Alaric Grimm

Part 7

...and probably the last before a while...

Nick and his brother knew they would have to part ways soon but they decided to ignore it until the time to go back to work came for Nick.

One day, as they were both looking through the books for more information about Doppelgangers or other subject that could interest them, Alaric found something that could change everything.

"Are you sure?" Nick asked him.

"Yes, this could kill Klaus... It says here that it was created for a very old vampire named Silas who was en-caved by one of our ancestor for the past 1500 years. "

"But it would still kill the entire bloodline, the good and the bad combined..." Nick realized.

"Yes, it would. What should we do?" Alaric asked his younger brother.

"I guess nobody needs to know...We can always keep it in mind in case it's really needed but I don't see a reason to tell anyone about it..." Nick suggested.

"I agree with you Brother." Alaric replied with a smile as he turned the page to keep on studying the book, as if he had never read the previous page.


While the Grimm brothers were spending time together and studying their books, Rebekah came back in town, informing everyone that Klaus had started some sort of war against the Royals and that he was winning, due to the fact that Captain Renard knew a lot of people who could help them and a lot of people where tired of the royals.

Surprisingly, everyone was pretty happy about Klaus' upcoming victory, mainly because it would keep him away from this town for a while but Caroline surprised everyone by telling Rebekah that she was happy Klaus was winning and that she was thinking of joining him in Europe after her graduation. It had ensued a lot of arguing but eventually, Caroline's choice was accepted (more or less) by the people she cared about. Of course Tyler wasn't happy about it but ever since Klaus left they did nothing but argue so they broke things off.


As they kept on going through the books, Nick found something that made him drop on the floor the beer he was drinking.

"What is it Nick? The secret formula to turn water into gold or something?" Alaric asked him, mocking his state of shock.

"I think it could rival it to some of your vampire friends." Nick replied as he gave his brother the book.

"Seriously? A potion to turn vampires back into humans? That's great!" Alaric exclaimed.

"And not very complicated to do at all... I mean, look at this list of ingredients: One drop of Grimm Blood by years spent as a vampire, a cold vervain flower, salt, a few other things who's name I can't pronounce but that I saw in here... We should definitely tell them!" Nick replied.

"It'll be over a thousand drops for Rebekah." Alaric noticed.

"What makes you think that she'd want it?" Nick asked his brother curiously.

"I know that she struggles with what she is and wants to have children... But she would still be half hexenbiest and half Royal though..." Alaric said.

"We might as well ask them to meet us somewhere and tell them now..." Nick suggested.

"Yes, let's tell them to meet at the Boarding house, I know that Damon has everything to take blood. We could just bring everything else." Alaric suggested as he got his phone out, called Damon, asked him to get everyone, even Rebekah at the Boarding House for some life changing news.


"What's going on Ric, you seemed over existed on the phone?" Damon asked him as they all sat down.

They had picked Juliet up on the liking having nothing to do, she had been volunteering at the local animal shelter.

"We found something in our books that will definitely interest some of you. Although we have to ask you not to reveal this to anyone else without our consent, except for your brothers Rebekah." Alaric replied.

"Of course!" Everyone agreed, curious to find out what it was.

"There is a cure for vampirism." Nick blurted out.

Everything was silent for a few second and then everyone started asking questions all at once. Alaric asked them to shut up and explained to them how it was done and showed Bonnie the book they had found it in.

"It seems easy enough... There isn't even a spell to do... anyone with the right ingredients can do it..." Bonnie commented.

"And you would be willing to give us your blood to do this?" Rebekah asked, unsure.

"Of course we would." Nick and Alaric replied together.

"I'll contact my brothers right away. I'll be right back." Rebekah explained as she pulled her phone out, ready to call Elijah, Kol, Klaus, Finn and Sage and to tell them about this miracle cure.

In the end, Damon assured everyone that he wanted to remain a vampire but Stefan jumped on the occasion and decided to be human again, much to Elena's joy.

Tyler decided to take the cure too. He knew that he would still be a werewolf but he was the last Lockwood and felt it was his duty to keep the line of Lockwood going.

