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These are going to be various one-shots involving Peter Parker/Spider-Man and a huge mix-up of both Marvel and DC woman, now the situations won't always be romantic. For instance they could be appreciative of Spider-Man or a close friend of Spider-Man but romance will be the more prominent genre, I'm going for something a little more low-key so I can take a break from Unnoticeable from time to time. Some of these one-shots will be serious and some will be quite fun and comedic, I'm open to any suggestions for both Marvel and DC woman so drop me a review and let me know what you'd like to see.

This isn't exactly an original idea and I got the inspiration from a very talented writer, Maximus- Reborn and his series of one-shots Everybody Loves Spidey. But anyway hopefully you'll enjoy a different take on things although it will be extremely difficult for me to live up to his excellent story.

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The night was a cold one in the city of New York as wind whipped through the streets, however the howling of the elements was drowned out by the wailing sound of sirens. Something all too common in Manhattan, the echo of manic footsteps could be heard as the silhouette of a man sprinted down a lone deserted street with a bag in his hand. He cut a corner and headed into a nearby alley, once there he pressed himself up against the wall and held his breath as two police squad cars raced past with sirens blaring.

The man breathed a sigh of relief and began strolling away from the scene and into the shadows with a smug smile on his face, however his lips parted as he spotted a shadow move beneath him. The thug instantly pulled out a small handgun and raised it out of fear that something or someone was watching him, before the guy could even register the movement a sleek silver strand of some kind of adhesive yanked the gun from his hand and pulled it away from him.

The man followed the gun with his eyes and watched in fear as it was slowly enveloped by a wide shadow, it wasn't until then did the man see two wide white eyes staring back at him in the recesses of said shadow. The thug backed away slowly as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead which was quite a feat as the night air was brisk, he watched in horror as the eyes grew bigger until something stepped out of the shadow and approached him.

An athletic figure adorned in red and blue spandex took apart the gun in front of the man in the blink of an eye throwing the disassembled pieces to the ground in front of him, as a last act of defence the thief pulled out a large crowbar from God only knows where and swung wildly at the urban demon.

The figure was silent but merely shook his head in… disappointment?

He laughed slightly, "A crowbar? Wow, colour me terrified. I bet you make all the vigilantes wet their pants, huh?" a mocking tone was heard but it did little to quench the man's fear.

As the black clad thug backed away with widened eyes the demon spoke once more, "What's in the bag precious? Oh wait don't tell me, you're innocent. Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before. Or you're delivering candy and presents to a children's hospital, actually knowing my luck that just might be the case" the sarcastic voice continued to prattle on as the man's eyes darted from side to side looking for an opening of some kind.

He stuttered, "S-stay back… S-Spider-Man. I'm n-not afraid… of y-you" he tried to pull himself together but he seemed too shook up.

Spider-Man nodded as he folded his arms over his spider embedded chest, "You don't say? Well I can't argue with that but do you have any idea how lucky you are to run into me? I mean in a world like this who knows what's gonna happen, you could have run into the Punisher or Wolverine. With me I just mock and beat on you, it's kind of a remedy for stress now that I think about it. What were we talking about again? Oh right, the bag. Hand it over and I'll only punch you once, scout's honour" he said giving a completely wrong scout salute to the man.

The crook nervously glanced between the bag full of cash and the bug eyed vigilante, knowing for a fact that he would be going to jail before the night ended he made a desperate attempt to rush Spider-Man. He threw the crowbar at the man and tried to bolt past him hoping the object would serve as a distraction, as fast as lightening the teenager caught the crowbar and span it in his hand with practised ease.

He commented as the man ran past him, "Wow. Clearly I'm dealing with the world's most devious super criminal" Spider-Man merely tapped the palm of his hand and shot a small glob of webbing towards the fleeing crook.

It worked and wrapped around the man's legs tripping him up in the process, he face planted concrete and moaned in pain. Spider-Man casually strolled over to the guy and whistled lowly, he picked up the bag of money and inspected it before casting his blank lenses back over to the downed criminal.

"Well I mean look at the bright side, now you can tell your friends you got beat up by Spider-Man without actually getting beat up by Spider-Man. It's cool how that works huh? You're lucky I don't have somewhere more important to be or else—!" the teen's insults were cut off as a bright neon green streak of light sliced across the sky.

Spider-Man's white eyes stared up at the phenomenon as it passed by over-head, he followed the course of the light streak until it disappeared over a few high-rise buildings. Peter didn't have to wonder where it went as a large green explosion combusted into the night air, the red and blue acrobat shook his head and turned back towards the crook who still happened to be nursing his broken nose.

He picked him up and webbed him against the wall, "Listen honey. I'm gonna be gone for a few hours, apparently they need me at the office for some strange reason. Don't stay up too late and make sure the kids go to bed early, of course by this I mean it's gonna take the police a couple of hours to find you so… yeah. Have fun with your thoughts buddy!" Spidey called back as he leaped into the air and swung off in the direction of the strange explosion.

Spider-Man's blank lenses took in the image before him as he landed on a street lamp in a crouch, the streak of green light had left a large crater in the middle of Central Park. He couldn't see too much but if the few screaming pedestrians running out of the park were any indication then he may have had a problem on his hands, Peter leapt into the thick of the trees using his enhanced abilities to get to the centre of the commotion in no time at all.

