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Ch 35

The rhythmic tropical sound of steel drums enveloped Tony as he lay back and let the music and the sound of crashing waves wash over him. Away from the snow and bitter cold that had taken up residence in D.C., he reveled in every moment spent at the beach, shopping, and sightseeing. He was the quintessential tourist, snapping pictures of everyone and everything. The local flora and fauna were breathtaking, especially with the blazing sun, clear blue surf, and crystal-like sand serving as a backdrop.

Turks and Caicos! A travel destination added to his bucket list years ago, but one he had fully expected to visit alone. Never did he imagine it would be marked off of his list by way of an all-expenses paid Christmas gift from Gibbs. Now here they were, side by side, reclining in chaise lounges on their resort hotel's private beach soaking up the sun and tropical atmosphere.

Their server, a beautiful young woman dressed in a colorful native sarong carrying a bamboo tray, sauntered over and flirted shamelessly with - Gibbs! Falling back on his innate charm, and feeling more than a bit giddy from sampling a variety of touristy drinks, Tony flashed a toothy smile and ordered their most popular fruity concoction, complete with a little paper umbrella, for himself, and "another double bourbon - neat, for my man."

The now wide-eyed server quickly turned and scampered off toward the bar, presumably to place their orders, or maybe cry, he couldn't really tell. Tony kept his beaming smile in place until he heard a pronounced snort from his left.

Turning his head, Tony peered over the top of his mirrored aviator shades and drank in the sight of Gibbs, whose lips twitched as he fought off a smile. From the top of his silvery head to the tips of his sand covered toes, Leroy Jethro Gibbs was far and away the sexiest man for miles. The mid-thigh, snug-in-all-the-right-places, swim trunks Tony had picked out showed off Gibbs' best assets, especially when wet after frolicking in the surf.

"Real subtle, Tony," Gibbs said, drawing it out for emphasis.

"Hey!" Tony protested. "I don't share!"

Despite his age, Gibbs got more than his fair share of admiring glances from long-legged, chesty, gorgeous women as well as from several good-looking, young, hard-bodied men. The women got a "sorry honey, he's taken" smirk from Tony, but the blatantly ogling men got a serious "back the hell off" possessive growl and his version of a death glare.

For his part, Gibbs was amused by Tony's reaction to the attention he was getting. It wasn't like Gibbs didn't have to warn off plenty of circling predators with their sights set on Tony. Relaxed and sun kissed, they were a striking pair. Taking away the silver hair and experience-earned crinkles from around his eyes, Gibbs looked much closer to Tony in age than the actual 12-year difference between them.

Gibbs admitted not being much a vacation guy and he honestly couldn't remember the last time he had traveled just for pleasure. Probably never unless you counted rare weekend drives up the Pacific Coast Highway with Shannon when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton. He wasn't sure how much he would get out of sand, sun, and surf, but Gibbs found himself enjoying it immensely.

Tony had learned early on that Leroy Jethro Gibbs was a closeted romantic at heart. They had both been disappointed when their planned trip to San Diego to interview Randy Mitchell got scuttled, but Gibbs had kept his promise that they would get away when the case was over. Tony never expected that Gibbs would pull out all the stops and come through with a dream vacation. It was heaven and paradise all rolled into one.

For a while, it seemed like their vacation would never happen. Continuations, pre-trial motions and hearings, and typical attorney shenanigans and grandstanding kept pushing Zacek's trial date back. It was frustrating, but Team Gibbs soldiered on and focused on a series of cases while the legal wrangling raged on.

Just minutes after Gibbs and Vance left for the courthouse for Zacek's arraignment, and Stan's probable subsequent release, Tony took a call from dispatch.

"Grab your gear," Tony called out to McGee and Ziva as he finished jotting down the dispatch information. "God, I've missed that! Dead analyst at the Pentagon. McGee, call Ducky. Let's go!"

In reality it had only been a matter of weeks, but it felt more like years since the three of them had been crammed into the cab of the MCRT truck. Even though they were on their way to what sounded like a gruesome crime scene, all three agents were happy to be back to doing what they do best. Hell, just getting out of the office and away from the monotony of reviewing cold cases, two of which they solved while sidelined, gave them a much needed morale boost.

Palmer pulled the ME van up next to the truck just as McGee, Ziva and Tony began unloading their gear out of the back. Ducky climbed down from the passenger side, walked up to the trio, and greeted them cheerfully.

"Ah, Anthony, Timothy and Ziva! How good to see you all! Where pray tell is Jethro this fine morning?"

Tony walked toward Pentagon security with his credentials at the ready and replied, "Courthouse - with Vance. Zacek's arraignment is this morning. They wanted to be there since our old pal Burley will probably be released right after."

"Oh, I see," Ducky said hesitantly.

"S'ok, Ducky. I'm good," Tony announced as he stopped and held the door open for the elderly ME. After making their way through the security checkpoint and picking up their gear after it was thoroughly searched, Tony continued, "I've decided I don't really care anymore what happens to him. He can't do anything to me. I've got Gibbs."

"Good for you, Anthony," Ducky declared as he affectionately patted Tony on the back. "You and Jethro can now put all of this nasty business behind you and look toward the future."

From all initial indications, the death of systems analyst Ted Monroe appeared to be a suicide. Single gunshot wound to the head, no signs of a struggle, and the office door had been locked. A .38 caliber revolver lay on the floor to the right of the body slumped forward in the high-backed rolling desk chair.

Ziva snapped photos while McGee dusted for prints. Tony picked up and carefully inspected the gun to make sure a round was not in the barrel. He released the cylinder and was surprised by what he found.

"Um, hey Ducky, you sure there's only one bullet wound? I've got two spent rounds in the cylinder," Tony inquired.

"There is more blood over here," Ziva called out from across the room. She focused and snapped a few photographs of the blood-covered closet door handle.

"Ducky, Palmer, step out," Tony warned as he un-holstered his Sig, ready to provide cover until they were safely out in the hallway.

The security personnel who found the victim hadn't properly cleared the room, potentially putting his entire team in grave danger. Tony was livid. He had nearly lost his first partner in Philadelphia due to a strung out junkie hiding in a closet that a pair of rookie patrol officers failed to check after arriving at a report of shots fired call.

McGee and Ziva stood out of the potential direct line of fire and trained their weapons on the door as Tony advanced. Standing flat against the wall next to the door, Tony counted down from three with his fingers then slowly turned the knob and yanked the door open.

