Alaric Grimm

Mid season 1 of Grimm; between seasons 2 and 3 of TVD.

Alaric was wondering if there was anything wrong with him.

The first time it happened to him, he figured it was probably because of the alcohol but when it happened again later, while he was certain he was sober, he started wondering what was happening to him. It could have been something his mind created to help him grieve Jenna's death, or he could be going crazy.

"Maybe you've got a tumor or something... You should go ask Doctor Fell to examine you." Damon suggested to him.

"Yeah... That or I'm loosing my mind..." Alaric replied as he downed his whiskey.

"What is it you see anyway? Do they become other people or what?" Damon asked him curiously.

"Some people first they look pretty normal but then all of the sudden it's like they put some super realistic half animal half human masks on their faces. It never lasts long and then their face go back to normal..." Alaric explained.

"Maybe you should start by asking witchy what she thinks." Damon suggested.

"You're right... I'll go and ask her what she can find out about this." Alaric said as he drained the last of the amber liquid before he left the bar and went to his car, ready to drive to Bonnie's house.

He knew she was going out of town soon but he hoped she would have the time to help him before she had to leave with her father.


When Bonnie opened the door, Alaric quickly explained what was happening to him and she asked him to sit down while she interrogated the spirits.

"They don't want to tell me much... You're not going crazy... They say that you should look into your family's history on your mother's side." Bonnie said.

"But I was adopted... How do I find my real mother's family history if I don't know who she really is." Alaric replied.

"Your mother thought you were dead because you were kidnapped by one of the creatures you see... That creature dropped you off in an orphanage on the other side of the country when you were only a few weeks old. You have a little brother living in Portland. His name is Burkhardt. You need to find him, tell him everything and he will help you." Bonnie explain, in some sort of trans.

"Thank you Bonnie... Do you know his first name too? My brother's I mean."

"No, sorry. But it shouldn't be too hard to find..." She replied.

He nodded and left the house, going back to pack a bag and warn everyone of what he was going to do.


Alaric was on the road after saying goodbye to his friends. He didn't know when he would be back in town but the summer had just started after all... He had all the time in the world to figure out if he wanted to come back or stay longer in Portland... It would all depend on how the reunion with his brother would go.

Before he left Alaric went to see Sheriff Forbes and asked her if she could find for him all the Burkhardt males in Portland and she gave him only one address. A man named Nick Burkhardt that was a Homicide detective.

"Thank you Sheriff." He had said.

"You're welcome. Good luck." She replied before he left and jumped in his car, getting ready to drive toward the little brother he never knew. It must have been a big change for her to do a fovour for someone that didn't have anything to do with vampires.


The drive was very long but eventually, Alaric arrived at the right address. He nervously parked his car and, leaving his bag behind in case it wasn't the right place, he went to ring the doorbell. It was early in the evening and he hopped that his brother would be home, even if he wasn't too sure of what he would say to him.

"Hello... Can I help you sir?" A pretty red haired woman asked him with a soft smile.

"Oh hum... I don't know if I'm at the right place... My name is Alaric...Saltzmann I guess...and hum... I was wondering if this was were Nick Burkhardt lived." Alaric said, not knowing if he was saying the right words.

"Oh, I'm Juliette, his girlfriend. He should be back soon... Maybe you want to come in?" She asked him.

"I...sure, why not." Alaric replied.

"Why are you looking for him?" She asked.

"It's going to sound crazy but... I think I'm his brother."

"Nick is an only child." Juliette said, getting suspicious.

"I was adopted... According to what I was told by trustworthy sources, I was kidnapped by someone who wanted to hurt my parents and abandoned on the other side of the country so my parents would think I was dead... From what I just found out I'm only a couple of years older than he is." Alaric explained.

Juliette offered him a cup of coffee and went in the kitchen to get some dinner ready while Alaric waited, all the while talking about different things. After about 15 minutes, she told him that Nick was parking his car and that she was going to warn him.

"I just... I want to prepare him... It's going to be a huge suprise for him..." She smiled kindly before she left the house and a very nervous Alaric.


Nick was coming home from a very busy day when Juliette surprised him by welcoming him outside.