The teenager literally had to catch himself when he arrived at the crater, a tall girl was stumbling about spouting some foreign language he had never even heard of. A tall orange girl, wearing a purple leotard with a very attractive physique. She had fiery red hair and piercing green eyes but Spider-Man couldn't help but notice something in those unusual eyes of hers, fear and confusion.

The red and blue figure hopped down from one of the surrounding trees and tried approaching the girl slowly with his arms held up, he really didn't want to freak her out after all. His breath hitched in his throat when she noticed him, the look of fear etched onto her face was prominent.

Spidey spoke calmly, "Uhh… hi. Are you okay Miss…?" he led on hoping for a name of some kind.

The girl replied but her voice was shaky, "Tulac'dor hedmay jou? Wyret pl'hrg th'deo?" she questioned as Spider-Man knitted his eyebrows together in confusion.

He shook his masked head and held his hands up once more, "Okay. Let's try to approach this a little differently, me Spider-Man. You…?" Peter tried to pronounce each and every syllable that escaped his mouth clearly.

The orange girl raised an eyebrow but looked as though she understood him… slightly, "W'htja t'jou fun'kilab mu'cire?" she questioned and Spider-Man literally felt like pulling his hair out of his head.

Peter raised his gloved hand calmly, "Okay I think we've already established a lack of communication between us. Do you know any sign language at all? I—wait, I don't even know any sign language" it was clear that the vigilante was growing rather nervous around the girl as she was drop dead gorgeous.

She tilted her head in a questioning manner with her long flowing red hair following after, "Y'ret joud'la per'sintea. I'r con'te enn'dstan jou" the alien spoke with a level tone as she folded her orange arms over her prominent chest.

Sensing the conversation was going nowhere fast the vigilante dropped to the floor with his legs crossed with a sigh escaping his mouth, curiously the girl followed mimicking the boy down to every last detail. Intrigued Peter folded his arms over his chest and watched with delight as the girl copied him, he connected his hands together and made waving motions with his arms and the girl squealed as she tried to replicate the action.

"So you're just trying to learn huh? I don't suppose you have some kind of technique to learn English, oh who am I kidding… I'm never that lucky" the brunette complained glancing off to the side.

Unfortunately he didn't have time to register the movement before the girl had pulled his mask almost all the way off and openly French kissed him, her grip was overwhelming and Peter thanked the lord that he had learned how to use his clinging ability to stick his mask to his face. The girl pulled away with a grin as she wiped her mouth with her forearm and Peter stuttered for a moment bringing his mask back over his chin trying to conceal his blush, the teenager coughed awkwardly as he tried to ignore the ever growing heat in his cheeks.

"What was that?" he questioned incredulously throwing his arms out to the side for added effect.

The girl giggled, "I was merely learning your language. That is how we do things back on Tamaran, is it not the way here?" she questioned sweetly as Spider-Man's brown eyes widened underneath the blank white lenses.

He shook his head, "Wait a second… so you mean to tell me that you learned an entire language by locking lips with a total stranger? How?! That's not even entirely hygienic let alone remotely possible" Peter complained watching as the girl's glowing green eyes studied him deeply.

"I am Koriand'r, what is your name friend?" Koriand'r asked as Spider-Man waved her off.

"Just call me Spider-Man, everybody does. Well not everybody, most people call me menace but beggars can't be choosers" he prattled on as Koriand'r continued to listen.

The alien poked where she thought his nose was, "You talk a lot friend Spider-Man. But you do not have anything of interest to say, what planet is this? What species are you?" her curiosity peaked and Peter found himself rubbing the back of his neck embarrassingly.

He chuckled and admired the innocence of the young woman, "Well I guess I'm what you'd call human… give or take and this place is Earth. Central Park in New York City to be more specific, are you here alone Koriand'r… you mind if I just call you Kory?" he weakly asked gaining a blinding smile out of the alien.

"That is a wonderful name but you are right, I am alone here. My family and friends are light-years away back on Tamaran, I have nowhere to go" the cheerful upbeat tone left her voice and Spider-Man couldn't help but frown.

The boy tried to cheer her up, "Well I'm your friend… right? I mean, you could stay with me. If you wanted to that is" Peter assured her.

The girl beamed back and threw her slender yet incredibly strong arms around his red and blue form, "That is glorious! Thank you for your hospitality friend, I am truly grateful" Spider-Man laughed nervously.

"Sure, no problem. Letting an insanely attractive alien stay at my apartment, how bad could it be?" he spoke more to himself than the girl but that didn't stop her from responding.

Her expression was curious as she leaned out of the hug and traced the wide white lenses of his mask with her finger, "Is it normal for a human to talk to themselves? You tend to do that quite well" was that even a compliment?

Spider-Man wasn't sure as he answered, "Thanks… I guess. Now I don't want to rush you but we should get going, who knows how long it'll be before S.H.I.E.L.D. or those crazy Cadmus people show up. Are you okay to walk or do need me to carry you?" it wasn't exactly the best line but you couldn't blame a guy for trying.

The red haired beauty smiled sweetly as she hoisted the man up and off of his feet faster than he could react, "I will be doing the lifting. Now where is this apartment of yours friend?" with that she rocketed off faster than sound into the sky leaving a trail of neon green light behind her.

And Spider-Man screamed all the way home.

Tamaranian language—Who are you? What is this place?

Why do you wear a mask?

Yet you still persist. I cannot understand you.

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