Before any of them could yell "NCIS", the body of a young female brunette with a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead tumbled out, landing at Ziva's feet.

Holstering his weapon, Tony sighed, "Well, I guess that explains the second bullet. Get Ducky and Palmer back in here. I'm gonna go kick someone's ass."

The team returned to NCIS with two dead bodies, one gun, dozens of finger prints and photos, several blood swabs, a few very sketchy witness statements, and one seriously pissed off Senior Field Agent.

While McGee delivered all of the physical evidence to Abby, Ziva and Tony headed up to the bullpen. Gibbs grinned when he heard the ding of the elevator and saw Tony step off. The grin didn't last as Ziva scurried to her desk while Tony tossed his backpack in the general direction of his desk, missing by a good three feet, and stormed past the bullpen. Ziva rolled her eyes and shook her head at Gibbs' rather stunned look.

Not letting Tony get out of sight, Gibbs stood and followed. There were two options: The men's room or the break room. Gibbs pushed open the door to the break room and found it vacant. He casually strolled down the hall, wanting to give Tony a few minutes to cool off. Whatever had Tony that worked up had to be something major.

Gibbs slowly opened the door and stepped inside. He found Tony leaning over the sink splashing water on his face. Gibbs pulled a few paper towels from the dispenser and held them out. Tony looked up at their reflections in the mirror before taking the towels and wiping his face.

"Ha! Two points," Tony exclaimed when the balled up paper sailed into the trash bin.

Gibbs cracked his patented crooked grin and stepped right into Tony's personal space. "You wanna tell me about it?"

Tony leaned back against the counter and reported, "Looks like a simple case of suicide is actually a murder-suicide. We were told the crime scene had been cleared, they had pretty yellow crime scene tape strung up and everything, but I guess they missed the dead body in the closet. All of us could have been killed because some asshole didn't bother checking to see if anyone was hiding behind Door Number 1. Jethro, I nearly lost my first partner in Philly. He was shot through a closet door because some rookie dropped the ball. Anyway, while McGee and Ziva processed the scene, I went out and had a few choice words with the idiots who found our first victim. Got a bunch of bullshit excuses. They called their boss. I chewed his ass out too. Ducky, bless his little heart, came out, and in proper Scotsman style gave them all a proper scolding. Oh, by the way, we may not be welcome back at the Pentagon for a while. Vance might even get a nasty phone call."

Gibbs stated proudly, "That's good work, Tony. You were looking out for your team." He was about to expound on that when his cell phone rang. He snorted seeing "Vance" in big white letters on the screen when he flipped it open. Not bothering with his normal, "Yeah, Gibbs," greeting, he simply said, "We're on the way, Director."

The impromptu meeting, in the form of a three-way conference call, was blessedly brief. Sec Nav had called after receiving a complaint from the Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, the Department of Defense agency tasked with Pentagon security, who did not appreciate a "snotty Navy cop" making a scene.

Confident that his actions had been fully justified, Tony and Gibbs sat on Vance's leather couch and watched it all play out. After the Director of Pentagon security finished airing his grievances to those assembled, Ducky, who had been summoned to back up Tony's account, stepped forward and made a rather dramatic, impassioned statement on his behalf. Intra-agency squabbles were nothing new, but the Security Director's assertion that Tony had acted "with a complete and utter lack of professionalism" was the last straw.

"Mister Secretary, Doctor Donald Mallard here," he interrupted. "If I may, Special Agent DiNozzo was simply doing his job. The lack of due diligence, or dare I say gross negligence on the part of the so-called security officer, who in error declared the crime scene clear, put all of our lives in danger. If Agent DiNozzo was a tad over-zealous in his response to a potentially life-threatening situation, it was solely out of concern for the safety and well-being of his team. It is, therefore, my considered opinion, Mister Secretary, that Agent DiNozzo should be commended for his actions, not chastised for them. And, if I may, I believe a thorough review of security protocols as well as crime scene procedures at the Pentagon are in order. Now, if you will all excuse me, I have two victims in my autopsy lab requiring my immediate attention. Good day, gentlemen," he finished as he took his leave.

Game, set and match! Gibbs and Tony smirked behind their hands.

"So, what now," Tony asked after Vance spent a few extra minutes on the phone smoothing some ruffled feathers.

Vance walked over and took a seat in the armchair adjacent to the couch.

"You're in the clear – this time," Vance announced. "If you're asking about the arraignment this morning, Zacek has been remanded and his preliminary hearing is set for next week. But I guess you're talking about Burley. He's out. Prosecutor dropped all the charges," Vance reported.

Tony nodded. "Yeah, I figured," he said with a sigh. Looking at Gibbs he asked, "You really think he'll keep his promise?"

Gibbs flashed a half-grin. "Yeah, I do. He's planning on heading to Seattle. Says he has a cousin out there with Seattle PD. Is that far enough for you?"

Tony snorted out a laugh. "No, but I guess it'll have to do. I was sort of hoping he'd move to the Moon, but as long as he stays away - I'm good." He emphasized the point by reaching over and squeezing Gibbs' hand.

Vance felt like an intruder in his own office. Over the last few months he had gotten used to knowing that his two best agents were in a romantic relationship, but now seeing them act like a committed couple brought it home. They had kept their promise to keep it out of the office and, as far as he knew, no one outside of their tight-knit circle knew about them. Vance smiled and shook his head.

Thanksgiving came and went without much fanfare. A kidnapping case had the team chasing leads up and down the east coast for the better part of two weeks, which resulted in the four of them celebrating at Mini's Diner off of I-95 on the outskirts of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

It was worth missing the big feast at Ducky's house to reunite a family. A Marine Staff Sergeant hell bent on exacting revenge after being court-martialed for possession of cocaine, abducted his unit commander's daughter while she waited for the school bus and spirited her off to parts unknown. He had covered his tracks well, but made one mistake - leaving his cell phone unattended for a minute - was all it took for the team to zero in on his location. His ten-year old victim, grabbed it while her captor was using the head and sent a text to her father. It was enough to get a relative location. After two hours of hiking through the woods in the early morning chill, the team surrounded a small cabin outside of a tiny mining town in West Virginia.

