A.N. Case fic set sometime in Season one, no spoilers. Thank you for clicking on this story. Hope you enjoy:D
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Beware my fine young traveller,

Within this forest deep.

Else that which lay here waiting,

May call you whilst you sleep.

Turn away now young traveller,

Turn quickly, whilst you still can.

Run far from that which lays waiting,

Or sleep forever, young man.




Clearing the last of his full English, Dean pushed his empty plate away, and burped loudly. Sam's head immediately appeared from behind his newspaper and Dean chuckled at the glare Sam shot him.

"What? I'm being appreciative. There's some places where it's seen as an insult if you don't burp."

"Uh huh...But this is really not one of them dude!"

Still grinning, Dean picked up his coffee and sat back in the booth. The diner was full and busy, old rock n' roll classics played continuously in the background. The decor was bright and cheerful, a reflection of the general atmosphere. The food itself was delicious and plentiful and the customers were dealt with by an efficient team of staff who all seemed to enjoy their work.

"You know, I think we should make this a place we come back to whenever we're in this area. Get to be regulars. How about it?"

Putting his paper down, Sam glanced around. He turned in the direction of a child's shriek, smiling as he watched the little girl's father teasing her by pretending to try to steal her fries. Looking back at his brother, Sam shrugged.

"It's a nice place, really...But we've always avoided going back to the same place too often. Don't have a routine, don't become predictable. Right?"

A flicker of sadness crossed over Dean's face and he sighed.

"Yeah, I guess so...but it sucks."

Sam smiled in sympathy as he unfurled the newspaper once again.

"You're right, it does. So...How about a job to cheer you up?"

Dean suddenly became alert and attentive.

"You found something? Great! What is it?"


Dean groaned, shaking his head, his eyes pleading.

"Noooo...Can't you find us something else? Anything! Pleeease! C'mon Sammy, be nice to me, break a habit."

Sam looked puzzled.

"Why? What's wrong with it?"

"You kiddin' me? Sam...forest! Trees, vegetation, creepy crawlies, whassits..."


"Yeah...lots of them! Nothing good ever happens when we do a hunt in a forest Sam, you know that. There's too much, stuff, for fuglies to hide behind ready to jump us, and there's rain, and mud, and the cold, and the gettin' lost, and the getting separated, and the trees, and the...Oh God...Camping! And that's on top of all the...whassits!"

Sam tried hard to hide his grin at his brother's despair.

"But Dean, people are going missing. Ordinary people, some with families. They're disappearing and never being seen again. Don't you want to help them? This' our kind of thing, it's what we do. You really telling me you want to ignore this?"

Dean glared at his smirking brother.

"You're evil, and I hate you."

"No you don't."

Sam watched as Dean's resistance crumbled.

"Ok, you win...But I still hate you, so there!"