"What's going on?" He asked when he saw how nervous she looked.

"There's someone inside to see you..." She started nervously, wondering what would be the best way to tell him.

"Are you okay?" Immediatly, he imagines a Wesen being inside and using Juliette against him.

"Yes, I'm fine. He's... He wants to talk to you about... He thinks that he's your big brother, the one that got kidnapped and thought to be dead before you were born." Juliette told him.

"How do you know about this? I never told anyone..." Nick said as he opened his eyes wider.

"He told me... Listen Nick, I know it sounds crazy but there is something familiar about him. I think you should listen to him... he's got you Aunt Marie's eyes." Juliette said.

"Okay... Let's...let's see what he has to say..." Nick said as he opened the door to find a nervous looking man standing right in front of him.

"Hi... I'm Nick Burkhardt." Nick said as he extended his hand.

"I'm Alaric... Saltzmann."

"I'm going to leave you boys to it. Nick, dinner is ready in the oven... I'll go spend the night at Natalie's okay." Juliette said before she kissed Nick and left the house.

"So, you think you're my brother..." Nick said as they both sat down on the sofa.

"I... I know it's crazy... I don't know what to say..." Alaric said.

"How did you find out? Do you have proof?" Nick asked the man that did look familiar to him.

" Do you believe in the supernatural?" Alaric asked him back, wondering if he should tell him the whole truth at the risk of being taken for an idiot or a crazy guy.

"Yes, I do."

"A few weeks ago, after my girlfriend got killed in a curse break ritual by a thousand years old vampire, I started seeing things... People's faces changing for a few minutes or seconds... At first I thought it was because of the alcohol I drank to get over Jenna's death or a tumor or something but then a friend suggested that I asked a witch I knew... She did a ritual and the spirits told her it was all linked to my biological mother's bloodline history. She dug a little deeper and told me that I had been abducted when a was just a baby by the creatures I was seeing and that they had abandoned on the other side of the country to hurt my biological parents... She also found out that after they believed I was dead, my parents had another child... She told me I had a little brother living in Portland whose last name was Burkhardt...and here I am." Alaric explained, praying that his brother believed him and didn't think he was crazy.

"And you believe you can trust this witch?" Nick asked.

"You're not surprised by the fact I got my informations from a witch?" Alaric asked surprised.

"I've seen worst things." Nick replied with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Yes, she may be young but the witch is trustworthy." Alaric said.

"My... I mean, our parents believed you to be dead... They would have looked for you otherwise..." Nick replied.

"I believe you."

"I wonder why your kidnappers kept your first name... I remember mom telling me about you... telling me your name was Alaric..." Nick said.

"I was adopted when I was 3... The orphanage simply gave me the name that was on the blanket I was found in... I don't think whoever took me changed my clothes or anything while they traveled with me..." Alaric told his new found brother.

"Do you have anywhere to stay while you're in town? How long are you here for?"

"Well, I'm a history teacher and it's summer vacation for now so I'm good right now. I told my friends back home that it all depended on how things would go with you..."

"Did you book a hotel room?"

"Not yet... I figured I'd go afterward..."

"Well, you can take the guest room. Now, come on, Juliette made her famous tuna-noodle casserole, I can smell it already. We can talk over dinner about everything." Nick said.

"You do believe me about the people changing faces do you? You don't think I'm crazy?" Alaric asked.

"If you're crazy then our entire family is... We're Grimm's. It allows us to see people for who they truly are when they are Wesen... It's a long story but I'll fill you in after dinner...and you can tell me about witches and vampires." Nick suggested as they sat down at the table for dinner, getting ready to talk about everything and share the details of the lives they should have shared all along.

"Your...I mean, our parents, where are they?" Alaric asked.

"They died a long time ago..." Nick replied saddly before he told him all he knew about it.

"I kind of figured they were... otherwise Bonnie, the witch, would have given me their name and location, not yours..." Alaric explained.

"I was raised by Aunt Mary... she died recently... You have her eyes..;" Nick said, wanting his big brother to feel included in their family.

Somehow, neither one of them needed a bloodtest, they knew they were brothers.

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