Gibbs' attempts to negotiate with the captor yielded nothing. Finally, a shot rang out followed by a scream. Reacting on pure instinct, Tony drew his Sig and kicked in the door with Gibbs right behind him. The one-room cabin was quickly cleared. The captor lay in the middle of the floor with blood pouring from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The little girl sobbed and ran over to Ziva just as she had holstered her weapon.

Gibbs called Ducky leaving Tony and McGee to process the scene. Ziva sat on a small cot with Emily McCarthy tucked protectively under her arm. Gibbs crouched down in front of them and took notes while Emily told her story.

"You were very brave sending the text. That's how we found you," Gibbs said when she was finished, using the soft, unthreatening voice he reserved for scared children. "Let's call your dad and let him know you're okay."

By nightfall, Ducky had the Staff Sergeant on the autopsy table and Emily was reunited with her family. The joyful reunion when Emily's parents arrived in the bullpen, personally escorted by Vance, had made it all worthwhile.

For the first time in many years, Tony was looking forward to Christmas and all of the shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, hustle and bustle, and general silliness that accompanied the season. It was a huge step for him, but he decided to open his home and host a casual party for the team the Sunday evening before Christmas, which this year fell on Thursday.

Abby picked him up early Saturday morning, and together they pretty much wiped Wal-Mart out of all lighted garlands, ornaments, wreaths, and tinsel that remained on the shelves. Gibbs showed up later in the afternoon with McGee and a six-foot Douglas Fir in tow. Abby dragged McGee outside, since he was already bundled up against the cold, and together they finished turning Tony's rooftop patio into a Christmas wonderland.

When they were finished, Abby opened the French doors and excitedly waved for Tony and Gibbs to come outside. It was simply breathtaking! The pergola overhang, the potted topiaries, and the railing above the perimeter walls were festooned with garlands and hanging white icicle lights. Abby completed the festive tableau with a few small pre-lit trees that she insisted on buying as an overdue housewarming gift. With the addition of a light dusting of snow, it was spectacular. The only thing that outshone the hundreds of twinkling lights was Tony's genuine, joyful smile.

Tony paid his elves with Caf-Pow!, pizza and beer. Gibbs called an end to the evening when Tony started in with a series of yawns. Not to mention, it had been nearly a whole day since they had gotten any quality alone time. Gibbs didn't even allow Tony time to do more than stack the dirty plates in the sink before dragging him off to the bedroom.

They made short work of their nighttime routines and after a little good old-fashioned making out fell asleep tangled together. Gibbs knew that Tony wanted to get another early start, and he was more than happy to wake him up just as the sun was coming up. Tony may have been expecting the incessant buzzing of his alarm clock, but instead he was eased out of his slumber and into wakefulness by Gibbs tending to his morning erection. It was quick and dirty, and was definitely becoming Tony's favorite way of greeting the new day. He planned to return the favor in the shower, once he came back to his senses, but Gibbs had other ideas. A softly requested, "God Tony, I want you," followed by a knee-weakening kiss was all the prompting Tony needed. He blindly reached out and found the bottle of lube on the shelf next to his shampoo and slapped it into Gibbs' hand.

After pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and copious amounts of coffee, Tony and Gibbs worked together to finish decorating the tree. With Tony's affluent background, Gibbs was surprised by the ornaments he had picked out. Instead of elegant glass balls in white, silver, and gold, Tony had opted for a variety of brightly colored ornaments and - Peanuts characters? At Gibbs' perplexed look, Tony laughed.

"Yeah, cute aren't they? I love Snoopy! My parents always hired a crew to come in and do all of the decorating. You know, to keep up with the Joneses - or, actually, the Milford-Jennings - next door? Our house was always beautiful, but pretentious. I like this better. It's fun, it's happy, and this is what a Christmas tree should look like," Tony said when Gibbs wrapped his arms around him from behind.

Resting his chin on Tony's shoulder, Gibbs spoke softly. "Can't remember the last time I had a tree. Haven't really celebrated Christmas in years. No one to share it with," he trailed off sadly. "Hang on. Got something for you."

Gibbs stepped away and retrieved a tissue wrapped item from the pocket of his leather jacket hanging on the coat tree by the door. He ran his thumb over the outline before handing it to Tony. "My contribution."

Tony carefully folded back the white tissue paper to find a personalized ornament. He had seen them for sale at a kiosk in the mall and was touched that Gibbs had one made for him - for them. It was two acrylic bears holding hands wearing Santa suits and hats. "Tony" was painted on the white trim of one hat with "Jethro" on the other. "Our First Christmas" was painted across the snowy landscape at the bottom.

"Thank you, Jethro. I love it," Tony said, before giving Gibbs a peck on the lips. The ornament was displayed prominently on the tree.

Lighted garlands adorning the doors, fireplace mantel, the bar, and the dining room table gave the contemporary condo a festive, warm homey feel. Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" CD played softly adding to the festive ambiance as his guests milled around and admired his home. Tony made a point of including a Menorah as the centerpiece of the table. Ziva was touched by the gesture, even though she had already celebrated Hanukkah with friends at her temple.

After a buffet-style dinner of menu selections from a few of his favorite restaurants, Tony leaned back against the piano and watched the familial scene play out in his living room. Gibbs and Ducky were sidled up to the bar, Abby, McGee and Palmer were huddled together talking about Lord only knew what, not that it mattered, and Ziva stood looking out the French doors and watched the snow fall.

His earlier apprehension melted away leaving him with a feeling of contentment and belonging like he had never before felt. The only person of import missing was Jackson. Tony smiled remembering their last phone call.

Jackson had been more supportive than Tony dreamed possible when Gibbs called to invite him for Christmas and broke the news of their relationship. A nasty bout with the flu left Jackson stranded in Stillwater and at the mercy of the Methodist Women's Auxiliary, who insisted on nursing him back to health. With Gibbs' cell phone on speaker, Tony heard a brief pause followed by a heavy sigh. He blindly reached for Gibbs' hand, panic rising until he heard Jackson chuckle.

"Son, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into. Tony, well, that boy of yours is something else. Knew he was kinda special first time I met him when you and your team were here on the Winslow case. How about after the holidays you boys come for a visit so I can welcome Tony into the family in person?"

Gibbs smiled at Tony. "We'll do that. You get well, and have a Merry Christmas, Dad."

"Merry Christmas son, and you too, Tony," Jackson said cheerfully. "Tell everyone I said hello and Merry Christmas, and I'll see you boys soon."