Caroline thought seriously about it but decided that she didn't want it right now. She wanted to see where it would go with Klaus and knew she would still be able to change her mind later. After all, they had forever, nobody forced them to make a decision now. Plus, she actually loved being a vampire.

Rebekah walked back in the room.

"Well, obviously I'm interested... So are Finn and Sage. We are aware, Finn and I that we would still be half Wesen and half Royal. Sage will simply be human. They want children, a family..." Rebekah said.

"Well, I guess we can get started... I don't know how much blood we can give at once but let's try it." Nick suggested as Alaric agreed.

"We should start with Tyler, it'll be easy enough with only one drop needed." Alaric added.

Then Bonnie proceeded to follow the instructions, with the help of Juliet and Elena. Nick and Alaric started pouring drops of their blood. For Tyler it was easy since only one drop would be needed and they decided to try it on him first.

While they were doing this, Rebekah texted Klaus that Caroline decided NOT to take the cure and she could almost see the satisfied smile her brother would have on his face when he read the message. That blond Forbes girl had the big bad hybrid wrapped around her fingers and she didn't even seem to know it.

After Tyler drank it, they all looked at him. In the book, it said that the change would be immediate and in less than a few second, they heard a new heartbeat in the room and Tyler took a big breath.

"Oh my worked!" Rebekah whispered, amazed that this opportunity was legitimate and not some joke they came up with.

"I can't believe this!" Elena and Stefan said, looking at each other with a new spark of hope for the future in their eyes. They would be able to grow old together.


After making Tyler a human again, they decided to do Stefan's potion the same day.

They planned to do Rebekah's potion the next day, then Finn's the day after that and Sage the day after. They didn't want to get too weak by giving too much blood at once in case they were needed in a fight.

It wasn't easy for Stefan and the originals to go back to being human after being vampires for so long but surprisingly, everyone helped them the best they could. Alaric decided to give Bonnie a bag of his blood, along with a copy of the formula, in case she met another vampire that wanted to be human again. He trusted all of them not to spread the news around too much.

Elena was especially surprised to realise that she actually liked Rebekah as a human (well, half Wesen really). They quickly became friends and the Original sister soon had real friends and a shot at a normal life, like she wanted. Who knew, maybe her playful flirting with Matt would soon change into something more serious, she could see herself growing old by his side.


About a week after Rebekah became human again, Klaus came back to Mystic Fall's, asking to meet with Nick and Alaric as soon as possible.

"Congratulations on your victory. Take no offence but we won't be calling you 'Your Highness' or anything of the sort." Alaric greeted Klaus.

"No offence taken. I wanted to see you because I found something I believe you will find interesting. While I was in Europe, killing a few Royals and climbing my way to the top, I found these." He said, getting 4 keys that they assumed where the royal's.

"The royal's keys..." Nick whispered.

"Yes, and I know all about the legend behind them. Renard told me that so do you. I want us to work together to find whatever it hides and decide together what to do with it." Klaus announced.

"You would be willing to destroy it if we decided it was necessary and safer?" Alaric asked, doubtful.

"Yes, I would. But if it's not too dangerous, we could share it." Klaus replied.

"It doesn't matter right away anyway...we only have two keys, there is still one key unaccounted for." Nick reminded them.

"About that, I've heard some rumors... Right before I killed one of the royals, he tried to tell me something that would make me keep him alive and around... He confessed that he saw, a couple of years ago, one of the Grimm's, a woman, with one of the keys." Klaus explained to them.

"Aunt Mary then. That's the Key I inherited from her." Nick replied.

"No... He seemed to believe strongly that it was your mother." Klaus assured them, looking worried about their reactions.

"No...Impossible...Our parents died in a car crash..." Nick said in a whispered breath.

"I have Captain Renard looking in on it. He found that the files concerning this investigation all disappeared..." Klaus informed them.

"Our mother could be alive?" Alaric asked, a new emotion in his voice.

Klaus nodded silently, letting them get used to this new information.

After a few minutes Nick said:

"So, what do we need to do then?"

"I think we could find out more if we all went to Portland since that's where the Royals I killed believed she was heading...eventually. They believed that she still had some business to attend to before she reunited with her son." Klaus said.

