death and what had taken place at Hogwarts the night the dark wizard died. No one had seen Harry Potter in this time, all they knew was he was staying with friends to rest and heal.

Harry Potter bought his own home during this time, he slowly furnished it and made it into a home, his first home since that fateful night seventeen years before. Harry did eventually go into his parent's house, with the help of his friends. They kept the roof up while he gathered some things that belonged to his parents because he wanted some of their belongings in his home. So sixth months after Harry killed Voldemort, he finally moved into his house and the first night there he had his girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, his friends, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna over for dinner and to spend the night. Harry gave into Kreacher who kept begging Harry to let him serve him. So Harry made a deal, he could live at Harry's home, do what house elves do, as long as Kreacher agreed to wear something other than an old tea towel and Harry had a small bedroom built off the back of the house just for the house elf, but the elf also had to agree to let Harry do some things for himself, Harry wanted to learn to cook, and just do house hold type things, finally the elf agreed. Even though Harry didn't like the idea of owning the house elf, he thought if Kreacher was at his home, he wouldn't be doing as much as he did at Hogwarts.

For Harry to be able to buy his home and anything else he wanted, the minister had informed him that Kreacher could do business on his behave. Being a house elf, which are owned, they goblins were able to perform a spell over each house elf which told them who the elf belonged to. So after Harry had help designing his house, Kreacher had organised it for him. Harry had a beautiful large four bedroom, one story sprawling home in the country. Naturally being Harry Potter, the saviour of the wizarding world, he had to place enchantments around his home to stop people always turning up or he'd never get any peace and quiet. So he learned how to do some enchantments like fidelius charm along with wards to make his home unplottable and the moment they were done, Harry finally relaxed.

During this time Harry had become close to Minerva McGonagall. He found her easy to talk to, so Harry was able to talk to her when he needed to. She would give her opinion or advice and one thing she said to Harry was take his time, with work, with relationships, with his life. Give himself a chance to let his mind and body relax for the first time since he's parents died and that's what Harry did. So even though he was with Ginny, he kept it casual and told her they were going to take things slow.

Even though Harry had his own home, he still went to the Burrow once a week for dinner. He'd stayed there so often over the years that he came to think of it as another home. Another thing Harry did once a week was visit with Teddy. Harry couldn't believe how much he came to love the small baby boy and he knew that Teddy loved him. After an awkward first talk with Andromeda Tonks, they had finally started to become close. They realised that they were Teddy's only family, so they wanted him to grow up with his grandmother and godfather who were friendly, now they were and talked quite often. Not every visit, but sometimes Ginny, Hermione and Ron would also go with Harry to see Teddy, Harry liked it when it was just him and his godson. Ginny didn't like these times when she couldn't be with Harry and she admitted to Hermione that she was a little jealous of Teddy, he seemed to get a lot of affection from Harry, where she felt that Harry kept a bit of distance with her. One thing Harry Potter said after he released his statement, he never wanted to talk about Voldemort or the past seventeen years. He finally had a chance to live a more normal life, and talking about his past wouldn't let him do that. So if conversations started that had anything to do with Voldemort was brought up, Harry never contributed and sometimes left the room. Everyone including Harry had to give evidence in regards to any captured death eater or snatcher, those times were the only times Harry spoke about Voldemort or what he'd been through or seen, but once they were over, which Kingsley Shacklebolt had organised for those trials to be held fairly fast, Harry never wanted to think about any of that, ever again.

Everyone could see that Ginny was happy to have Harry back, she was always happy, and finally being an adult, she would visit Harry at his home all the time, even spend the odd night there. She never said, neither did Harry, but everyone suspected they were having sex. Molly and Arthur didn't approve, they liked their children to be married, but they realised that Ginny was an adult now, so they couldn't stop her and they just couldn't say no to their daughter. They also realised that if they were having sex, then it was Ginny's idea. She finally had Harry back so she would do anything she had too to keep him.

All the friends never did much over the first six months after the battle of Hogwarts. Most like Harry, wanted to rest and relish in the idea that their world was safe, well, safer than it had been in a long time. Everyone knew that no matter what, there would always be dark witches and wizards that would cause trouble, some more serious than others, but for now, they were just enjoying their freedom. All the friends got together quite often, one thing they talked about was the future and what they all wanted to do. George Weasley, just like the others, rested for the first six months, then finally started to see about opening the shop again. George asked Ron if he would help out for a while which he agreed. So even though Ron wanted to be an auror, for a while he was going to give George a hand. Harry wasn't sure if he still wanted to be an auror or not, he still wanted some time away from anything to serious or stressful and that's what he did, he thought he'd decide once he'd had time to himself. Hermione naturally wanted to help house elves and every other creature she thought was being treated unfairly. Neville, he wanted to work with plants, so after some time, he was going to assist Professor Sprout, he wasn't going to be a teacher, that might come in his later years, nor would he live at Hogwarts. Neville was just going to visit different places to get any plants that Hogwarts might need. Luna naturally helped her father rebuild the Quibbler, it took a while, but they finally got the first issue out to the public. Seamus wanted to be an auror, Dean was hoping to play quidditch, like Ginny, some of their other friends had no idea what they wanted to do. But as all of them said, they could take time now and that's exactly what they did, what all of them did, took some time, relaxed and enjoyed the fact that Voldemort was dead and their world was safe.