Tony pushed off of the piano and joined Ziva. "Hey Z! Whatcha looking at?"

"Your gardens, Tony. They are beautiful! Your whole home it is - well, it is not at all what I expected. It is really quite lovely," Ziva replied with a smile.

"Thanks. Abby and McFrosty did all the outside decorating. It is pretty, isn't it? You wanna go out and look around?"

"Yes, I would like that."

Tony handed Ziva his glass of wine then retrieved both of their coats. Bundled up against the wintery chill, Tony opened the door and followed Ziva outside. With the snow falling, much heavier now, it truly was a winter wonderland.

After a short stroll, they stood at the railing and looked down over the white dusted city streets below, and sipped their wine.

"I am glad to see you happy, Tony. I am happy for you - both you and Gibbs, of course. You are good together," Ziva said with heartfelt sincerity as she brushed a dusting of snow off of his shoulder.

Tony was touched.

"I am, and I owe a lot of it to you. Thank you," Tony said, choking back a wave of emotion. Afraid of saying more, he put his arms around Ziva and pulled her close. Inside, Gibbs watched them through the glass with a smile on his face.

The evening was enjoyable and relaxing, more so than Tony had expected. Christmastime was always bittersweet. Memories of the few happy Christmases he had as a child when his mother was alive were in such stark contrast to now, with the annual letdown of his father having some lame excuse to blow him off. This year, however, everything was different. Tony didn't need presents, or his absentee father, or anything in the world other than Jethro. He hadn't lied to Ziva; he really did have everything he ever wanted, and dammit - he was happy.

Sitting on the couch, safe and secure with Gibbs' arm around him, Tony sighed. The only light in the room was the twinkling Christmas tree. Bing Crosby had long since stopped crooning, and the only sound was the steady tick-tock of the grandfather's clock in the corner.

"Hey, Jethro. Time's running out and you still haven't told me what you want for Christmas," Tony said shifting in his seat to face Gibbs.

"Don't need anything. What I got you covers both of us," Gibbs teased. "You want it now?"

Gibbs knowing smirk had Tony's mind full of all kinds of possibilities. "Depends on what you have in mind," Tony teased back, waggling his eyebrows.

Patting Tony's leg, Gibbs said, "Let me up." Tony obliged, mostly out of curiosity, and watched as Gibbs went into the bedroom. He came back carrying a long thin box that looked like a box for a necktie. Tony took the gold paper wrapped box and shook it. Nothing.

"Open it," Gibbs said, his expression giving nothing away.

Tony gaped after casting the paper aside and removing the lid. Nestled beneath several layers of tissue paper were two first-class tickets to Turks and Caicos Islands. Beneath the tickets was a full travel itinerary and color brochure for the resort where they would be staying.

"Jethro! Are you kidding me? Oh my God," Tony exclaimed. He was nearly breathless with shock and excitement. He tossed the package onto the coffee table and promptly climbed into Gibbs' lap to thank him properly. Laughing and smiling made for some interesting kisses.

"Thank you so much! I can't believe you did this. I've always wanted to go there. When do you we leave?" Tony asked.

"Friday. Early flight. A car is picking us up at my place at 0530. Think that will give you enough time to pack?"

Tony smacked Gibbs' arm and laughed. "Smartass. How long could it take to pack my swim trunks, flip-flops, and sunscreen?"

Six days and seven nights in paradise. Shopping, scuba diving, sailing, and hiking filled their days. Gibbs wasn't much for clubbing, but he agreed to one foray into one of the more popular clubs. Tony fit right in, but Gibbs couldn't have felt more out of place. Slow dancing he could handle, but gyrating among a crowd of sweaty, half-dressed dancers wasn't exactly his style.

It was their last night on the islands, and after a couple of drinks Tony was finally able to persuade Gibbs to join him for one dance.

"Come on! It's not 'Saturday Night Fever'. This isn't a disco, and nobody expects you to be John Travolta. Just follow my lead. It's all in the hips. Please?"

It wasn't long before they were swept away by the pulsing beat of the music, and Gibbs decided maybe this dancing thing wasn't so bad after all. Their bodies melded together, grinding against each other sensually as they swayed, pelvis to pelvis, with nary an inch between them. Tony suddenly turned so that Gibbs' was rubbing against his ass. Gibbs held onto Tony's hips and took advantage of his head dropping back onto his shoulder to begin nipping and kissing the tender skin of his neck. By the time the song ended, both men were past turned on and ready to head back to their room to continue in more private environs.

Tomorrow, tanned, relaxed, and rejuvenated, they would head back to the snow and bitter cold gripping D.C., but tonight was all about the heat of passion. Gibbs fumbled with the key card to their suite, unable to see the lock with Tony's lips sealed to his. Once inside, they began tearing away at each other's clothes until nothing remained but their matching cowrie shell bracelets.

"Dammit Tony, I will never get enough of you," Gibbs whispered as they tumbled in tangled heap onto the king-sized bed.

Hands roamed seeking out familiar hot spots as they vied for dominance. Gibbs won the first round of the sensual battle with series of nips and kisses strategically placed behind Tony's right ear. It was Gibbs' go-to move, and one that never failed to gain surrender.

The musky scent of their combined arousal filled the air. A gentle sea breeze blew in through the sheer curtains of the double doors leading out to their private, secluded deck. It did nothing to cool the heat of their sweat-slicked bodies.

"Ah geez, Gibbs," Tony panted as his defenses crumbled. Arching his back, his whole body began to tingle with anticipation. "Now, please. Make love to me."

Still fairly loose from the morning's shower escapades, it took only a couple of minutes of cursory preparation before Tony was stretched to receive Gibbs' cock. Tony fisted the sheets with his legs raised and pushed back giving Gibbs a view that never failed to make him that little bit harder.

Despite the lust and desire burning in his veins, Gibbs kept his tempo slow. He wanted it to last forever. Making love to Tony was intense beyond anything Gibbs had ever dreamed. He felt honored seeing the love and trust in Tony's eyes as he slid in and out of his body.

The slow, easy pace was heaven for Tony. He loved, craved having Gibbs inside of him. No one else had ever made love to him body and soul. He enjoyed a quick and dirty impromptu fuck from Gibbs however, whenever, and wherever the mood struck, but something about Jethro making love to him - all of him - trumped everything. Not giving into passion's demands, Tony met Gibbs' deep thrusts while murmuring encouragement and endearments.