"Monroe could be of some help too... This guy is like a living Wesen encyclopedia." Nick replied.


Alaric tried to quit his job so he could go with Klaus and his brother back to Portland but the school seemed to be having a hard time finding a replacement. Since Damon wanted to help, he faked a few papers and applied to fill in Alaric's job, enjoying the fact that he was going to be his little brother's teacher. Everyone was surprised at this and found it funny but he turned out the be a surprisingly good teacher and every girls in his classes had their grades going up. Apparently, they liked learning from him better than they liked learning from Alaric.

Now free to leave, Alaric packed a few of his things, leaving the rest in a free room of the Salvatore Boarding House until he decided on a permanent place to stay.

Caroline also surprised everyone when she decided to go with them to Portland. It took her some time but she eventually managed to convince her mother that she would have forever to complete high school several times if she so wished and that she would be better off doing so where Tyler and Elena couldn't throw her judging looks all the time. Klaus of course was overjoyed by this news and was happy to see that he was finally getting everything he had ever wanted without telling anyone: love.

They all pilled in cars, the trailer with them and where on their way back to Portland just in time for Nick and Juliet to go back to work.

While Klaus and Caroline had been invited to stay at Monroe's, Alaric was once more invited to stay in the guest room of his brother's house. It seemed the two brothers were now inseparable.

They informed Monroe of everything they had found and soon, Nick and Alaric were meeting with Captain Renard to find out what he could dig up about their mother.

"There's no need to tell you that the official police way didn't get us much... Somehow everything ended up burnt in one way or another. However, when I asked a few of my Wesen contacts in different parts of the country, I found out that a few of them either saw her or heard about a Grimm female. I looked into the locations and it looks like she's trying to find the Wesen who took Alaric away as a baby. She killed them about a month ago and we think that now she's on her way here...probably to reunite with her other son... She still think you're dead Alaric." Renard explained to them.

"Good to know that we aren't the only one in for a surprise." Nick said before he added "I can't believe our mother is alive..."

"I can't believe I'm going to meet my birth mother... First a brother and now..." Alaric whispered.

After that, Nick went back to investigate a robbery with Hank while Alaric went to Monroe's to inform Klaus and Caroline of what they had found out. He also wanted to check on Caroline and make sure that she was alright, he had promised her mother that he would keep an eye on her and he didn't want to break that promise.


The days passed by and every time someone called Nick and Alaric or knocked at the door, they jumped up, expecting it to be their mother. The wait was long and stressful so to relax them and change their mind a little, Juliet organised a small dinner party with Captain Renard, Klaus, Caroline, Monroe and Rosalee. They were all enjoying each other's company when the doorbell rang.

Everyone stopped talking, and breathing, looking at each other. Juliet got up, deciding that she better be the one to answer the door since Nick and Alaric seemed to be eaten by stress.

A brown haired woman stood on the other side. Juliet knew she looked familiar right away. She had see her a few times in Nick's family pictures...and so the prodigal mother was home.

"Hello. I'm looking for Nick Burkhardt. I've been told this is where he lives." She said.

"And you are?" Juliet asked, wanting to make sure that she wasn't mistaking.

"My name is Kelly Burkhardt. I'm his mother." The woman said.

"We were expecting you, please come in." Juliet replied with a big smile, recognizing the woman from the pictures.

"How could you have been expecting me?" Kelly asked, getting suspicious.

"Mom..." Nick whispered as he moved to stand in front of his mother.

"Nick... I'm so sorry for leaving you alone for so long... I was so angry and thirsty for revenge after what those monsters did to your brother... But it's done now, it might not bring him back but his captors are dead." She told Nick as she hugged him.

"Mom...about brother... he never died." Nick told her, looking for the best way to break it up to her.

"What? What are you saying? They assured me he was dead after I spent over 2 months torturing them." Kelly protested.

"And they say I'm bloodthirsty and an expert at torturing people..." Klaus muttered, bringing Kelly's attention to everyone else in the room.

Alaric's face was hidden from her view by a couple of bottles.

