Chapter twenty five

The few weeks later, Arthur, Molly, Bill and Charlie were sentenced to a year in Azkaban for an unprovoked attack on Harry. George and Percy had sent a request through the aurors, then met Harry in the auror office where they apologised again for their family, for what they did to Hermione and what they did to Harry. Harry shook the remaining two Weasley's hands letting them know he held no grudge against them, he was just glad it was over.

As Harry was walking through the atrium he spotted the woman he spoke to that day. She was walking towards him.

'Hi,' Harry gave her a smile.

'Well Mr. Potter, you look a lot happier than the last time I saw you. So tell me, how is your health?'

Harry chuckled, 'I'm getting there, following Madame Pomfrey's rules. Um, do you think we could talk for a few minutes?'

'Yes, I'd like that,' she smiles then takes Harry's arm and leads him into the ministry's dining room again, 'So what can I do for you?'

'Um, well, this might sound crazy, but I have to ask,' Harry stared into the eyes of the woman sitting across from him, the same colour eyes as his, 'You're not related to me, are you?'

'Oh I see, no, I'm afraid not. Have you been thinking I am?'

'Yeah, I have. It's your eyes and your hair, the same as my mothers. I don't know much about my parents, so I wasn't sure if maybe you were some relative I never knew about.'

'I'm sorry, but wasn't your mother a muggleborn?'

'Yeah, even Hermione said that, my grandparents were muggles,' Harry shrugs, 'She kept telling me not to get my hopes up.'

'Hopes for a family?'

'Yeah, I don't think I will ever have my own family. Anyway, so you never met my parents?'

'Actually I did, you mother and my daughter were very good friends. They lost contact after Hogwarts which is a shame, your mother was a lovely young girl, very polite. Let me tell you how my daughter and your mother became friends, everyone used to get a kick out of hearing about that.'

'I'd like that.'

'Just after the sorting, Lily Evans was sorted into Gryffindor, my daughter was also sorted into Gryffindor. The prefect of Gryffindor called, welcome Lily and both your mother and my daughter both said thank you. My daughter's name was Lilian but she liked Lily and yes she had red hair like mine and green eyes, a little lighter in colour than mine is. So Lily and Lily loved the idea they looked alike and had the same name. They played some pranks of other students, mainly boys, they switched once on your father, it was dark and he never realised he wasn't sitting with Lily Evans until over an hour later. Now about what you said earlier, I believe you will have a family one day Harry and the woman that will share your life is someone that is already sharing your life. Now I should go, I need to get home, but my name is Lavinia Raymond,' she stood, kissed Harry on the cheek then left. Harry kept staring at the doors before getting to his feet, he got his answers and even though she was not related to him, for some reason Harry did feel close to this woman, hopefully he would see her again and soon.

Over the next couple of months, Harry and Hermione had gotten into a routine sharing Harry's home. Even though Hermione was working and could afford her own flat, she asked Harry if she could stay there, she felt like she was home there, she also felt safe with the enchantments but also knowing Harry was always there. Harry liked Hermione's company, so naturally he wanted her to stay.

Harry stepped into the house, went straight to his spare room, finished his surprised that had taken him a few weeks to get ready, then he showered, changed then headed into the kitchen to wait for Hermione.

Hermione stepped into the house, kissed Harry on the cheek and like Harry, went to have a shower, change before sitting down ready for dinner.

'I have something for you Hermione. But I want to explain something about it,' Harry pulled out a wand and hands it to Hermione, the wand glows brightly for a few seconds then fades, 'It's maple, ten inches with a unicorn tail hair that is entwined with a hair from your head. Garrick told me to try it, because I thought it might make the connection stronger. Tell me how it feels?'

Hermione closes her eyes as she holds her wand, 'Oh Harry, it's there, I feel it, this is my wand, it's strong, so strong,' she smiles as she opens her eyes, 'You made me my wand.'