Gibbs' attempt to draw things out crashed spectacularly when he hit Tony's sweet spot once too often. There was nothing he could do but hold on for the fireworks. Tony came hard, clamping down around him like a vice. A short series of stuttered strokes had Gibbs following him over the edge while Tony pulsed around him.

Having just enough strength left in his arms, Gibbs lowered himself down to take Tony's smiling lips in a tender kiss.

Tony woke with the sun, and to Gibbs' snoring, and decided that in lieu of a shower a nice long soak in the hot tub would suffice. Making sure he was out of the view of potential curious eyes, Tony unbelted his robe, flipped a switch on the wall, then stepped into the hot, swirling water. He sank down onto the bench seat and let the powerful jets ease his aching muscles.

By noon, he and Gibbs would be on the plane heading home. Until then, he wanted to savor their last hours on the island paradise. Hot tub time would be followed by a romantic room service breakfast for two before they had to pack and head for the airport.

"Damn! I'm gonna miss this place," Tony muttered amid a heavy sigh. He put his head back, closed his eyes, and thought of other potential vacation destinations he and Jethro could discover together. Lost in a sex on a nude beach in Greece daydream, he didn't hear his stealthy lover join him, but his eyes immediately shot open at the first touch of a strong, calloused hand on his dick.

His eyes widened at the almost feral look on Gibbs' face. "Oh shit," Tony said before swallowing hard. That look, predatory and menacing in its intensity, meant that he wasn't going to be sitting comfortably on the long flight home, but that didn't stop him from becoming hard as granite anyway. Gibbs just had that effect on him.

"Wha...?" Tony cried out in surprise when Gibbs sat on his legs, straddling him and grinding their cocks together in a proper greeting.

"Fuck me, Tony," was all Gibbs had to say to cause a jet of precum to shoot out under the bubbling water.

Before Tony could form a reasoned response, Gibbs positioned himself and sank down, taking all of Tony's length and girth in one swift, decisive motion. If it was too much too fast, Gibbs sure as hell wasn't showing any sign of discomfort.

"HOLY SHIT," Tony exclaimed as his senses were thrown into overdrive. He could do nothing but white-knuckle grip the sides of the hot tub as Gibbs rode his cock, apparently intending on driving him insane.

There would be no drawing it out. Gibbs only resorted to dirty talk when he wanted it hard and fast, and Tony was getting an earful. Unable to accommodate Gibbs' repeated pleas of "harder" and "faster" from his current position, Tony used his muscular legs for leverage to buck Gibbs off.

"On your knees," he growled, turning Gibbs to face the edge of the hot tub. "Jesus fuck you have a great ass, Jethro," Tony said, appreciating the perfect globes of flesh under his hands. Without further preamble, Tony spread Gibbs' cheeks and thrust forward without warning. It was over much too soon for both of them.

Over-stuffed suitcases and carry-on bags sat waiting by the door for the imminent arrival of the bellhop. Tony and Gibbs stood out on the deck and watched the waves crashing on the shore. It was obvious that neither of them wanted to leave.

"I'd love to come back here someday. This has been awesome, Jethro. Thank you," Tony said with sincerity, taking Gibbs' hand in his.

"You would? With me?" Gibbs asked, with only a hint of a mischievous smirk curling the corner of his lip. Getting a look of confusion and a nod in response, Gibbs said, "That's good then. You know the other day when you were shipping that box of gifts home?"

Another affirmative nod.

"Well, while you were off doing that, I talked to someone about buying a timeshare here. Right here at this resort. What do you think?"

Tony gaped and blinked repeatedly. This was a huge step. The very idea that Gibbs was moved to consider such a proposal left his mind spinning. It was a long moment before he could form words.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he finally managed to ask with an excited, choked squeak. "Gibbs! Oh my God! Are you serious?"

Gibbs smiled and chuckled. "Of course I'm serious! Tony, from here on out it's you and me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, in this world is going to get in our way. I love you, now and forever."

"Ah shit, Jethro," Tony laughed as joyful tears sprang to his eyes. "I love you, too. Let's do it, but I'm paying for half." The deal was sealed with a hug that only ended when the porter knocked on the door.

"You can't be freaking serious," Tony demanded when the Captain of American Airlines Flight 616 announced that they were starting their final approach into Reagan National, complete with the current time and weather report. "Twenty two degrees? A crap ton of snow? Ugh, can we turn around and go back?"

Gibbs wasn't much happier to be thrust into the clutches of winter. When the ground came into view during their descent it was a veritable sea of white as far as they eye could see. It was snowing heavily, with a forecast of six to ten inches during the next 24 hours.

The interminable wait for their luggage to tumble down the chute in the baggage claim area seemed almost as long as their flight. They were both tired and a bit cranky having gone from warm, sunny, tropical paradise to cold, dreary, frozen reality in the course of an afternoon. Their only saving grace was seeing their hired car driver holding a sign that read simply, "Gibbs".

Tony's place was closer to the airport so Gibbs suggested spending their first night back there. While Tony unlocked the door and switched on the lights, Gibbs took care of generously tipping the driver for helping carry their luggage. Both men almost tripped over the large box Tony shipped home sitting just inside the door.

Tony laughed as he hung his coat on the rack. "Perfect timing. Nice of Jerry - he's the building manager - to deliver it."

Gibbs shook residual snow off of his coat and hung it next to Tony's. He looked up and smiled, watching as Tony chatted with 'Kate' the goldfish while sprinkling fish food flakes into her bowl.

"Looks like Abby took good care of her," Gibbs commented.

"And us," Tony replied, pointing in the direction of the couch. "Check it out."

Gibbs turned to find two wine glasses sitting next to a vase filled with tropical flowers on the coffee table. A note written in Abby's familiar gothic script was attached to it. "Welcome home! Bottle of wine in the fridge. Love you both!"

"Abs, you know my thoughts about anniversaries," Gibbs chided. He was in Abby's lab to get ballistics findings on their current case, not to be scolded for not planning a romantic six-month anniversary surprise for Tony.

Abby managed to pout and glare at Gibbs with accusatory eyes at the same time. His eyebrows shot up in response.