"Right, this is Monroe and Rosalee, they are Wesen and good friends of mine. You met Juliet at the door, she's my girlfriend. This is my Boss, Captain Renard, half Wesen, half royal. This is Caroline, a young vampire, very friendly I assure you and next to her is Klaus Mickealson... he..." Nick started but was interrupted by his mother.

"He's a hybrid who just revolutionized the royal world by killing most of them and putting himself and his siblings in power. Over a thousand years old and suddenly very popular among Wesen and others..."

"Right... And finally there is...Alaric." Nick said, making his brother stand and slowly walking toward their mother.

"I can't believe it." Kelly said, tears in her eyes.

Just like Nick had immediately believed that Alaric was his brother, Kelly couldn't help but believe that he was her son. He looked like family, her heart reached out to him and when she finally took him in her eyes, she had a flashback of the few times she got to hold her baby boy. He was her son, she felt it in her guts.

While Nick and Alaric explained to her how they found each others and what happened in their lives, their guests slowly left, deciding the family should be alone for the time being.

"I can't believe you're alive...and you look so much like my father... I'm so happy that you guys found each other." She said, emotion tick in her voice.

"It's very recent. We only found each other around the end of June... But we've been together ever since." Alaric explained.

"We looked for you Ricky... I swear we did... I don't know how they hid you but we looked everywhere for you..." Kelly said, crying.

Kelly used without thinking the nickname she had given him as a baby.

"I know...Nick told me... Don't worry... I'm not mad. The important part is that we're together now." Alaric told her, liking the nickname she gave him.

They stayed up talking very late and the next day, Nick took the morning off to stay longer with his mother and brother. They used the time to explain to Kelly that they wanted to look for whatever the Key's opened and they told her of the deal they made with Klaus. Kelly decided to trust her sons. After all, they seemed to be doing very well for themselves right now. She confirmed having the last key and showed it to them.

"Are you sure you can trust him?" She asked them one last time, nodding in Klaus' way.

"Yes, I am." Alaric replied as Nick nodded.

"Very well then, we can start planning now." She replied, getting her key out from under her shirt and putting it on the table, next to her son's and Klaus's.

"I can't take anymore vacations day right now, I need to way until next summer." Nick said.

"It will give us plenty of time to get ready then." Klaus added.

"Right, but it can't take longer than the summer because as discussed with Elena, she will be going to college next year and Jeremy will move here with me... He'll need to go back to school." Alaric said.

Kelly had of course been told about her son's dead girlfriend and her niece and nephew that Alaric was taking care of from afar. She couldn't wait to meet then, especially since Elena was a real live doppelganger who had managed to reach her 18th birthday in one piece.

She also explained to them that she, too, had a trailer. When they were teenage girls, with her sister Mary, their father had bought one for each of them and copied the journals so they could both have a copy of them. They had the same weapons and ingredients... Basically, they were the same, minus a few details acquired by experience.

"I want you to have it Alaric. Your brother has Mary's trailer, it's only fair that you get mine. I'm not planing on being away from you two anytime soon anyway so I'll have access to either one anyway." Kelly told him as she showed her sons her own trailer.

"That's great but are you sure about this?" He asked her.

"Of course. Like I said, I'm not going away again. I'll be around you two from now on so I will still have access to it." She replied with a smile.

Being alone and on the road for so long had hardened her heart but being close to her sons again was like waking up from a long nightmare. She was feeling human again.


Now they all had several months of quiet ahead of them before they did this trip.

Ultimately, Alaric decided to go back to Mystic Fall's. He knew that Elena and Jeremy needed him, even if they didn't say so because they didn't want him to cut his time with his family short for them. He was going to visit them for a few weeks and since his mother wanted to catch up with him, she decided to go with him. They would take her (now Alaric's) trailer with them and when they came back, Alaric was planing on using his savings to buy a house near his brother's.

While his brother was away, Nick used the free time to plan his proposal to Juliet and when he finally did, she couldn't refuse. She was ready to finally be with him and be his wife.

Klaus was going back to Europe for the time being and Caroline was going with him. He promised to Alaric that nothing bad would happen to her and she was particularly excited about seeing Europe.

They all had plan to meet after the 4th of July to go and look for the 7 keys treasure.

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