'Yeah, I did, my first. Garrick tested it, put it through a wide range of magical tests and said it was perfect. I didn't want the slightest thing to go wrong, that's why I took longer than normal.'

'Thank you, this feels even better than my old wand,' Hermione kissed Harry on the cheek.

'As long as you're happy with it, now let's eat, I'm starving. I never realised how making wands could make me hungry.'

'Your life has finally settled down, so you are now eating like a normal person would, you're filling out as well, not as skinny as you used to be. You look good Harry.'

'Thanks Hermione, but I also have another surprise for you, which I will show you right after dinner.'

'Harry, you're spoiling me. You take me out, you make sure I have everything I want or need, you set up a large book shelf in the living room just so I could keep my books and even bought me a lot of books. You have to stop doing everything for me and start concentrating on you.'

'I like doing things for you, but it also let you have a normal life as well. We are both putting our past behind us, I wanted to help with that.'

'You did, more than you realise, thank you.'

Harry smiled at Hermione then started eating, he knew this surprise was a little different to what Hermione normally likes, but with a few talks with her parents, Harry made sure it would be just the thing for her.

After dinner, Harry took Hermione's hand and led her up to the spare room but stopped outside the door.

'Now even though you wouldn't use this a lot, you could when you want to relax and not read. You even said to me there were times that you just didn't feel like reading, especially now when you're reading so much at work, learning everything you have to so you can become an Obliviator. I also spoke with your parents about some of the things in here, things you like.'

'Harry, what are you up too?' Hermione's smile got bigger because she could see Harry's excitement.

Harry stuck his elbow out and waited until Hermione put her arm through his before he grinned.

'Miss Granger, allow me to escort you to the movies,' Harry opened the door to a room set up like a movie theatre, Kreacher was waiting beside a large comfortable sofa with a torch pointed at the seat which made Hermione giggle, something Hermione normally doesn't do.

'Oh Harry, this is great, so what are we going to watch?'

Harry smiled cheekily then lead her over to the sofa, 'Thanks Kreacher,' he waited until the elf left, 'A movie that you saw years ago, your parents took you to the movies to see this, so I bought it on blue ray, along with a heap of others. I have to say Hermione, I've never seen a proper movie since they never let me. This is one I've been looking forward to. So are you comfortable Miss Granger?'

'Yes, I'm very comfortable Mr. Potter, let's watch a movie.'

Harry laughed then pointed the remote and the movie, The Wizard of Oz started. Harry laughed again as Hermione clapped her hands in childlike delight, then she cuddled up next to Harry, with her legs tucked under her and her head on Harry's shoulder. Then Harry and Hermione watched the movie.

Even though he got this movie for Hermione, Harry loved it. Evil witches, good witches and magical shoes, he thought it was the best.

When the movie finished Harry turned to face Hermione who had turned to face him and before either of them knew how, they were kissing and not a friendly kiss, but a passionate kiss that two people that loved each other would do.

Their lips slowly parted, both panting as they stared at each other, 'Harry, show me what making love is like.'

'Um, Hermione,' Harry felt his body react to her words and he knew he had been falling in love with her, but never thought anything would ever come of it. He just liked to please her, now though, they had kissed and she wanted to make love, 'Are you sure?'

'Yes because I love you Harry Potter, not as your friend, but as your girlfriend and hopefully, lover.'

'I love you too Hermione, more than you know, and from this moment on you are my girlfriend, you will be my lover and soon, my wife and mother of my children. We can have it all Hermione and I want it with you.'

'I want the same thing Harry, all of it with you.'

Harry stood, took Hermione's hand and they walked into Harry's bedroom, closing the door behind them, ready to start a new chapter in their lives, a chapter where Harry Potter falls in love with Hermione Granger, and Hermione Granger falls in love with Harry Potter. Right now they were showing their love in the most intimate way they could, they committed their bodies and souls as they committed themselves to each other.

The end: