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Dean stared at Sam bug eyed.

"No way! No. Not ever! No!...You'll have to leave me behind, save yourself Sammy, it's the only way...Stop looking at me like that!...I want you to leave me here!.,.,.,.,.,.,Sam? Sammy?...Aren't you going to say something?"

Sam stood looking down at Dean, his head slightly tilted on one side, his arms folded...and a completely unsympathetic expression on his face.

"Why?...Have you finished?"

"But Sammy...

"Thought not."

...You can't make me...I'll...I'll..."

"You'll what exactly Dean? Run away? I'm making the call, and that's final...And you might as well put that bottom lip away, it won't help any...Jeeze, I swear, it's like dealing with a five year old!"

Sam reached for the back pocket of his jeans, trying one, then the other, whilst Dean watched sulkily. Sam looked again at Dean...and, simultaneously, they both looked towards the back pack.


Dean was silent other than the wheeze of his breathing and the outbursts of coughing, during which Sam waited patiently, before continuing to help Dean dress. Sam hated seeing Dean so weak, knew how much it would be annoying Dean to need his younger brother's help to dress. The slightest exertion left Dean needing to rest, his whole body trembling, he was shivering with cold, yet burning up, shaking fingers fumbled over the buttons on his over shirt and Sam could see the pain in his brother's eyes, as well as the fear. Having finally got Dean back into dry, all be it scruffy, clothing; Sam pulled on the tee which Dean had been wearing, and immediately felt better for covering up. Sam's feet, however, had to remain bare.

"Ok Dean, you can just take it easy for a short time while I put the fire out and make sure I've packed everything. It shouldn't be long now before they get here."

Still refusing to speak to Sam, Dean simply glared at him with glassy, fevered eyes. Sam smiled.

"Glare as hard as you like, it's the only way we're gonna get you out of here, and you know it."


Sam had just finished covering the remains of the fire, when he heard the sound of a helicopter. Dean had fallen into a restless sleep as soon as Sam had begun putting things into the back pack and putting out the fire. Sam wasn't at all looking forward to having to wake his brother, and he wished that he knew of a way to keep Dean sleeping, until they arrived at the hospital ER. As it was, Sam had no choice other than to wake his sleeping brother.

"Dean. Dean...The copter's on it's way. Come on, you need to wake up dude."

Dean's eyes slowly cracked open. He appeared to be struggling to focus.

"Dean? You with me?"

"S'm...S'm?...Don't feel so good. Gonna stay home tonigh'...'K?"

Sam ran his hand through his brother's sweat dampened hair.

"Ok Dean. That's a good idea."


Sam waved at the two paramedics as they climbed out of the air-ambulance, waiting whilst they ran towards him, ready to guide them to his brother.




Dean was sat up in his hospital bed. His eyes lit up when the door opened and Sam walked into the room. A broad smile appeared on Dean's face.

"Did you get it?"

Sam grinned and held up a paper bag for Dean to see.

"Two kinds."

Dean's grin grew broader.

"That's my baby brother. Bring 'em over here."

Sam hesitated, glancing at the bag in his hand with a small frown.

"Sam! Give!"

"I'm not no sure Dean...Maybe it would be better to ask one of the nurses to keep it safe till we check with your specialist tomorrow, make sure it's ok?"

"What? No! I swear, you try taking those pie's away and I will beat your ass when I get out of here...Sam?...Sam?...Where're you going? Sam?...Sameeeee!"


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Beware my fine young traveller,

Within this forest deep.

Else that which lay here waiting,

May call you whilst you sleep.

Turn away now young traveller.

Turn quickly, whilst you still can.

Run far from that which lay waiting,

Or sleep forever, young man.