"Yes, I know. You have made that abundantly clear, which actually explains a lot, but we're not talking about one of your ex-wives here, Gibbs. We're talking about Tony. You know, the gorgeous Italian upstairs, who, I might add, just happens to be a big bundle of insecurities? Gibbs, seriously! A six-month anniversary is a biggie," she whined.

Gibbs was about to interrupt her rambling, but Tony beat him to it. Having overheard the exchange from the hallway, Tony schooled his features and breezed into the lab without saying a word. Ignoring Abby for the time being, he sauntered over to Gibbs, cradled his face in his hands, and kissed him soundly. Gibbs' warning glare about the PDA at work when the kiss finally broke was met with a beaming smirk from Tony and a child-like giggle from Abby.

"Abby, my dear Mistress of the Dark, that is all this Italian bundle of insecurities needs."

After delivery of a head-slap, for old time's sake if nothing else, Gibbs turned on his heels to leave. "DiNozzo, see if you can get those reports from her. I'm going for coffee," he called out over his shoulder.

"Sorry, Tony. I shouldn't have said that," Abby cooed apologetically, knowing she had over-stepped their friendship boundaries.

Tugging a pigtail, Tony chuckled. "S'ok. I appreciate the whole anniversary thing, but it's really not my style either. Besides, Gibbs has already given me everything I could ever possibly need."

Tony was well-prepared for the rib-crushing hug he received. He kissed the top of her head and took a step back, needing to get back into Very Special Agent mode before she got all existentially mushy on him.

"Now, about those reports Gibbs asked for?"

Abby handed over a printout of her findings. "Don't leave yet. I have something else for you," she ordered before scampering into her inner office. She returned a moment later and handed Tony an envelope.

Brow furrowed, Tony asked, "What's this?"

Wringing her hands and biting her lip, Abby began to pace. The envelope entrusted to her had been in her locked desk drawer for a couple of weeks. Unsure how the contents would be received, she sought Ducky's trusted counsel before deciding to give it to its intended recipient.

"Abby?" Tony asked.

"It's from - Stan. He sent it to me a while ago with a letter, and asked me to give it to you. I didn't read it, Tony, I swear," she exclaimed, making a cross over her heart. "He told me to tell you he would understand if you didn't want to read it. He just asked me to give it to you."

"How long ago?"

Abby rolled her eyes and sighed. "Couple of weeks ago. Sorry."

Tony's first instinct was to walk over and run it, unread and unopened, through Abby's shredder, but curiosity got the better of him. Instead he tucked it into the breast pocket of his suit jacket. He saluted Abby with the stack of reports and a forced smile.

"Gotta get back to work, Abby," he said in a dismissive tone. Getting a nod of understanding, he turned and left the lab in search of the nearest exit.

Despite the warmth of the early spring midday sun, Tony felt cold. He and Gibbs had moved on, made plans, even going so far as discussing buying a house together. Everything with work, the team - their friends - had returned to normal, and now suddenly the specter of Stan reappeared out of the blue for reasons unknown.

Tony had chosen a bench beneath a towering maple tree in an area of the Navy Yard commons a bit off the beaten path. It was his and Gibbs' favorite spot, so it wasn't surprising that he was found sitting there deep in thought with the unopened envelope clutched in this hand.

"You okay, Tony?" Gibbs asked.

Tony looked up and waved the envelope in the air. "Letter from Stan. He, uh, sent it to Abby and asked her to give it to me. Trying to decide if I want to read it or not," he stated.

Gibbs sat next to him and patted his knee. "Nothing he has to say now matters, does it? Read it or don't. It doesn't change anything," he said.

Tony nodded. "I know. It's just - why now? I mean, he's been gone for a couple of months, so what could he possibly have to say to me?"

Shrugging, Gibbs replied, "Only one way to find out." He tapped a finger on the edge of the envelope.

With a dramatic sigh, Tony ran a finger under the flap of the envelope then pulled out the neatly folded letter inside. Tony had never been able to read 'Steve's' handwriting, so he was at least grateful that it was typed. He held the letter out in invitation for Gibbs could read it too.

Dear Tony,

I hope this letter finds you and Gibbs happy and at peace. I am truly sorry for all of the pain I caused you. You have both meant a lot to me, and I hate to think that I've blown any chance of the three of us being friends. I let both of you down, and I know I can never make it up to you.

You stood by me and got me out of a huge mess I created for myself, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you both. I appreciate the letters of recommendation that you, Gibbs and Vance wrote on my behalf. It was more than I ever expected or deserved, so thank you.

I am finally moving on and starting a new life here in Seattle. I am working for the Seattle PD. By the time you read this, assuming you do, I will likely have made detective. I guess all of my years as a federal criminal investigator moved me to the top of the pile of candidates!

You will probably be surprised to know that I met a beautiful woman named Kim and we have been dating for just over a month. She knows my whole story - all of it - and she is still willing to give me a chance. I hope I deserve her.

I don't know if she told you, but before I left town Ziva and I talked. Actually, she talked and I mostly listened. You are lucky to have her on your side looking out for you. She is one tough and scary lady! She accepted my apology, but warned me to keep my promise to stay far away from you. That is a promise I fully intend to keep!

Anyway, I just wanted to say a final good bye and apologize again. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I know with Gibbs you have it. Maybe someday our paths will cross and we can catch up over a beer or two.

So long, Tony. I wish nothing but the best for you and Gibbs. Thank you for believing in me when it really counted. I owe you both my life.

Very truly,


Tony and Gibbs stared at each other for a long moment. There was nothing more to say. They stood and walked toward the door, hand in hand. When they reached the door, Tony looked down at the letter still clutched in this hand. With a satisfied smile, he crumpled it up and tossed it into the trash can.


Faced with the likelihood of receiving a death sentence, Zacek pled guilty to the murder of Sgt. Major Joshua Markham and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, with an additional twenty years for the attempted murder of Randy Mitchell. Adding insult to injury, a summary court martial was convened tacking on additional jail time, loss of rank and pay, and a dishonorable discharge.

With overwhelming forensic evidence backed by the testimony of Randy Mitchell, Matt Walters and Stan, Zacek had no options. No one from NCIS attended the preliminary hearing; they had done their job and it was out of their hands. As a courtesy, the prosecutor briefed Vance as the case developed. Stamping "closed" on the case file brought closure and laid the final demon to rest.

With all of the drama of the last several months behind them, Tony and Gibbs were able to focus on just being together. It was a rediscovery in a sense, and by mid-May they were ready to take the terrifying step of living together. The question was, where? For Tony, it was a no-brainer. He could easily sell his much sought after condo and move his stuff to Gibbs' house.

Tony suggested using a good chunk of the sales proceeds to hire a decorator, but Gibbs wouldn't hear of it. He didn't want Tony to sacrifice his sanctuary for him, so instead Gibbs suggested buying a new house together. Tony vehemently protested the idea of Gibbs leaving the home he had shared with Shannon and Kelly – for him.

To stop Tony's nervous pacing and rambling monologue as he argued his point, Gibbs pulled him close and kissed him soundly. Holding a swaying Tony steady, Gibbs looked him in the eye and smiled. "I don't need the house to keep the memories."

Tired, sore, and sweaty, Tony handed Gibbs a beer then plopped down into a patio chair next to him. The sun was beginning to set on the longest and hottest day either of them could remember. Thankfully, the large patio was on the east side of the house leaving it shaded during the hottest time of the day.

"Why did we wait until the hottest weekend of the year to move? Should have let me hire a moving company like I wanted to," Tony grumbled before raising the dripping bottle to his lips. The cool drops of condensation landing on his bare chest were a welcome relief from the heat.

"Eh, at least we have air conditioning for unpacking all that stuff," Gibbs replied tiredly, referring to the mountains of boxes scattered throughout the house.

After three months spent house hunting, suffering through dozens of open-house tours hosted by obnoxious realtors serving stale cookies and horrible coffee, Tony and Gibbs found the perfect suburban house that had everything they both wanted.

Tony immediately fell in love with the completely remodeled 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom sprawling ranch that featured a huge gourmet kitchen with all new high-end appliances, formal dining room, a sunken family room with built-in bookshelves and big stone wood-burning fireplace, and a large living room to house his piano. But the best feature of all, in his considered opinion, was the huge master bathroom with a large glass-enclosed tiled shower.

Gibbs, for his part, didn't need to look beyond the oversized three-stall garage and forty by forty-foot heated workshop off the back of it. The large pergola-covered brick patio surrounded by professional landscaping off of the kitchen could have been featured in any home and garden magazine. With a massive grill built into a long flagstone topped brick wall and an outdoor bar, it was perfect for hosting barbecues.

Leaning back in his chair, Tony turned his head and smiled at Gibbs. "I really love this house. I can't believe it's ours."

Gibbs smiled back.

As expected, Tony's condo was snatched up within days of going on the market. The closing on the sale was scheduled to coincide with their closing on the house. In anticipation of the move, they worked long hours getting Gibbs' house staged for showings. All but the bare essentials were boxed up and carefully stacked against the wall in the tidy garage. Most of Gibbs' furniture, cookware, and dishes had been donated to Goodwill.

With case after case keeping them too busy and too tired to do the work themselves, Tony hired a crew to finish preparing the house for sale. The walls received a fresh coat of antique white paint. The wood floors were sanded and buffed bringing out the rich red oak hidden beneath years of wear. The linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms was replaced with neutral ceramic tile.

Clearing out the last few remnants in the basement presented a few challenges. There was just something about musky sweat mixed with sawdust that worked like an aphrodisiac, and neither man was immune to the effects. Tony made the mistake of wearing a grey tank-top and a very skimpy pair of cutoff jean shorts. He had to raise up on his tip-toes to pull down contents from a high shelf. That caused both the shorts and sweat soaked top to ride up, almost as if they were mocking Gibbs. As expected, Tony had gone commando.

Gibbs stopped sweeping a section of the floor to enjoy the view. He was, for the most part, able to control himself until Tony bent over to place the items he had retrieved in a box on the floor. Within seconds his dick, which had also taken an interest, got fully with the program. Gibbs pounced.

Before Tony could repeat his enticing moves, he was spun around and pressed up against the wall. His squeak at the surprise attack was swallowed by Gibbs devouring his lips. With Gibbs' hard on pressed against his leg, Tony knew he was about to have his world rocked. He fell helplessly under Gibbs' spell and let his head drop back, exposing his throat.

Lips, tongue and teeth went to work feasting on the sweet offering. Gibbs kissed and nipped his way down the column of Tony's throat. Tony moaned and shivered; he loved it when Gibbs took charge like this. Gibbs stepped back just long enough to pull the offending tank top over Tony's head. He then set to work troubling Tony's erect nipples, pinching and twisting one while laving the other with his tongue.

Gibbs slowly worked his way south, mindful to hit every hot spot on the way down. Tony shuddered in anticipation of receiving a mind melting blow job, but instead he was given an order.

"Turn around, drop your pants, and spread 'em." Tony immediately obeyed and waited.

'Oh Dear God in Heaven!' Tony thought when his bare ass cheeks were pulled apart and the tip of Gibbs' tongue began making small circles around his twitching hole.

"Oh fuck," Tony shouted when Gibbs suddenly plunged his tongue inside. For several long minutes, Gibbs rimmed him to the edge of oblivion. The man had always shown a special appreciation for his ass, which Tony willingly and happily offered for spankings, rimming, new toy testing, and, of course, fucking.

When Tony's legs began to shake, Gibbs withdrew and rose to his feet keeping Tony pressed up against the wall. Tony didn't have time to mourn the loss of Gibbs' tongue, which was immediately replaced by two spit-slicked fingers.

"That's it. Fuck yourself for me. Get that tight hole ready for me," Gibbs whispered menacingly in Tony's ear.

"Please Jethro," Tony sobbed as Gibbs targeted his prostate with crooked fingers. "Now, please!"

Gibbs pulled his fingers free and took a minute to run his hands up and down Tony's sides. When he felt the tense muscles under his hands relax, he freed his cock and nudged it at the glistening opening waiting for him.

"Gonna be fast, Tony," Gibbs warned before thrusting until he was half-way inside. Tony opened up further allowing him to bury himself completely with one more thrust.

Sweat dripped from their connected bodies. Ecstatic moans, panted breaths and the slapping of skin on skin filled the basement. Tony cried out when Gibbs reached around and began jerking him off as his own orgasm threatened.

"Gibbs, I'm gonna, oh shit, oh shit - oh God, I'm coming," Tony shouted as his body was wracked with a wave of intense pleasure.

Gibbs' body tensed and he sank his teeth into Tony's shoulder as they came in tandem, shuddering together through wave upon wave of aftershocks. Arms wrapped tightly around his waist and Gibbs weight kept Tony from sliding down the wall as his legs threatened to give out.

"What may I ask did I do to deserve that?" Tony asked in a near stutter as he fought to catch his breath.

Gibbs turned his sated lover in his arms and kissed him soundly before answering. "You showed up down here wearing next to nothing. I only have so much control," he said with a grin.

Tony huffed out a chuckle. "Oops. Guess I should be more careful. Or, on second thought, you know, maybe I should wear that more often."

"Hey Jethro? Okay with you if the guys come over here to practice? We can set up in the extra garage space," Tony asked before sinking his teeth into his perfectly grilled bacon cheeseburger.

Sitting across the patio table from him, Gibbs shrugged and took a sip from his bottle of beer. "Don't see why not. Should be plenty of room. You, uh, getting the band back together?"

Tony nodded. "Yep." He put his burger down and reached across the table for Gibbs' hand. "Can you believe it's been almost a year? God, I will never forget that night."

Gibbs squeezed Tony's hand and smiled. "It's been a hell of a year. One of the happiest of my life," he said.

"Mine too," Tony replied with a wink. He paused before asking softly, "Jethro, do you think we'd be here right now if you hadn't shown up that night?" It had been an unasked and unanswered question between them.

Gibbs cocked his head and sighed. "Yeah, I do. Between Abby, Ducky, and I guess everyone else, it was bound to happen - eventually. Abby would have made it her life's work to get us together. I'm grateful that they've been there for us."

Tony beamed. "Yeah. Guess I should have taken her advice years ago. I wasted a lot of time. Hell, she knew I was in love with you before I did. She's kinda scary that way," he said with a laugh.

Gibbs chuckled. "She knows it, too. So, has McGee asked her yet?"

It had been a week since he had to pull McGee into a conference room to find out what the hell was going on with him. For two days the younger agent had been way off of his game and unable to focus, stammering through sit reps and stumbling around their latest crime scene. Fearing that McGee would be too distracted to be any use to him in the field, Gibbs demanded answers.

"McGee, what the hell is wrong with you?" he barked, backing McGee into a corner.

McGee swallowed hard and wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. He looked like he was going to be sick. "Well, Boss, you see - it's like this. Ummm...".

"Spit it out, McGee!"

Taking the order to heart, McGee blurted out, "I want to ask Abby to marry me, but I wanted to get your blessing first!"

Gibbs gaped at him for a long moment before delivering a stinging head slap. "That's it?" At McGee's timid nod, Gibbs laughed. "Christ, McGee! You don't need my blessing or my permission. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not her father, but since you asked for it, you have my blessing. Now, can we get back to work? We have a murder to solve."

"Yes Boss. Thank you, Boss."

Gibbs winked at him and turned to leave. Before turning the knob on the door, he turned back to find McGee leaning on the conference room table. "About damn time, McGee."

Tony laughed. "Not yet. He's going to ask her during the talent show. McRomantic wrote a song for her. Total McCopycat." Turning thoughtful, he asked, "I wonder if this is going to be a regular thing?"

To no one's surprise, 'On Your Six' took home the winner's trophy for the second year in a row. With founding member Ned Dorneget healthy and back in the lineup, Palmer surrendered his drumsticks to provide keyboard accompaniment. The group closed the show with a three-song set and garnered a standing ovation.

"My goodness, Leroy! I had no idea that boy of yours was so talented," Jackson Gibbs said as the applause subsided.

Jackson had taken Tony up on his offer to spend a week with them. With social security, his military pension, and wise investments over the years, he was financially secure. The store wasn't a necessary source of income, so turning the "Closed" sign for a week or so was no hardship. Tending the store had become more of a hobby and a way to socialize with his neighbors.

With his own father reduced to a voice on the phone every month or so, it meant the world to Tony to have Jackson's support, love, and acceptance into his family. He and Gibbs had travelled to Stillwater to spend Easter weekend with Jack. Some questioning eyebrows were raised as word spread about his visitors, but Jackson backed anyone caught gawking at Tony and his son down with a "Gibbs glare".

Gibbs frowned and his father over the rim of his drink. "He's not my boy, Dad," he scolded.

Jackson glared back. "Oh for Pete's sake, Leroy, you know what I mean. Looks like he's got some fans, too."

Gibbs looked over to see a tall, long-legged blonde sidle up to Tony as he wiped down the strings of his Strat. He watched as she moved closer, twirling her hair and batting her eyes coquettishly.

Jackson leaned in and whispered, "I think you better go get him, Leroy. I've heard about - what do they call them, groupies?"

Gibbs shrugged. "Nothing to worry about. Tony can take care of himself." He sat back, sipped on his cocktail, and watched the doomed-from-the-start seduction play out. Tony smiled politely, but kept backing away as his determined "fan" persisted in her pursuit. She finally got him backed up against the bank of amplifiers leaving him no way out. His pleading eyes got Gibbs' attention.

"Looks like you might be right after all, Dad. Back in a second," Gibbs said as he pushed away from the table. His eyes and Tony's held a conversation as he casually strolled over to the stage and climbed the steps. The look of relief on Tony's face was priceless.

"Everything okay, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, his tone stern but his eyes flashing with mischief.

Deciding to play along, Tony held back a smirk and replied, "Oh, hey Boss! Nah, I'm good. Monica here just invited me to join her for a drink. You wanna join us?"

McGee, Palmer and Dorney stopped packing up their gear and smiled as they watched the performance unfold. Monica stood gobsmacked as Gibbs moved between them so that he was now the one pressing Tony against the amps. Since the vast majority of people still milling about the room knew about their relationship, Gibbs didn't think twice about his next move.

His voice menacingly low, bordering on a growl, Gibbs grabbed the front of Tony's shirt and jerked him forward. "You know I don't share, DiNozzo. Trust me?" he asked before crashing their lips together in a possessive kiss.

McGee reached over and relieved Tony of his guitar, allowing him to wrap his arms around Gibbs' neck as the kiss continued and deepened. A round of applause erupted in the room. Monica beat a hasty retreat as catcalls and whistles reached a crescendo. Out of the corner of his eye, Tony saw Vance smiling and shaking his head.

Tony broke the kiss and stared into Gibbs' blue eyes. "I trust you - always have, always will."